'Community' Ratings Rise On Return

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February 8th, 2013

Bucking the trend of recent NBC sitcom ratings meltdowns, Community rose to a 1.8 adults 18-49 rating in its season premiere last night.

That's up from both last season's finale (1.3) and last season's September, 2011 premiere (1.7).

  • Dinaminjo

    ..in the morning..

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Holy ****

  • Tom

    Not great, but if it can maintain them I’d be happy and I’d imagine NBC would be (relatively) happy.

  • Alfred


  • Win

    YESSSSSSSSSS! THAT’S .3 HIGHER THAN I hoped and is only a .1 lower than CF but way higher than Whitney!

  • Bookworm

    That is great news. I hope the rating sticks but I’m leaning towards no adjustments either way. I could be wrong but I hope for the best!

    Do No Harm did horrible, dropped again. I doubt it will be returning next week.

  • MichaelChickless

    Woo hoo! I voted 1.9 plus in the poll.

  • Allen

    Lol everyone saying it woud be lucky to break a 1.2. Awesome!

  • John A

    Impresive for the premiere. But it will sink next week.

  • Doug

    1.8 – while good by Community standards, is still awful for any show…even for NBC. And it’s all downhill from here…

  • senor chang

    snap snap snap.

    it could drop half a ratings point from there and STILL beat or tie every sitcom on Tuesday/Wednesday. where it levels out will be important, and it’s nice to see that people are still interested and that the show has a bit of room to breathe.

    wonder how this is going to affect Parks and the rest of the night (if at all).

  • reebi

    Go community!!

  • senor chang


    a 1.8 rating is not, in any way, awful for NBC (or for the other networks, for that matter). it’d be at or above the scripted average on NBC and FOX, in bubble territory on ABC, and admittedly below average on CBS.

  • senor chang

    in other news, Do No Harm dropped to a 0.7 rating. uh, wow.

  • denzel

    Wow, very nice numbers. I vote 1.9+ of course as a wishful thinking, but would be very happy with 1.5.

  • Kris

    Too bad the episode of community was a mess. =/

    Hopefully it maintains its ratings, #sixseasonsandamovie

  • David Howell

    That gives the show the room to lose a third of its premiere night audience and *still* be a safe renewal. NBC are going to be renewing shows getting 1.2s that don’t have syndication prospects, and Community already has a deal.

    Only question now is whether it gets 22 or not. If it stabilises above a 1.4, I don’t see how it doesn’t. Mind you, Parenthood (the top self-starter scripted show on the network!) can’t get 22 episode orders…

  • battye

    I thought it was a good episode! A laugh track ep has been a long time coming – I think it delivered. They had to find a good way to incorporate it, similar to how they did The Office / Mockumentary style episode.

    I wonder how good that ratings have to stay for Community to get a 5th season. You’d think it won’t stay at 1.8… but maybe a 1.5 average or so could do it?

  • Dan

    Its still good for NBC against Idol and Big Bang, I never expected a 1.8 and then Parks got a 2.0. The only shows that performed badly for NBC is the soon to be cancelled 1600 Penn and Do No Harm. Against big competition both 8:00 comedies did great.

    If Community holds up and doesn’t dip below a 1.5 it may have a shot a renewal.

  • Ben

    Good for Community considering the competition of The Big Bang Theory and American Idol. Renew this show.
    Community is: “The Show People Watch When NBC Gives It A Chance” (“nobody Can watch a show” when it’s not on the air as a You Might Like headline read a few months ago after Chevy Chase quit the series).

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