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February 7th, 2013

Tonight Community finally returns. Originally, it was supposed to launch in the fall on Fridays, but NBC postponed its debut several times. It will be a new era for the low rated cult comedy after the acrimonious departure of the show's creator Dan Harmon at the end of last season. Will the show's passionate fans accept the new showrunners' take on the show? The season finale on May 17 garnered a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating. Its prior season premiere on September 22, 2011 earned a 1.7 adults 18-49 rating. How will it fare tonight against the juggernauts of The Big Bang Theory and American Idol? Given what a rough week it has been for NBC, the Greendale Human Beings are going to need a miracle to succeed. Make your predictions below.

  • Jeff Winger

    Community is my favorite show, best case scenario is like 1.7, but realistically 1.3. And why do people care so much about Dan Harmon? The show is still gunna be just as good, you guys are just finding a reason to hate.

  • r0ckmypants

    @Michael – Where does that reasoning come from? USA doesn’t air any sitcoms, and all of its dramas are procedural. How exactly does Community fit into their wheelhouse?

  • Conor

    I love Community and can’t believe how quickly we’ve arrived at October 19th, If the Big Bang Theory can get a 6.3 and How I Met Your Mother can get a 4.0 in its 8th season then tonight’s premiere deserves to pull at least a 6.5 with ~20 million viewers.

    Alas, without Dan and Starburns I fear a 0.3 – 0.5 drop from the S3 finale is more likely. I’d guess 0.9 – 1.2

  • Mr Mumble

    @Tyler, the 2.2 wasn’t that random as Community got a 2.2 the prior mid-season premiere too! However, with a -10% year-on-year drop in network TV viewing and being up against TBBT for its premiere (unlike last year) you’re already looking at a realistic top-end rating of circa 1.8.

    I was hopeful for a 1.7-1.8 number but given how awful NBC have done this week – especially with Smash’s premiere – its hard to know how low Community could go.

    @Jeff Winger, I agree with you on Dan Harmon, he’s a genius but had plenty of flaws. A number of the most talented writers stuck around so the quality shouldn’t be lacking in a 13 episode season.

  • DaxJackson

    1.1… Will be surprised if it’s higher. I love this show. It’s just one thing after another… Why put it up against TBBT? NBC are useless! lol

  • davidwatts

    I love the show, but everything NBC is rolling out last month had fallen flat on its face.

    my guess is 1.0

    I hope Im way too low

  • neJANIS

    Six seasons and a movie anyway!

  • Leondre


  • Shabbir


    Didnt I read Chevy Chase had left the show as well?. So thats an old photo.

  • Red Jane

    As much as I love Community most postings seem a bit optimistic… If it hits 1.0 it’ll be lucky… NBC’s mid-year shows (Smash returning and Do No Harm just bombing) have been pretty poor…

  • Conor


    Chevy left but that was after filming 11 of the 13 episodes for this season so he is still a main cast member till May.

  • jimmcaf

    Move it over to TBS and air it after Cougar Town. Nice fit.

  • Fake Me Out

    1.2~1.3 then settling into the 0.9~1.1 range for the remainder of it’s (final?) run … which NBC must be expecting putting it into one of their weakest spots against IDOL and the juggernaut that is TBBT.


    PS: Yes, I’m aware no matter where NBC put it, it would likely be “one of their weakest spots” but Thus @ 8pm is Titanic rivet weak.

  • DeanW

    1.2 like Smash

  • Neil

    Can I vote for a 1000000.0 18-49 Rating

  • Shepherd

    The coin says… 1.5

  • Lurker

    Community is on a bad network with abysmal ratings, it’s been on a 9-month hiatus and is up against ratings juggernauts BBT and AI, I’d be shocked if it got better than a 1.2. I voted 1.1.

  • HalCapone

    Smash-like ratings for sure from the Nuttin’ But Crap network.

  • brent

    Long waited season premiere of underrated comedies does pretty well. Also Chevy Chase and Dan Harmon fights did a good publicity.

    Parks and Recreation season 3 was returned with 3.2. Also last season Community returned with 2.2 after the break.

    Your guys are way too pessimistic. The show without Dan will probably suck but I’m guessing good ratings. 2.3.

  • erwanfromfrance

    Community : 1.7 4.00
    Parks and Recreation : 1.7 3.90
    The Office : 2.1 4.50
    1600 Penn : 1.4 3.50
    Do No Harm : 0.9 3.00

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