Tuesday Final Ratings: 'Smash', 'New Girl' & 'The Bachelor' Adjusted Up; 'Betty White's 2nd Annual 90th Birthday Special' and 'Vegas' Adjusted Down

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February 6th, 2013


The Bachelor, New Girl and Smash were each adjusted up a tenth while Betty White's 2nd Annual 90th Birthday Special and Vegas were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Tuesday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS NCIS 3.7/11 21.79
ABC The Taste 1.8/5 5.34
FOX Raising Hope 1.6/5 3.87
NBC Betty White's 2nd Annual 90th Birthday Special 1.4/4 5.95
CW Hart of Dixie 0.6/2 1.44
8:30 FOX Raising Hope 1.5/4 3.53
9:00 CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 3.1/8 16.67
ABC The Bachelor (9-11PM) 2.7/7 7.87
FOX New Girl 2.6/7 4.83
NBC Smash (9-11PM) -Season Premiere 1.2/3 4.48
CW Emily Owens M.D. - Series Finale 0.4/1 1.50
9:30 FOX The Mindy Project 1.9/5 3.60
10:00 CBS Vegas 1.5/4 10.25


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  • Lauren

    I mean, both can be renewed.

  • Dan

    Wow, I never expected Smash to start off so poorly. It was really a good episode. However, does that now mean Deception has a chance at renewal?

  • Laie

    Betty White totally kills the mood. It doesn’t work as a lead-in show. It should be on Fridays or Saturdays at night, when the youth are out playing and she could actually find her appropriate audience. Anyway the damage is done. NBC went from winning Tuesdays and having two fresh comedies (Go On and The New Normal) surpassing their competence (they beat ABC and FOX, yes), and now we have these comedies performing just as any others in the channel. Way to kill their best comedies. Anyway, I’m hopeful that since TNN retains 95% of Go On, and both shows still have better overall numbers than its network partners, both will be renewed and put together again next year. After all, when The Voice returns in March their ratings will go up as well (presumably).

  • Ultima

    It should be on Fridays or Saturdays at night, when the youth are out playing and she could actually find her appropriate audience

    Because you’re upset that the current audience Betty White is finding actually has more young adults (18-49) than Go On and The New Normal?

  • BL

    Smash will be cancelled as its lead-in of The New Normal will not help that much.

  • Warren

    YES New Girl. I was hoping The Mindy Project would be adjusted up to a 2.0 but a 1.9 isn’t bad considering where the numbers were a couple of weeks ago.

  • Mark

    Gotta tell ya, Mindy is turning into one of my favorite shows. Laugh out loud funny.It seems only to be getting better. Think it’s because the characters are getting more established. People should give it a try.

  • Laie

    @Ultima: Anything, literally anything would have more young adults at 8pm than it would on 9/9:30. You and I know that. Plus, Betty doesn’t has that many. It has a few now, but Go On and The New Normal had way more last year. It’s really easy: the people that would choice to watch The Voice and stick with NBC for the night, are now gone. Because of Betty, they’re not even in the neighbored when the comedies start. GO and TNN need an appropriate night and an appropriate lead-in. That’s all.

  • Michelle

    I love Smash & those numbers are terrible. Maybe DVR viewing will help, but don’t think they’ll get a 3rd season if the numbers stay like that.

  • JacobYates

    CBS had to know Vegas would start pulling these ratings when they took on the pilot. Dennis Quaid, 1960 Las Vegas. They surely saw this coming. That’s why O’Mara and Sarah Jones were added to the cast. They were recently in shows with a cult following and figured they could bring in the ratings. Sadly that isn’t what happened. Maybe since CBS probably knew that Vegas would not connect with the 18-49 demo they might cut it some slack.

    Yet despite the awful ratings, my gut tells me CBS might surprise us with an unexpected cancellation, or that some show will have it’s ratings plunge that could buy Vegas a second season.

    My gut has never lied to me before. I hope it’s not about to start now.

  • Wayne

    Don’t know why people watch the Bachelor ( Bachelorette ) series anymore. The show is sooooo scripted and mostly negative results. People are living in a dream world with this one. Even the last show in Alberta was taken in different months. There was nice weather in Lake Loise and then they go to a blizzard in the ice fields. Yes different location but those of us who have lived in Alberta know this was not shot in the same week. Also if you look back at Catherine’s hand she has a big rock on her ring finger. This was shot after the final episode. So scripted.

  • Perdix

    New Girl is just 0.2 away from its premiere ratings. Nice.

  • W

    CBS did great on Tuesday night!

  • Ultima

    Anything, literally anything would have more young adults at 8pm than it would on 9/9:30.

    Nonsense. Have you EVER looked at ratings before?

    There are more adults 18-49 watching TV during the 9pm than during the 8pm hour virtually every night of the year.

  • Bizarro

    Good HOD didn’t get adjusted down!

  • Dan

    @JacobYates – Probably not, CBS has always had trouble in the Tuesday 10pm slot but Good Wife had good retention out of NCIS LA CBS tried Unforgettable and now Vegas in the slot. When Unforgettable was canceled pulling high 1.8-2.5 (I think), how would Vegas be renewed pulling 1.5 out of a 3.1 NCIS LA.

    Vegas is done, Smash is done, Parenthood will be renewed.

    I don’t think its BATB Vs. HOD or if it is HOD wins. Put it this way.

    Hart of Dixie is this year’s Nikita, in terms of a second full season drama that gets a third and likely fourth season due to syndication.

    Beauty and the Beast is this year’s Secret Circle, in terms of a first year show that would normally be likely to be renewed but the retention out of Vampire Diaries is worse and CW can do better with a new series next season (VD spinoff) BATB is likely done, unless CW keeps it for Fridays at 9 after Nikita.

    90210 is this year’s Gossip Girl, low rated long running flagship drama that will get a final season for next year.

  • Glue


    wait for TBBT.. AI Beat it too.

  • martin

    YAY! Smash!! LOVE this show!!!!

  • ChristineChaos

    More people need to watch The Mindy Project. It’s a great show and much better than the New Girl, in my opinion. I’m over the New Girl schtick.

  • Lynx

    After a VERY long time I’m finally getting back into television. We are getting some good and interesting shows to watch. The Following, Dallas, and Vegas are among the decent programming that we are getting. I hope to God they don’t kill it. It would put an end to my T.V. watching for good.

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