'Gold Rush' Season 3 Finale, 'Gold Rush Live' to Air February 22

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February 8th, 2013

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Special Two Hour Television Event Airs Live from Portland on February 22 at 8PM ET/PT

The Mother Lode - the origin of something valuable or in great abundance - has evaded the GOLD RUSH gold miners for three seasons. Todd Hoffman, Jack Hoffman, Dave Turin, Parker Schnabel, Fred Hurt and Jim Thurber are among the miners who have battled against equipment breakdowns, infighting and Mother Nature’s wicked ways at every turn in the pursuit of a golden pay day that had become an improbable dream. Until now. One GOLD RUSH crew finally strikes it rich as Discovery’s current #1 series ends its third season with its first-ever live event, GOLD RUSH LIVE on Friday, Feb. 22 at 8PM ET/PT.


After three years of digging the glory hole, Dakota Fred continued his hunt for an ancient waterfall and started to see the best gold yet just as winter set in. Were his hopes of walking away a millionaire this season dashed by his crew’s inability to keep their equipment up and running? Parker Schnabel brought in a brand new crew and rebuilt his wash plant, but was family mine simply out of gold rush ground? And in this Do or Die season, Todd Hoffman set an ambitious 1,000 ounce goal. To get a million dollar pay day, he doubled down, securing two claims and twice the men and machines. Was Todd able to right the wrongs of his past and finally hit if big? Hosted by Christo Doyle, Executive Producer of GOLD RUSH and host of THE DIRT, GOLD RUSH LIVE will be jammed packed with surprises and announcements and will reveal the miners shocking mining plans for Season Four.


And most importantly, the moment everyone has been waiting for. Each mining crew will finally reveal their total take in gold for the season during GOLD RUSH LIVE. Who will hit the mother lode, and who will fall short? These crews do not get along and for the first time ever in GOLD RUSH history we will bring all of the miners together to lay everything on the line…live. There is no way to know what will unfold in GOLD RUSH LIVE.


GOLD RUSH viewers will have the opportunity to attend GOLD RUSH LIVE by entering the “Gold Rush See It Live Sweepstakes” which gives two viewers the chance to win an all-expense paid trip to attend the event. On the Feb. 8 episode of GOLD RUSH at 9PM ET/PT, a code will be given out and viewers can enter the code at www.goldrushgiveaway.com. The winners will be announced during the Feb. 15 episode.


Last week’s episode of GOLD RUSH earned a 3.07 HH/2.55 P25-54/2.02 P18-49 and delivered 4.7 million total viewers P2+ making it the #1 ad-supported cable program among HH, P2+, P18+, P/M/W25-54, P/M/W18-49 and P/M18-34 delivery, no exclusions, on Feb. 1. It was also the #1 program in all of television, including broadcast and cable networks, in numerous key demos on Friday night that included M/25-54 and M/18-49. After 13 weeks straight as the #1 program in all of television for men, GOLD RUSH ranks as the second highest-rated Discovery Channel series of all-time behind only DEADLIEST CATCH.

GOLD RUSH LIVE is produced for Discovery Channel by Raw Television and Peacock Productions. For Raw Television, Dimitri Doganis and Sam Maynard are executive producers and James Bates is showrunner. For Peacock Productions Colleen Halpin serves as Executive Producer along with Al Berman. For Discovery Channel, Christo Doyle is executive producer and Meagan Davis is coordinating producer.


  • terbear

    Todd was as high as a kite in the LIVE show…I mean even Cristo had to tell him to shut up a couple times. All the sniffing and twitching in his face….come on now that’s alittle embarrassing that your Dad was addicted to Morphine and now you go on TV live being high.

  • Matt

    Todd was definitely tweaking on the live show!

  • ECM

    Great series, absolutely terrible finale. Way too much hype, and no one really hit the “mother lode” – so why talk about it so much? That whole line of though was a bust. It just dragged on forever. Great series, though, great series.

  • Dan

    On the live show Todd had to be high on Cocaine – My uncle used to do that stuff – and he acted just like that – And he may have started the show – but he don’t deserve the credit for everyone’s work – the fat loaf did not contribute anything other than an idea and his skill of robbing Peter to pay Paul (a skill I am sure he learned trying to keep up with his cocaine habit)

  • KP

    Todd Hoffman seemed off during the finale. He seemed drunk possibly on some type of drug. He kept sniffing a lot and twitching his nose A LOT. I understand the finale was sponsored by a brewery, but it is not good for PR. I would almost swear it was something other than just being drunk he seemed really off and jittery.

  • Duderino

    WORST finale ever. What was all the talk about the “mother lode”. BS! Nobody struck it rich. I bet the Hoffman crew actually made any money. That’s why the crew is moving on elsewhere or retiring.

    Bummed, it’s a great show, but that mother lode crap really pisses me off. The producers must think we’re stupid.

  • slick

    I did like the show until I show how hi todd was on the last show bad

  • snowbound

    I’m so disappointed, my DVR didn’t pick up the final couple minutes of the finale, so I missed the tally for Todd’s crew. Can someone recap how much gold the Hoffman crew finally ended up with; did they make the 1000 ounces as promised by Todd?

  • Rick Harold

    I must say it was a bit disappointing (finale) compared to the prior episodes. Todd is lucky to have a crew that stayed with him given his pride and boasting throughout the series. We saw the true Todd in the finale. He certainly displayed a lack of control and with an addiction that ends up his nose. Parker was the one that really scored as he has a great opportunity to learn and earn more under the wing of a very successful miner. Fred is very fortunate to have Dustin with him and hopefully they will continue as a team. Good luck to all.

  • Jim

    I missed the final show, what goes on? How can I see the final? Anyone know? I have Direct TV! Who made the change?

  • Bob

    Thanks Discovery for changing the name so that my DVR does not record the live show and season finale. I love the show and therefore I have been patient with all of the fluff between the action, however I have followed the “motherload” carrot on a stick all season only to find out that you changed the name of the show for the season finale to something that my DVR scheduler does not recognize and now I can not find where the live show is being aired again. Well Done Discovery!!!! Way to completely piss off a faithful viewer!!!

  • Lori

    Why didnt our DVR’s record the final 2 hour event ???

  • Lori

    Will this final 2 hour event be replayed? If so .. when ???

  • randy

    Thanks discovery for changing the name. I wait all season to see this episode and my dvr won’t record it while i’m at work. Is this what I pay for? Then you only air it one time. Won’t be watching any more with this kind of service.

  • rob

    I dont know about you guys but to me todd looked like he was stoned or drunk or maybe both during the live finale lol!


    I don’t know what was up with Todd during the big”Mother Load” finale but he wasn’t himself thats for sure. Also the whole mother load premiss took us the viewers as fools. The thing is none of the miner’s hit the motherload or even surpass their not so lofty goals. This was a poor end to a pretty good season for Gold Rush the series. I have been a faithful viewer of the series and a fan but I’m done with this show after that joke of a “mother load” finale with Todd all messed up to top it off! Goodbye Goldrush! Signed,former viewer

  • Leasa

    I feel ripped off watching the season finale, the network made it sound like someone were going to hit “the mother load” on the last episode, not that “the mother load” was the total of the whole season. Very disappointing!!!!!

  • Steve

    Wow I could not believe Todd went on the finally show so high on drugs! He was twitching, sniffing and tweaking an awful lot. The whole premise of “hitting the mother load” led everyone to believe that there would be a big difference in final totals from the previous episode. Very disappointing finally!!

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