'Gold Rush' Season 3 Finale, 'Gold Rush Live' to Air February 22

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February 8th, 2013

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Special Two Hour Television Event Airs Live from Portland on February 22 at 8PM ET/PT

The Mother Lode - the origin of something valuable or in great abundance - has evaded the GOLD RUSH gold miners for three seasons. Todd Hoffman, Jack Hoffman, Dave Turin, Parker Schnabel, Fred Hurt and Jim Thurber are among the miners who have battled against equipment breakdowns, infighting and Mother Nature’s wicked ways at every turn in the pursuit of a golden pay day that had become an improbable dream. Until now. One GOLD RUSH crew finally strikes it rich as Discovery’s current #1 series ends its third season with its first-ever live event, GOLD RUSH LIVE on Friday, Feb. 22 at 8PM ET/PT.


After three years of digging the glory hole, Dakota Fred continued his hunt for an ancient waterfall and started to see the best gold yet just as winter set in. Were his hopes of walking away a millionaire this season dashed by his crew’s inability to keep their equipment up and running? Parker Schnabel brought in a brand new crew and rebuilt his wash plant, but was family mine simply out of gold rush ground? And in this Do or Die season, Todd Hoffman set an ambitious 1,000 ounce goal. To get a million dollar pay day, he doubled down, securing two claims and twice the men and machines. Was Todd able to right the wrongs of his past and finally hit if big? Hosted by Christo Doyle, Executive Producer of GOLD RUSH and host of THE DIRT, GOLD RUSH LIVE will be jammed packed with surprises and announcements and will reveal the miners shocking mining plans for Season Four.


And most importantly, the moment everyone has been waiting for. Each mining crew will finally reveal their total take in gold for the season during GOLD RUSH LIVE. Who will hit the mother lode, and who will fall short? These crews do not get along and for the first time ever in GOLD RUSH history we will bring all of the miners together to lay everything on the line…live. There is no way to know what will unfold in GOLD RUSH LIVE.


GOLD RUSH viewers will have the opportunity to attend GOLD RUSH LIVE by entering the “Gold Rush See It Live Sweepstakes” which gives two viewers the chance to win an all-expense paid trip to attend the event. On the Feb. 8 episode of GOLD RUSH at 9PM ET/PT, a code will be given out and viewers can enter the code at www.goldrushgiveaway.com. The winners will be announced during the Feb. 15 episode.


Last week’s episode of GOLD RUSH earned a 3.07 HH/2.55 P25-54/2.02 P18-49 and delivered 4.7 million total viewers P2+ making it the #1 ad-supported cable program among HH, P2+, P18+, P/M/W25-54, P/M/W18-49 and P/M18-34 delivery, no exclusions, on Feb. 1. It was also the #1 program in all of television, including broadcast and cable networks, in numerous key demos on Friday night that included M/25-54 and M/18-49. After 13 weeks straight as the #1 program in all of television for men, GOLD RUSH ranks as the second highest-rated Discovery Channel series of all-time behind only DEADLIEST CATCH.

GOLD RUSH LIVE is produced for Discovery Channel by Raw Television and Peacock Productions. For Raw Television, Dimitri Doganis and Sam Maynard are executive producers and James Bates is showrunner. For Peacock Productions Colleen Halpin serves as Executive Producer along with Al Berman. For Discovery Channel, Christo Doyle is executive producer and Meagan Davis is coordinating producer.


  • moshane58

    Love the show…

  • Sherry

    I really like this program. However, Todd’s use of the word “frick” has gotten to the point that it is ridiculous. Every once in a while would be tolerable. Using any word to this extent is just plain annoying.


    And it leads into the S02 premiere of “Yukon Men.” What a way to go!

  • sean lennox

    Todd is dumber than the rocks and paydirt they run. The show needs to get rid of him that would be smartest thing they could do.

  • Terri

    I like this show,but Todd is constantly shooting them in the foot and then wanting to blame someone else it makes me sick. He makes decisions regardless of the possible outcome because he wants to be the big honcho that made it happen, but he screws it up every time and never learns his lesson. As a woman I find his lack of ability to make good decisions quite irritating. Whomever the backers are of this little project are crazy to have Todd in charge and should place Dave Turin in charge.

  • David garcia

    Does anyone know tonights code

  • Scott Johnson

    I have been watching this show, and enjoying it since it first came on.. I am to the point that I am pissed off with Todd, and the stupid things he does.. this crew needs a new leader.. Like for instance Dave Turin.. Dave has the ability to think on his feet. and he is grounded in reality.. Todd is to much of a dreamer. Dreaming is ok..but he has the lives of all of these hard working guys in his stupid hands… he just keeps making decisions that are not in the best interest of continuing on and reaching a satisfactory goal..He needs to be made a worker on the team or send him home. Put someone in charge that has a clue what needs to happen…

  • Craig Nickel

    I just love the show. All 3 crews are enjoyable to watch, they all operate differently and truthly none of the bosses, Parker, Fred or Todd, should be the head of the crews. About the only one that I would trust to run my crew would be Dave Turin or Dustin Hurt. But you have to have a PR man for each crew because it is a show but none of them should make the calls. In the past 4 episodes each of them has made some bad decisions and their crew members have held them up. I am glad one of the crews hits the Mother lode, they all deserve it, they are hard workers. I do have my speculations on whom hits it but I guess we will find out soon.

  • Txlonewolf

    I hope it’s just t.v. editing the Dave Turin and Todd Hoffman team just sitting around a nice cozy camp fire while Todd blows smoke up there ass. Making them forget about the “BIG PICTURE”. Jack weighing in all the gold by himself. F__K THAT, every person needs to be at the weigh in, our you can kiss my a__. You know ever since the 1st season they have done it that way. I would go out and buy a metal detector and I bet you would find alot of gold that was never counted for. I can not see any part of a team when that takes place at every clean out. Only God knows how much they have stole. When Todd and Jack have not done a damn thing to help the team, except for making their life harder.
    The only person I have any respect for is Parker Schnabel and his Grandfather. That has to be one of the coolest old man I have even seen. I would love to drink a beer with him and B.S. I hope and pray he is the one to find the “Mother Load” and to see the look on his Grandfathers face and to stick it up Todds worthless a__.
    If anyone ever wanted to mess with Todd, hide his truck keys under his work boots. He will never find them.

  • Scott

    I love the show, I’ve been watching it since the start, Parker & his grandfather they are the greatest, that young man shows us what respect should be to our elders, something that has been lost in this country, As far as it go’s with Fred I think he is a claim jumper, thats why things keep braking down, carma Fred carma, Dustin has earned my respect he is a hard worker but he is following the wrong man, but that is just my opinion, blood is thicker then water.
    Now as far as it goes with Todd he is an idiot, he do’s not have the mens best interest at all , only his own greed, he makes one mistake after another and doesn’t learn a thing from it, He should step away from the show.
    Where as Dave has the brains to do things correctly, if I myself had the money I would trust and back that man to make me money.
    As far as it goes with Jack cleaning the gold by himself I don’t trust him, and thats because he has a pill problem, I could just imagine how much gold did not make it to the show, and I truly hope I’m wrong about him. But I’ve seen people on pills do some stupid things before. As far as it goes for the mother load, I hope it’s Parker, he has worked the hardest for it,
    Dave would be the runner up,
    Fred well even thought I don’t like what he did to get the claim, I don’t want to see him lose it all, I think he was punished enough by losing his home, so I hope he recoups enough to get what he lost and extra to pay Dustin and their workers.
    I do wish good luck to all of them.

  • ranbo

    Todds group all get in a circle and prays with their helments the air and he gives Dave his word and does the oppisite… Thats trusting your Brother…. Brother like him who needs enemies…

  • darlene

    I hope jack.h.or dave.t.hit mother load.good luck to everyone else,but fred and dustin i sure hope all they get is just enough to break even……

  • darlene

    Todd needs his —kicked for trying to destroy daves wash pant lieing to the guys by saying dave said they couldn’t open that other cut and dave didn’t say anything like that.then trying to say second shift can beat first when they r to be working as a team..Todd throws more gold away then anyone else.I hate him as much as fred and his son.so i really hope either dave and first shift or jack or even parker and his grandpa hits the mother load.But i do know that the only reason dave puts up with todd is because of jack.

  • Roy

    How on earth can the Gold Rush Crew put up with Todd’s Stupidity as a leader??? When he has showen complete stupidity.
    I think Parker is wonderfull influance to all young people in the way he handel’s Diveristy,

  • robert priddy

    Alot of people want to put dave in charge but he wouldnt be there if it wasnt for todd who shows respect for him .I do not like fred compairing his season to the hoffmans after the hoffmans put them on the gold ..Its not todds fault the wash plant he bought turned out to be a bust..Todd made it happen ,dave is a smart guy but dont forget his gps mess up …

  • Tony

    Say what you want about Todd, but he had the dream and the nerve to pursue it. Most of us wouldn’t dig a hole with a shovel to find a buried nickle in our backyards much less try what he has done. Look at Fred, he’s been diggin gold for decades, and look at his problems and mistakes. Anybody who thinks they can go to Alaska or the Yukon, attempt what these guys are doing and come out smiling like a rose, is dreaming. You all ain’t nuthin but a bunch of bums, and critics of everything you don’t have the nerve or capabilities to try.

  • Sybil

    Is the finale for US viewers? Us Canadians are behind a few episodes!

  • Jeff

    Can’t believe I’m sticking up for Fred. For you to call him a claim jumper is hardly accurate as Scott’s comment stated. Keep in mind that Todd fricked up and didn’t renew his lease in time. Also remember that the landowner could then decide who he wanted to mine his property. You can hardly fault the landowner’s decision to go with Fred after watching Todd totally frick up the prior season. As far as who hits the mother lode, I think it will be the Hoffman/Turin crew…look at how much they already have. My guess is that the ground between cuts thaws enough to mine and it is loaded. I also think the other two crews will end up with profitable seasons as well.

  • Ed

    It sucks. They changed the title of the final show and my DVD did not automatically record it as it did all the other episodes. Bad planning by the network. So I missed the final show.

  • Jen

    Todd was as high ss a rat during that live show! He couldn’t stop sniffing and twitching! Good luck to him! I betcha I can guess where all his money is going to go! UP HIS NOSE!!!

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