'Do No Harm' Canceled by NBC

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February 8th, 2013

After just two airings, Do No Harm has been canceled by NBC, and pulled from its schedule.

It premiered to a very low 0.9 adults 18-49 rating, then fell even further to a 0.7 rating in its second week. For the next two weeks, NBC will air repeats of Law & Order: SVU on Thrsday at 10pm.

  • Shepherd


    666 is already getting the remaining episodes aired somewhere, Australia I think. I’ve already seen through episodes 11.

  • landon

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I liked it.

  • BxActor

    Welp Of course lol

  • JSunkist

    GJ NBC, you let this happen

  • geri

    Who cares what reruns they are showing? They are reruns.

  • alffan

    NBC should move the SVU originals there or maybe even Grimm. They need to do something. They have very little in the way of good programming that can run the entire season. The Voice can only run so much and Football is their other big thing.

    We’ll see how Revolution holds up and they seem to have a loyal audience for Grimm.

    Parenthood is obviously a show that need to do 22-24 of every year…

    Smash is dead… never was a hit … Guys with Kids probably is the comedy with the most upside. If Community and Parks can hold anywhere near last night, that will save them.

    They just can’t let Thursday sit in repeat land at 10pm – but they also have the issue of no 9:30 show. Starting to wonder if they bring something like Up All Night back at 8:30 and then run P&E at 9:30 leading into either Grimm or SVU.

  • matt

    shocked, said no one ever

  • Fake Me Out


    The ‘hiatus hate’ about Revolution is a matter of managing viewer expectations. I know cable shows take long breaks because that’s what they do, I may not like it but I know ahead of time that’s the game plan. I also knew Revolution & Grimm would take a yuletide break of 6~8 weeks because that’s what network shows do … then I find out it’s not 1 or 2 months off it’s 4 months off?! WTF?

    I bet less than 1% of the viewers were expecting such an extended break and 99% were various states of mad, angry or downright pissed off … not sure what school of business the NBC execs attended but I’m pretty sure it didn’t suggest you piss off 99% of your viewers as a good business model. As much as I have enjoyed Revolution so far, I actually hope it tanks big time upon return just to teach NBC and other nets a lesson … it probably won’t but I can hope. I blame the monkey … damn monkey.


  • iggy

    NBC finally has a second hourlong on Wednesday to take SVU’s place, so why not move it to Thursday.

  • tahina

    Alana de la Garza love her but now is jinxed like NBC. (:

  • FlorianN

    I don’t know if you noticed, but ‘Do No Harm’ averaged 2,666 million viewers, if THIS is not a sign… ;-)

  • JustMe

    You can look at the commercials of these shows and tell they are not going to work. didn’t nbc have a show just like this last year where they guy wakes up in a different life each day? Guy from Brotherhood. 1600 penn will be off soon. I remember charlies angels on abc. Anyone with a brain knew that was doa. Most of NBC/ABC shows die fast. NBC is the worst. Every year they drop duds ala Deception and the like.

  • Bill

    I knew it was going to ‘not be renewed’ but just show 2 eps and no more? Isn’t that like NBC doing HARM to us that watch the damned show?? We’ved seen them do this to shows in the fall but a mid-season replacement? now, we’ve seen everything. I joke with my kid, telling her that her new show was cancelled after airing just 15 minutes but I can see this happening too in the future… Why should we watch any new sow at all if they are going to do this? At least, when ABC cancelled Last Resort, they gave us all 13 eps and tied it up very nicely. NBC SUCKS!! No wonder they are in last place.

  • Vanquished


  • DonJ1973

    I heard that all 12 episodes were shot. So will they eventually air on Hulu or get prepared for:

    “Do No Harm”

    The Complete Series on DVD. With 10 unseen episodes

  • steve

    Chicago Fire, though I like the show and watch it, would not be a better option. It’s a serial type drama, meanwhile, each episode of SVU is exclusive.

  • cris

    Made in Jersey & Do no Harm… after 2 episodes they were cancelled… so funny :)

  • Brian

    This shocks pretty much no one. I thought they would have shunted the remaining episodes off to Saturday nights. Maybe they burn it off there in the summer.

    I’ll agree that they’d be better off airing Fire reruns on Thursdays. Mainly to see if they can take ratings away from Scandal and/or Elementary.

    NBC’s problem is that they’re trying the same old tried and true philosophy they rose to the top with in the 1980s. But they don’t have the shows to succeed. Its sitcoms are too narrow in audience to fully get behind and its dramas tend to be more high concept than solid in nature. As for reality, NBC pales in comparison to ABC, CBS, or Fox. They need to fire whoever it is that’s coming up with this stuff and replace him with someone with a clue as to how to get good programming and/or scheduling.

  • Dan

    NBC better pray that Go On and The New Normal rise when The Voice returns, that The Voice is still a hit, and that Revolution retains its high numbers…if these things don’t happen, NBC is so screwed. They also better hope that any new show they have coming up does decently because Do No Harm was obviously a complete flop and Deception is not doing much better and will obviously not live to see a second season.

  • Ekras

    Ok all! It’s time for a “Save Do No Harm” campaign! Send a scalpel by mail to NBCs offices. If enough people send them scalpels maybe they will bring it back for another 2 episodes!

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