Wednesday Final Ratings: 'Supernatural', 'Criminal Minds' & 'Chicago Fire' Adjusted Up; 'Modern Family', 'The Neighbors' & 'Suburgatory' Adjusted Down

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February 7th, 2013


Supernatural, Chicago Fire and Criminal Minds were each adjusted up a tenth while The Neighbors, Modern Family, and Suburgatory were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, February 6, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (millions)
8:00 FOX American Idol (8-10PM) 4.6/13 14.27
ABC The Middle 2.3/7 8.21
CBS Person of interest - R 1.2/3 7.17
NBC Whitney 1.2/4 3.56
CW Arrow 1.0/3 2.96
8:30 ABC The Neighbors 1.7/5 6.04
NBC Guys With Kids 1.2/3 3.20
9:00 ABC Modern Family (9-9:31PM) 3.7/10 9.83
CBS Criminal Minds 2.8/7 11.98
NBC Law & Order; SVU 1.5/4 5.23
CW Supernatural 1.0/3 2.29
9:30 ABC Suburgatory (9:31-10PM) 2.0/5 5.73
10:00 CBS CSI 2.4/7 10.97
NBC Chicago Fire 1.9/5 6.60
ABC Nashville 1.7/5 5.30


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  • Ultima

    Ryan Seacrest is expected to leave the show at the end of this season to join NBC’s “Today” show to replace Matt Lauer.

    Nonsense. He extended his Idol contract for two seasons last year.

  • Ram510

    I don’t think Modern Family has ever adjusted down before!?!

  • forg

    Was ABC pre-empted in some market or something? Weird to see MF adjusted down?! Good The Middle stayed the same

  • Skylar James

    Chicago Fire would be slaying Scandal’s ass if it had a better lead in

  • chris23

    Fox: American Idol wins the night for Fox. A 4.6 on Wednesday was a surprise to me I was expecting atleast a 5.0. Not that these ratings are horrible but I think Fox overpaid the One Diva and the other 10 pounds of makeup considering they only hitting 4.6 this early in the season!

    CBS: Solid as usual with CSI and Criminal Minds. Isn’t CSI and CSI:NY doing crossovers last night and this friday as well?

    ABC: Modern Family hit season low But not in any danger, it should rebound. Middle still a solid performer. Nashville should have never been a certain or likely renewal when it was changed, a lot of people seen it spike up for two weeks and jumped to conclusions. Although I wanted the show to gain viewers and demo I knew it was too soon for a switch from BUBBLE to Certain/likely renewal. The Other comedies not that impressive!

    NBC: Whitney and Guys are definitely not the flagship series on Wednesday Nights lol. SVU seems to be bouncing like a basketball hitting highs a few weeks ago and then hitting a 1.5 last Night. Chicago Fire is decent considering the rest of the lineup and the fact it is the highest rated show on it’s night for the network!

    CW: Great for Supernatural. It is defintely not leadin dependent on Arrow in terms of Adults 18-49 as they share the same demo. Arrow has lost a chunk of its total audience in the past weeks. With Carrie Diaries up .2, HOD up .1, Supernatural and Arrow up to 1.0 again, and even though viewers don’t matter emily owens up in total audience, is it possible beauty and the beast could score a 0.8 tonight? If so this could turn out to be a decent week for the CW lmao :)

  • networkman

    Chicago Fire is a winner a for NBC. It is doing great numbers in the 10pm hour, being able to equal what Parenthood was garnering this season. NBC should really announce next season as Law & Order:SVU’s last. I just don’t want to see it going down to low 1’s in the demo and barely able to garner 5 million viewers.

    WOW at Supernatural. A show in its 8th season being one of CW’s top rated. It is nearing Arrow’s performance tying in the demo and just a bit under it in total viewers.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    It’s so nice to see shows in their 8th season like HIMYM and SPN beating or almost beating hits like MF and Arrow.

  • Jay Raskin

    This was the lowest February viewership ever for American Idol. One has to go back to season 1 when it was a Summer series in 2002 to find viewership this low.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Well glad to see NASHVILLE didn’t udjust down.

  • Melody

    I’m happy that the CW has such a great solid night on Wednesdays. These are my two favorite shows on the network, and Supernatural is my favorite show on TV. So seeing these great numbers for the CW just makes me happy.

  • Bruno

    oh my goodness, Supernatural and Arrow, the proud of CW \o/

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    Re: MF. I didn’t like last night’s episode as much as the other episodes this season but most of the episodes this season have been hilarious, especially when Matthew Broderick guest-starred, it’ll go up next week, don’t worry and don’t reply to the posters who are laughingly calling it a flop, yeah, so 95% of the shows on TV are flops!

  • aiden

    The Big Bang Theory It’s much better than MF i like both bue TBBT is the best and the ratings are amazing.. MF has emmys and golden for best comedy but that did not rises the rating and for me TBBT has to won las year! i hope the show win this year the emmy fot best comedy, because the show is amazing!

  • No_Lie

    *Max Posted February 7, 2013 at 3:34 PM
    CHICAGO FLOP still nothing to boast about, even with the adjustment.*

    You posted similar ‘Chicago flop’ comments at least twice in the earlier thread. You really don’t understand these numbers do you? Chicago Fire builds on SVU’s audience every week. Meanwhile, Nashville loses large chunks of it’s lead-in audience and even CSI loses a little. But you think Chicago Fire is a ‘flop’? HaHaHa!

  • forg

    Just checked and well MF did go below 10 million and 4 last season but it was the 2nd to the last ep of S3. And it was just 3.9. Oh well I hope MF bounces back


    Sorry to see MF below 4.0

    AI already below 5.0

    Maybe last night was just abnormal for some reason or another


    if you take the viewers of chicago fire vaunted demo, only half the population of l a watched the show. total viewers means only 3 quarters of new york city watched. thats is all out of the total popultion of the u s a lol nobodys watching lol

  • forg

    The last time MF hit 3.7 was the Thanksgiving Eve in Season 2.

  • No_Lie

    *MARTY Posted February 7, 2013 at 4:51 PM
    if you take the viewers of chicago fire vaunted demo, only half the population of l a watched the show. total viewers means only 3 quarters of new york city watched. thats is all out of the total popultion of the u s a lol nobodys watching lol*

    You have no idea what you’re talking about, and neither does anyone else. You also apparently have no idea how to spell or how to use proper capitalization or punctuation.


  • fringegot5seasons

    Wasn’t MF pushing a 6.0 last season after it won in the Emmy’s? Now a 3.7, lost to HIMYM, tied 2BG and NCIS, will lose to Idol, TBBT and likely TAAHM as well…. That’s unfortunate for ABC, Grey’s keeps sinking lower every week and not really recovering and now MF is in a big slump.

    Well, at least they don’t have Smash too. LOL.

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