'Do No Harm' Canceled by NBC

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February 8th, 2013

After just two airings, Do No Harm has been canceled by NBC, and pulled from its schedule.

It premiered to a very low 0.9 adults 18-49 rating, then fell even further to a 0.7 rating in its second week. For the next two weeks, NBC will air repeats of Law & Order: SVU on Thrsday at 10pm.

  • rob60990


  • Jackson


  • Smoke That Sherm-Palladino

    Lone Star’d

  • Reache

    SHOCKED….not one, but two? ;)

  • queenb231985

    SHOCKER!!!!!! lol

  • CrimTV

    WTF NBC?! Do No Harm is cancelled and you air damn LAW & ORDER: SVU REPEATS, but NOT REVOLUTION. I was supporting NBC, but they put Revolution on a 4 MONTH BREAK AND DON’T REPEAT IT, They are delusional!

  • Kerry

    Today is some kind of alternate timeline, where Community is making headlines for good news and everything else on NBC is making headlines for very bad reasons.


    @CrimTV. Revolution is not a TV show u repeat. Ud have to show eps from beginning of season…

  • psychic

    Hello, Lone Star 2.0.

  • Peter

    Now, lets hope they find a place for Hannibal. Since The Following is doing well, why don’t they premiere Hannibal soon?

  • omabin

    They should have used the slot to air Chicago Fire repeats, that show needs visibility more than freaking SVU. I understand the decision of not airing revolution, but chicago fire was a way better choice than SVU

  • rob60990

    Chicago Fire I think would have been a better option to rerun.

  • SVUnCI

    NBC may repeat Revolution but for now they want to get some eyeballs for their affiliates during Sweeps (or at least that’s my theory).

  • CrimTV


    Then they should’ve repeated it from the beginning

  • Mika

    This had the potential to be the best show on air. You blew it NBC.

  • halloween

    come on Netflix, revive “Do No Harm” It has great DVR numbers!

  • BL

    At least SVU repeats are not airing for the rest of the season on Thursday Nights. It would be even worse if NBC does Smash repeats. But I agree that Chicago Fire should replace it instead as it beats its lead in for the past 3 months. SVU should have been cancelled after Meloni left the show. The past 2 seasons haven’t been as good as it used to be but I did like the episode with Mike Tyson.

  • Leondre

    I wonder if NBC is thinking abou moving SVU to thursdays in the fall

  • Martine

    Showing Hannibal would be a mistake. We already have Dexter and the Following, and I think it would compare poorly. Not to mention that its probably going to be far worse then either of those shows.

  • bee

    Why aren’t they airing Chicago Fire repeats there instead of SVU?? Chicago Fire is newer and could use the exposure. And it’s just better.

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