'Do No Harm' Canceled by NBC

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February 8th, 2013

After just two airings, Do No Harm has been canceled by NBC, and pulled from its schedule.

It premiered to a very low 0.9 adults 18-49 rating, then fell even further to a 0.7 rating in its second week. For the next two weeks, NBC will air repeats of Law & Order: SVU on Thrsday at 10pm.

  • jimtv

    Come on folks, do you really want NBC to air Revolution without its The Voice lead-in?

  • JacobYates

    In case anyone asks, this DOES NOT buy Deception a second season.

  • jessica

    “…and tried to burn off the two Eastwick episodes…”

    Dude, when you control the schedule you control the schedule and the only way you fail to burn off a show in the summer is if you decide to not burn off a show in the summer. Its not like CBS made ABC not broadcast those episodes of Eastwick. The whole truth about The Whole Truth was made available in Australia whilst ABC made not a mention of it.

    The hiatus hate exists here for both Suits, White Collar, and Doctor Who just as much as it exists for Revolution, Bomb Girls, and The Good Guys. Artificially forcing a break in a show just for the sake of an arbitrary, self-imposed limitation on the number of new episodes that can be shown is just stupid. Not so long ago the so-called mid-season replacements were ‘on call’ but now they are being formally scheduled regardless of the success of whatever they are replacing. Now, at least with Bomb Girls in Canada, we have a mid-season replacement (aka show that is scheduled for January each year) that itself has an arbitrarily self-imposed hiatus. Call it a hiatus, season 1a and 1b or 1.0 and 1.5 or winter and spring – i hate them all.

    “…continuing to say the long hiatus will kill the show is getting OLD…”
    Somewhat like the hiatus itself.

    I have been waiting a long time for Hannibal and if i have learnt anything from the Comcast purchase it is that they really have no idea what they are doing wrong and Hannibal has a decent chance of going straight into the garbage bin without ever having a public screening. The premise of Do No Harm was interesting. The ratings were horrible. That i can understand, somewhat. The insane and absurd joke that is Up All Night just keeps getting more wacky; the story behind the show has become more interesting than the show itself.

  • Louis

    Hate all of these fu..ing networks getting us vested in these shows and then yanks them with no conclusions….

  • jessica

    “As much as I have enjoyed Revolution so far, I actually hope it tanks big time upon return just to teach NBC and other nets a lesson … it probably won’t but I can hope.”

    I am thinking it will indeed tank but it will absolutely not teach NBC any lesson. Unless of course they are looking for 101 Ways To Kill A Show And Get Away With It. What is weird is that in writing this i just realised that Grimm hasn’t been on in ‘like forever’. Did it get a massive hiatus too? Why did i only hear of Revolution being put in the closet for months? NBC just does some wacky s#!t. Getting a show broadcast on a network with 100% national coverage doesn’t count for so much when the network has an increasingly poor reputation for lack of promotion and horrible selection in what to commission.

    As for the SOS why not make it DO HARM.

  • Bigbrotherfan

    Not much of a shock-I’m just surprised it actually got to two episodes.. I was think “heathers reasons why not” here but good for it its in the same company as “lone star” and inconceivable”. Lol

    Honestly the show was not bad it had good acting and good ideas but the execution was awful!

    Next…..Smash lol .8 mark my words!

  • Gribble

    This only helps out Parenthood for next season,i bet NBC is wishing now that they would have ordered more than 15 this year.

  • Max Von Meyerling

    Great trivia answer in the future.

  • David Howell

    Possibly an experiment to put SVU here in fall. It’ll hurt a struggling Elementary, though Scandal would win the slot with ease if it stays there.

    Revolution probably needs streaming more than it needs televised reruns. Or could NBC put together a catch-up clip show like the one for Nashville on ABC? Actually that might get Monday or Tuesday at 10 by the end of sweeps at this rate…

  • Fake Me Out


    “… What is weird is that in writing this i just realised that Grimm hasn’t been on in ‘like forever’. Did it get a massive hiatus too?

    Yes. Last new episode was 2012.Nov.16 and the next new one isn’t scheduled until 2013.March.08 … 2 days before daylight savings strikes … it’s almost like season 3 to me at this point. In fact, I’d prefer they market it that way, a fall series of 13 and then the next series in the spring, also 13 so we at least get an extra 2 epsisodes for the long wait times and we know well in advance the schedules.

  • scifi

    Awake seems now very attractive, doesn’t it, NBC?

  • DeFul

    So this season will end up in a complete mess except for The Voice, Revolution, and maybe Go On and The New Normal? In spite of their recent lows, these comedies still average quite good numbers. I am not surprised that they dropped without The Voice, tho. Half season is not enough to get attached to a rookie show, let alone if you are up against a night were almost everyone is airing comedies too.

  • DeFul

    On a side note, I think repeats of Friends on any day/time would kinda improve the demos for NBC :D

  • networkman

    Well this was to be expected. We all knew Do No Harm would flop after 1600 Penn, we just didn’t think the numbers would be this low. Also going up against two new dramas which are now pretty much estabished with viewers would not help.

    Instead of placing Law & Order:SVU repeats at 10pm, why not simply move Smash to Thursday @10pm. It would be great counterprogramming. See how it would perform after The Office. The State of Union Address is on Tuesday, so this would help Smash not have an entire two weeks off the air since its season premiere episode.

  • Emma

    Ok, obviously it was obvious, but it’s a damn shame. That show looked good

  • Angel Trend

    1600 Penn needs to be cancelled next then TNN. Get rid of these deadweights.

    I think NBC is going to move SVU to the slot in the fall which is probably why they didn’t repeat Chicago Fire there but I do agree with you guys that the show need more visibility. It’s the only show on their roster with the potential to reach over 10 million viewers every week.

  • NY

    In my opinion, next in line to be cancelled sooner than later:

    Up All Night (Main star just quit the series yesterday)
    1600 Penn (They are already airing other series’ repeats in its time-slot)
    Guys With Kids (Can’t retain audience from it’s lead-in)
    Whitney (Has been dropping hard lately)

    On the other hand, Go On and The New Normal might stay alive. Even if they’ve dropped recently, the later retains almost all of its predecessors’ audience. Unlike the above mentioned series, these two haven’t seen any “misbehaving” from NBC programmers. They have never been scheduled off for repeats or anything like that. Also, the Voice will help them in March – April. You’ll see.

  • Flarikker

    “Do No Harm”… did not ……to the other networks. LOL

  • k:Alex

    Hannibal :D

  • a p garcia

    At least it lived up to its name and did no harm to series by ABC & CBS!

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