Christina Applegate Leaving 'Up All Night'

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February 8th, 2013

Up All Night is switching formats from single-camera to multi-camera. The series has also changed showrunners multiple times. Now the show will have to recast. The series star Christina Applegate has decided to leave the show, Deadline reports. NBC is allegedly still determined to proceed with the show, which has yet to film any of its multi-camera episodes, and is considering Lisa Kudrow as a replacement for Applegate. May we humbly suggest that NBC think outside the box and consider recent Suburgatory guest star The Cancellation Bear for the role?

  • SJ

    A painfully unfunny show that never should have made it past the initial 13… and NBC is apparently still trying to make it work. I respect Christina Applegate for quitting. Hopefully she’s on a much, much better show come September.

    NBC, if you’re listening: nobody likes this show. Nobody will miss it. Just. End. It!

  • SG

    She was the only reason I watched. My favorite was the Stevie Nicks episode last year.

  • networkman

    In January 2013, series creator and executive producer Emily Spivey departed the show. So, Christina must of gotten frustrated and felt like this whole experimental project would be a mess.

  • TVDude

    Perhaps they should retitle it and reboot it as a whole new series to air behind The Voice? It would make more sense to do that then bring it back when it’s already known as a failure and missing one of its major stars.

  • SG

    NBC is trying to save it because Lorne Michaels is involved.

  • GG

    She’s dumb, its not like she can get hit comedy shows. Samantha Who also got canceled. This is probably her ‘avoiding’ the cancellation – which will surely happen.

  • EllieMae

    Its like the recasting of Tim Allens daughter in “Last Man Standing” – not sure if its officially cancelled yet but I think that was a big bad move – so can’t imagine recasting Christina – just doesn’t feel right when you warm up to a character

  • statik

    arnett should just come out of closet already–that’s y his marriage to ap nroke up–she caught him–imho

  • Mary 1

    Wasn’t there a rumor back in September that Christina Applegate and Will Arnett had some kind of affair which is the reason why Amy Poehler is seeking a divorce now? Then the story continues that Christina and Will broke it off. If true, I could see why she wanted off this show which was not doing great in the ratings anyway.

    I think Arnett is also doing Arrested Development for Netflix. I don’t think anyone is really invested in this show except apparently NBC. They need to kill it already.

  • jake3988

    You can’t just leave your contract. This is a (not so?) subtle way of saying it’s cancelled.

    Unless, of course, NBC is saying ‘we think actress X would get much higher ratings than you, so go ahead and leave.’ I’m leaning more towards the former, though.

  • Ram510

    So just cancel this mess of a show and renew Guys With Kids, please NBC, renew Guys With Kids!!!!!!!

  • a p garcia

    Just cancel the show

  • Rob3008

    I’ve enjoyed the show, but such a talented cast deserve a far stronger premise with better writing.

    What I find most bizarre about this is why are NBC so eager, desperate even, to make Up All Night Work? It’s not a ratings hit (or even close to it), so there just seems to be no logic in trying to push it so hard?

  • Mark

    They should’ve never messed with this show and let it die in peace.

    It worked great as a single camera comedy. It’s hilarious! Christina is probably leaving becuase she doesn’t like the change in format/showrunner. I don’t blame her.

  • Ted Craig

    If Will Arnett were leaving, I’d say it was a guaranteed renewal.

  • John

    For some reason NBC is madly in love with this show and refuses to let it go. It’s over. Time to move on.

  • Dan

    @Oliver – By April maybe NBC could air specials in that hour. More Betty White, possibly Hannibal but Unlikely. Fashion Star could work. NBC could fill the slot with anything but their best bet for the comedies is to just get Whitney out of the way as quickly as possible and use Save Me to replace 1600 Penn. Up All Night is basically gone.

  • Doug

    It’s nothing like the recasting of Tim Allen’s daughter on LMS. Applegate is the draw to UAN – she is the name. Sure, there is Maya Rudolph and to a much lesser extent Will Arnett, but they don’t have the name cachet that Applegate does.

  • Jamey

    dan, actually Jesse had 42 episodes if I am not mistaken.

  • Tom

    Christina Applegate is a gifted comedic actress who simply can’t find a part that’s worthy of her. “up All Night” and “Samatha Who” just weren’t worthy of her. My recollection is a bit vague but the last time I remember her being able to apply all of her talent was when she played Rachel’s self-absorbed sister on “Friends”. Those appearances were classic and I believe she received an Emmy nomination for her performance.

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