Christina Applegate Leaving 'Up All Night'

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February 8th, 2013

Up All Night is switching formats from single-camera to multi-camera. The series has also changed showrunners multiple times. Now the show will have to recast. The series star Christina Applegate has decided to leave the show, Deadline reports. NBC is allegedly still determined to proceed with the show, which has yet to film any of its multi-camera episodes, and is considering Lisa Kudrow as a replacement for Applegate. May we humbly suggest that NBC think outside the box and consider recent Suburgatory guest star The Cancellation Bear for the role?

  • Ultima

    How is she even allowed to leave? I mean, isn’t she under contract?

    People under contract quit and get fired all of the time; they have termination clauses that detail what happens in that case.

  • s0303

    seriously? just cancel is already…

  • networkman

    I really respect Christina. She needs to be on the CBS network. She would fit better in a multi cam comedy created by Chuck Lorre. That syle would fit her best. And surrounded by other hit comedies, her show would really have a great shot at succeeding. In the meantime, I would love to see her guest star in Mike & Molly. I feel she would be great acting alongside Melissa Mccarthy. The two of them would be hilarious.

  • Cyrax86

    I’m pretty sure Guys With Kids has already wrapped production and this news wouldn’t make the show to re-start. They still have Save Me to fill in.

  • networkman

    And Maya Rudolph should make a guest starring appearance on Parks & Rec.

  • Cory

    Just cancel it. Apparently they’re courting Lisa Kudrow, but I think the same concept with a different title, headlined as a totally different show starring Kudrow would have a better chance than this.

    I guess they just couldn’t find a match to burn a pile of money.

  • Timmy G

    This show has gone through the most bizarre production problems. I mean, what the hell? There’s no reason to keep it going now.

  • Valcum

  • JHERN86

    This show 1st season was amazing! the second season was horrible.

  • The Original J

    Just take it out back and put it out of its misery. This show’s ratings are already terrible. I don’t understand why it hasn’t just been canceled already.

  • The Cool Max

    Cancel it already! Please!

  • Jimbo

    Dear lord, someone put this show out of its misery already.

  • Tom

    Sara: Casting the Cancellation Bear is a great idea. But, the bear will have to eat in his trailer. That’s because the commissary won’t admit anyone with bear feet.

  • CrimTV


    Christina Applegate and Melissa McCarthy were both series regulars on the short lived (35 episodes) Samantha Who? on ABC.

  • Fake Me Out

    Perhaps NBC can bring back the Animal Practice monkey … not to replace Christina but to replace one of the executives making the decisions … c’mon, would the monkey really be any worse? And then NBC has a plausible excuse for their errors … “Hey, we know it was a stupid idea but the monkey said do it anyways … damn monkey”

  • Dan

    @Doug – Who knows? A normal ntwork probably would have canceled the show after a low but OK rated season 1 but that’s NBC for you.

    Here are the 5 stages of Up All Night

    Stage 1 – Retooling a show after the original Pilot – Normal, happens a lot in this case originally the show was about 2 PR executives but they were changed to a talk show host and a producer and the producer just had a baby. Good premise, Nothing odd here.

    Stage 2 – Retooling a show after a first season – Not so common but throughout the first season the showrunners had no idea what direction the show should go in so then beginning in the second season The Ava show was cancelled, Will Arnett’s character quit his job to work construction with his brother in law while Christina Applegate’s character now becomes a stay at home mother. One character dropped, another added, the premise shifts a little. Again a show being retooled in its story while maintaining almost all of the main characters is not uncommmon however this season faced lower ratings.

    Stage 3 – Switching Formats from Single Camera to Multi camera on the middle of a show’s second season – Now this is where weird and has never happened before, Ironically, Christina Applegate’s previous series Samantha Who? was rumored to switch from single to multi camera in it’s third season to be combined with a chunk of it’s yet to air second season episodes. Although this never took place because Samantha Who ended up being cancelled by ABC after 2 seasons. This should have been the point where NBC just gave up on the show, switching formats would never work.

    Stage 4 – Replacing a main character with another actor after the actor leaves – This is the point where NBC should get the hint and finally cancels the show. Its one thing to let go of an actor, its another to replace them entirely with a different actor but that only works if the character was supporting and only appeared a few times originally. It worked on Bewitched because both Darrens looked much alike, it worked somewhat on Roseanne though they made a joke about it. At this point they may as well make it a new show or call it something different.

    Stage 5 – Inevitable cancellation – The show will be cancelled eventually, whether it be tomorrow, next week, March or May at the upfronts, the show that once had promise in the beginning of its first season is dead.

    On any other network Step 5 would come after Step 2 or even Step 1. Its normal for shows to change premises from the original Pilots and its somewhat normal for shows to be retooled between seasons. But changing formats and recasting main characters when a show is already struggling is basically beating a dead horse.

    NBC please just cancel this show.

  • Bob

    YES! More episodes of Guys with Kids!!!! That is brilliant! Guys with Kids is MUCH funnier than Up All Night anyway…plus it has had many chances to prove itself. Guys with Kids has been in the same time the entire run so far….not even a pity chance after the Voice…how life is unfair.

  • networkman

    NBC is trying so hard to make this work but really does not try that hard to make Community work. NBC would have shipped Community off to Friday if Animal Practice did not flop causing NBC to have to use Whitney on Wednesday. I really hope we don’t see this reboot. Allow viewers to remember it as it was with Christina.

  • Dan

    @Cyrax – I agree and here’s what NBC should do

    1. Cancel Up All Night immediately.

    2. Schedule the premiere of Save Me for March 6 along with the last 5 episodes of Whitney airing March 6-April 3.

    3. Then when 1600 Penn finishes its run around April 4 beginning April 11, Save Me can assume 1600 Penn’s slot and finish it’s season up.

    That way every comedy will finish it’s order up nicely in season.

  • Oliver


    …then what do NBC air at Wednesday at 8?

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