Christina Applegate Leaving 'Up All Night'

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February 8th, 2013

Up All Night is switching formats from single-camera to multi-camera. The series has also changed showrunners multiple times. Now the show will have to recast. The series star Christina Applegate has decided to leave the show, Deadline reports. NBC is allegedly still determined to proceed with the show, which has yet to film any of its multi-camera episodes, and is considering Lisa Kudrow as a replacement for Applegate. May we humbly suggest that NBC think outside the box and consider recent Suburgatory guest star The Cancellation Bear for the role?

  • ann

    She sees the writing on the wall…this show will be canceled so she’s getting out now to save face.

  • senor chang

    When the ways NBC is butchering your show are funnier than the show itself, then…

  • matt

    Its getting cancelled, won’t be time to “switch it up”, wishful thinking on their part

  • jel

    HEH? Is this like an early april fool’s post? This makes no sense. Isn’t she under contract? how does she just leave? I mean the show is obviously on its last legs, but I never heard of such a thing happening so abruptly.

  • Ben

    It’s time to put Up All Night to sleep permanently. Just like Do No Harm.

  • Kyle7

    I think this show has entered the Tyson Zone. For those who don’t know, that’s the point at which a celebrity or news event has so many bizarre stories surrounding it that you’ll believe any new story about them/it, no matter how strange.

    Considering what’s already happened, I wouldn’t be surprised if Will Arnett leaves during the middle of shooting episode 3 of the new format and is replaced mid-episode by Rob Schneider, who was hanging around NBC studios looking for work.

  • jel

    Maybe they can flash forward 15 years and recast will arnett with John Goodman, the baby with Justin Bieber, Maya Rudolph with wanda sykes, and Christina Applegate with Lisa Kudrow . . oh wait . . .

  • PurpleDrasi

    I can’t believe they are still trying to make this thing work. Seriously, do the producers have some serious dirt on the NBC execs or what?

  • Josh

    Lisa Kudrow is funny and all, but you can’t just recast a main character. The show will fail if Christina Applegate leaves….are they going to kill her character off or just try to pretend she was never on the show? It would be best if she does leave the show that they leave it so she can come back maybe have Kudrow filling in as an aunt while Applegate is gone for whatever reason they come up with…..If she leaves the show is certain to be doomed.

  • jel

    Lisa Kudrow could be Aunt Sassy . . .It’s like the “Comeback” becomes real

  • Joel

    I don’t like this show at all. But I really like to see Lisa on NBC !!!!!

  • Oliver

    Supposedly the planned retool had a new premise and was based around the making of a TV show.

  • Kavyn

    Lisa already has a show on Showtime if you want to see her on TV (It’s called “Web Therapy”). As much as I love her, I wouldn’t tune in to watch her on UAN.

  • Ernie

    I’m really sad that Guys with Kids ends at 17 episode.

  • Lainey

    What a mess! This show is the Lindsay Lohan of NBC. At first you think it’s pretty good, but behind the scenes things just get worse, and worse, and worse, and worse…… and when you think it’s finally hit rock bottom- it gets worse again.

  • Alan

    I would start watching if Lisa Kudrow joins.

  • Ernie

    Why is NBC so desperate to save this show which is not funny.
    Why doesn’t NBC order Guy with Kids ?????? Guys with Kids performs so well against American Idol and The Middle.

    Please order more Guys with Kids. Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And the bear says CHOMP, CHOMP, GULP!

  • r0ckmypants

    @GG – Well, someone here is dumb, but it’s not Christina Applegate. Of course Samantha Who? got canceled… NEWSFLASH! Every show does at some point! But she was nominated three times for the SAG Award, twice for the Golden Globe, and twice for the Emmy for that show… clearly, she picked a good role, regardless of the show’s viewership.

  • Rebecca

    Sad to see her go. And many thought she’d flourish with a multi-cam format (an audience, I think – not sure if multi-cam automatically means studio audience is involved). They may as well cancel the show now. I want more Guys With Kids!

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