'Do No Harm' Canceled by NBC

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February 8th, 2013

After just two airings, Do No Harm has been canceled by NBC, and pulled from its schedule.

It premiered to a very low 0.9 adults 18-49 rating, then fell even further to a 0.7 rating in its second week. For the next two weeks, NBC will air repeats of Law & Order: SVU on Thrsday at 10pm.

  • Ultima

    Networks used to understand the need for consistency and establishing viewer patterns.


  • Ultima

    What will happen to the remaining episodes

    I’m sure NBC has a memory hole somewhere… ;)

  • Dan

    Next season if NBC doesn’t air Parenthood or Grimm in the 10pm Thursday slot, SVU would work well or maybe Chicago Fire. Anything but a new drama or Rock Center.

  • Dan

    Hopefully NBC will burn the remaining 10 episodes off on Saturdays. Not like they have anything better this summer.

  • S.P.


    “I support NBC ”

    GO NBC

    I’m with you CrimTV !

  • Ricky

    I hope NBC at least shows the remaining 10 episodes somewhere. Saturday burn-off, online, anything would beat not seeing the rest of the show.

  • PartyLikeaPumpkin

    Well, that didn’t take long…

  • William Haney

    NBC has a reality hit but still no where close on a dramatic and comedic hit. With football now over, the holes in NBC’s line-up still shows. What is the reason for this? At this point, they might be better off pick up a cancelled show from another network that still had respectable numbers. Example: If CBS cancels The Mentalist? Maybe the CSI franchise?

    I am impressed on how CBS likes to do crossovers. Perhaps NBC could try that?

  • Kyle7

    But we didn’t get proper closure! Time to start a fan campaign sending first editions of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to NBC to convince them to make a wrap-up movie to do right by its legion of supremely dedicated fans.


  • Johnny B

    I feel a weird sense of satisfaction about this… Considering “Awake” got to finish out its season last year.

    You guys remember “Awake?”

    “Awake” was good…

  • S.P.

    Move “New Normal” and “Smash ” thursdays 9:30 and 10:00

    Move “GO ON” to 9:30 tuesdays and Premiere Save me at 9:00(after the voice) not before Hannibal premiere(after two hours of voice) at 10:00 on tuesday

  • Dan S

    Oh good now that DNH is gone can we bring back Harry’s Law ? Some of these shows are so low it made HL look like The Voice in comparison. I think NBC would’ve been smarter running Grimm on Thur until it returns next month. I can’t believe they started so strong now they’re floundering midseason. They’ll need to finish strong to get 3rd place by May.

  • Steven

    “Do No Harm” was a huge flop (like I never seen a flop)!

    I glad that NBC didn’t waste anymore time by showing more episodes!

  • Dan

    On Lin-Manuel Miranda’s (One of the costars) Twitter page, he stated NBC may air the eps over the summer. While that’s no confirmation of anything, it is possible. CBS burned off Made in Jersey, as Did Fox with The Mob Doctor and CW with Emily Owens MD. Every drama except 666 Park Avenue has burned all of its eps off this season.

  • SJ

    Shocker… I wonder if Touch gets pulled after a few weeks of what are undoubtedly going to be embarrassingly low ratings. I guess the best option for NBC is to go back to airing Rock Center there and keep Dateline on Fridays at 10.


    And 666 will get its episodes burned off in the summer, at least that’s the plan, although I don’t think ABC has followed up on any of their burn-off plans since the summer of ’09 when they burned off Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone.

  • Dan

    NBC made a mistake in premiering a new drama in the slot after airing ROck Center there for so long. Last season Prime Suspect, The Firm, and Awake all failed in that slot. In 2010-2011 NBC failed with both The Apprentice (Fall) and 30 Rock and Outsourced in the slot. It hasn’t been the same without ER so going forward NBC should plug up the slot with a veteran drama fro next season. SVU, Parenthood, Grimm, and Chicago Fire are all great options and NBC can air a new show in their slots.

    The question is, what will NBC air now in the slot?

  • panda22

    Bad week for NBC all round…Smash, Up All Night and now Do No Harm….who’s next?

  • Michael

    If I were NBC I would consider creating 90-minute episodes of Revolution by pairing episodes together. That would give five episodes that could then air from February 21st through March 25th, leading into the show’s return.

    A lot of critics have condemned NBC’s decision to put the show on hiatus because of the loss of momentum and loss of awareness, though the ratings of Go On strongly vindicate the network not wanting to break the partnership with The Voice, and the importance of that lead-in.

    Rerunning the first half of the season would help rebuild interest for the show to return and give it some momentum, as well as a chance to try to find a new audience, going in to the new episodes. Using 90-minute versions would be better than having to lose half the content to make 60-minute ones, while 1600 Penn’s ratings are barely sustainable to justify keeping it on air.

    As it is, given how much of an audience Go On has lost without The Voice as a lead-in, rerunning that in the post-Office slot may actually be able to bring some viewers back with the better lead-in than Betty White and other Tuesday 8pm filler, and avoiding comedy competition from an increasingly stronger New Girl.

  • MattR

    I don’t really agree that Revolution can’t be repeated. Some of the episodes were pointless enough that they could be repeated without a new viewer being completely lost.

  • Tom

    Not a surprise, though we still don’t know what will take the slot. Amusingly enough, my market pre-empted it for snow coverage. Not a storm, not a blizzard, just “There’s more snow than usual out there!” filler.

    I still think its Hannibal in March. If it was Rock Center, they couldn’t just start that up next week? And two weeks of SVU gets Hannibal out of sweeps. (To be clear, I don’t think Hannibal will do much better, but why not get it out of the way?)

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