Christina Applegate Leaving 'Up All Night'

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February 8th, 2013

Up All Night is switching formats from single-camera to multi-camera. The series has also changed showrunners multiple times. Now the show will have to recast. The series star Christina Applegate has decided to leave the show, Deadline reports. NBC is allegedly still determined to proceed with the show, which has yet to film any of its multi-camera episodes, and is considering Lisa Kudrow as a replacement for Applegate. May we humbly suggest that NBC think outside the box and consider recent Suburgatory guest star The Cancellation Bear for the role?

  • Hugh

    This show is the biggest disaster ever.

    How are they going to write her out? Death? Divorce?

  • tv_viewer

    This is probably the right move for Christina Applegate. If the show is sinking, she might as well jump away right now. Let the cancellation bear eat Maya Rudolph instead. Since Ben and Kate is cancelled, Christina might go to Fox in 2 years.

  • Dan

    @Ann – Thats correct, someone who mattered realized it, Emily Spivey left but a showrunner/creator can always be replaced.

    The cancellation bear has this show cornered and gives it chances to escape, but it can’t.

    Here NBC if you want to retool the show, create two realities, kill off Christina Applegate in one reality and the baby in the other and replace Will Arnett with Jason Isaacs.

  • Dan

    @Hugh – Apparently recast the role with Lisa Kudrow or somebody but I bet my life that NBC just cancels the series before it even gets a chance to make a single multi camera episode.

    Expect a post on this site and every other TV site by next week saying “NBC cancels Up All Night” or “Up All Night Canceled by NBC”. Seriously after the showrunner leaves and then a lead leaves how can they continue? And the real thing is WHY would they want to continue. I can see CBS wanting to continue Two and a Half Men after Charlie Sheen got fired because that show Is, was and will be highly rated but Up All Night has nothing going for it.

  • iggy

    Well I decided to leave the show back in September.

  • forg

    Let it go and create a new show with the remaining cast for next season instead

  • Brian

    Well, Will has Arrested Development coming up so he’ll be alright.

    They just need to come up with something for Maya Rudolph. Maybe a drama where somewhere behind the scenes a guy in a mask arranges for her to succeed. Call it Phantom and run it on Thursday nights. You can pay me now, NBC.

  • Tom

    Sara: Bad news. The Cancellation Bear can’t perform on “Up All Night”. PETA won’t allow it. Because the NBC commissary serves bearclaws.

  • jessica

    “Expect a post on this site and every other TV site by next week saying “NBC cancels Up All Night” or “Up All Night Canceled by NBC”.”

    What about ‘Up All Night Down Forever – NBC comes to their senses’.

  • Emma

    Oh gosh. Too bad. this show is great. I will not watch whatever they’d do now. It’s just going to be very sad, no matter what

  • Angel Trend

    This is actually very interesting, Up All Night’s audience wasn’t really big this season so a change for them wouldn’t really hurt at all.

    Up All Night might end up being a new show to a lot of people. If they were to seriously bring in Lisa Kudrow or another big name like her to replace Xtina that would be huge and maybe an upgrade for the show.

    If reworked right multi-cams usually can resonate bigger than single-cams and I think Lisa Kudrow being attached to it may actually bring in some new eyes if promoted right.

    For some reason I think NBC got lucky by her decision and if they’re going in a new direction anyways they would need a new showrunner.

    They can go one or two ways with this, they can either salvage the show like this in April or just develop a new comedy by the fall using the rest of this cast.

  • John A

    I could understand if it had good ratings but why does NBC want to save this show so badly? I still miss Samantha Who? That was great.

  • Henry

    BYE Christina you’re overrated anyways they’ll be better off getting Phoebe from Friends on here.

  • Dan

    Who knows why NBC wants to save the show, it started out well but it sunk. A lot of last season’s bubble shows were renewed for fall for 13 episodes. The Office and Parks got 22, Community’s 13 were moved to midseason, 30 Rock’s 13 turned out to be it’s final season, Whitney got 3 more eps and premiered a little later, and Up All Night got a few extra eps when the show should have cancelled after 13.\

    Here’s another clever post, “NBC puts Up All Night to Sleep”

  • Flarikker

    NBC has such a commitment with Whitney ….stick her as the replacement! LOL

  • Carmen

    Shows which involve a baby and / or the issues surrounding raising a baby do not do well.

    Yes, it can be difficult, exasperating, and sometimes rewarding.

    But it quickly gets old and is not a premise destined for lasting
    (or even short term) success.

  • Dan

    @Carmen – I guess Raising Hope doesn’t count in that theory.

  • Samunto

    Honestly, if NBC brings back this show with a new lead and it works then it will truly be a miracle.
    I mean we’re talking about the lead here. How do you introduce that in the storyline? She dies and Phoebe is the new babysitter?

    And yes, i want Lisa Kudrow back on primetime with a watchable show!

  • Serena Stephens

    We just don’t think a replacement for Applegate is the answer. It’s in the category of: attempting to replace Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched. It just can’t be done.

  • Carmen

    @ Dan
    “I guess Raising Hope doesn’t count in that theory.”

    Raising Hope, I agree, might be considered a borderline exception.
    But remember, that Hope is actually a minor background character and is barely seen in many episodes.
    Hope is used when it is essential to the plot and does not seem forced into the episode.

    Got any other examples?

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