Thursday Final Ratings: 'Community' & 'The Big Bang Theory' Adjusted Up; 'Person of Interest' & 'Elementary' Adjusted Down

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February 8th, 2013

Community and The Big Bang Theory were each adjusted up a tenth, while Person of Interest and Elementary were  eachadjusted down a tenth  among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory (8-8:31PM) 6.2/18 18.98
FOX American Idol 4.1/12 13.28
NBC Community -Season Premiere 1.9/6 3.88
ABC Shark Tank - R 1.3/4 4.77
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.1/3 2.50
8:30 CBS Two and a Half Men (8:31-9PM) 4.1/11 14.12
NBC Parks and Recreation 2.0/5 3.76
9:00 CBS Person of Interest  (9-10:01PM) 3.1/8 14.88
ABC Grey's Anatomy 3.1/8 8.91
FOX Glee 2.2/6 6.03
NBC The Office (9-9:31PM) 2.1/6 4.15
CW Beauty and the Beast 0.6/1 1.48
9:30 NBC 1600 Penn (9:31-10:01PM) 1.1/3 2.60
10:00 ABC Scandal 2.8/8 8.14
CBS Elementary(10:01-11PM) 2.2/6 10.84
NBC Do No Harm (10:01-11PM) 0.7/2 2.21

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  • CookyMonzta

    @Michael (2/8 at 2;23 PM):

    Do you know why the 18-49 ratings for ‘Idol’ don’t adjust upward like it always did in the seasons beforehand? Because there are not enough young people in the 18-49 bracket like it used to be. That 18-49 bracket is top-heavy in viewers well over FORTY. The median age of the viewers last year was 48, according to some reports.

  • Jeff

    Very good #s for Community. Thought last nights episode was pretty good, not great. Watched BBT from last nite and thought it was a pretty weak episode.

  • The End


    To be fair, if you’re spouting crazy delusional nonsense, or something incorrect on the internet, just be prepared for people to set the record straight, or correct you on whatever subject you’re speaking about. That’s the way comments work online. If you however take peoples opinions too seriously when they correct you, I suggest giving commenting online a break for a while.

  • Van

    I really though Elementary would have more 18-49 viewers than -18/50+, I don’t get the ratio, it doesn’t seem to be the show that would attract more aged viewers. It is possible that it’s rather large total viewers are just people that didn’t change the channel after PoI?

  • Chris.2.0

    The Big Bang Theory still going strong! Last night episode was best so far this season. Sheldon had the best lines from calling Penny “a snake in our garden” and “homewrecker” to calling Lenard “a hysterical woman”. It was so funny :) :)

    I hope the show stays on the air for long time. :)

  • v

    Because CBS wanted to pump up there own CBS produced show.
    2BG and POI are WB produced.

    Isn’t Community almost guaranteed to come back? I’d say its a lock for shortened season.

  • The End


    CBS shows typically skew older. Elementary skews older. Infact CBS shows in general do well in the 25-54 in general. Sitcoms on CBS skew younger though. The Median age for this show is around 56/57 give or take. Vegas skews old too.

  • CookyMonzta

    @The End: Idol’s median age is not that far off from Elementary’s. When Idol started in 2002, the median age was 32-34.

  • Brandy

    Amanda, is it realistic?probably not.Does it always work? No.You can disaprove, but its what the networks have been doing for a loong time and continue to do for a loong time.Its like suoermarkets putting candy by the checkout or the power panes at the end of the aise, its to get people whats there to make more money.

  • The End


    I was speaking about the Nielsen tracked viewers watching the show live. Aka the numbers you’re seeing above.

  • Lina

    “Beauty and the Beast is very steady. I am fairly certain they will get renewed. I am surprised at how awful the Carrie Diaries has been doing. Compared to that and Hart of Dixie BatB is doing amazingly well. I doubt that CW will just keep throwing new shows at the slot. They don’t really have anything worth trying. Especially as the Carrie Diaries might have to get pulled.”

    You are being delusional or you probably don’t understand much about tv. BaTB is far from steady, especially between the premiere and second episode, it was down by 50%. The Carrie Diaries actually beat BaTB this week, it’s been going up instead of down. The CW will try new shows after TVD, yes, because they want more retention, and BaTB is far from retaining as much as they want. And TCD won’t get pulled, it just went up two tenths and beat shows like Hod and BaTB, so it’s at least airing its 13 episodes.

  • thesnowleopard

    Yikes at TVD.

  • Oliver

    @The End

    CBS sitcoms skew young relative to the rest of CBS’s programming, not in absolute terms. This isn’t hugely surprising as sitcoms as a whole skew younger than dramas.

  • Melissa

    ABC: Shark Tank rerun nearly equals what Last Resort originals did in the slot, Grey’s Anatomy rebounds 11% from its series low to tie for Thursday’s #1 drama, and Scandal rises for the second consecutive time to match its series high in the demo, as ABC pulls a strong third.

    CBS: The Big Bang Theory rises to a ridiculously high level, Two and a Half Men knocks off two points from its lead-in, “hit” Person of Interest adjusts down to match ol’ Grey’s Anatomy, and Elementary is flat week-to-week despite a post-Super Bowl promotion, as CBS sweeps Thursday.

    CW: The Vampire Diaries falls despite CW’s week being unusually high, and Beauty and the Beast dips to a still decent number, as CW lands in last as usual.

    FOX: American Idol continues to suffer against the competition, and Glee is not retaining as much of its lead-in as it should be, as FOX takes the silver in adults 18–49 but rules the night in adults 18–34.

    NBC: Community unexpectedly premieres around a 2.0, Parks and Recreation builds to a season high, The Office is the last good rating of the night, 1600 Penn falls a bit, and Do No Harm sinks to CW-esque levels, as NBC takes fifth to Univision.

  • Skylar James

    @Peter Ivanov: funny, cos you’re the one always bashing Grey’s.

  • Carrie

    @bluejays: We get it. You’re a H50 fan and you’re not big on Elementary (which I am), but I doubt the CBS folks are ever going to give the 10:00 p.m. Thursday slot to H50. If they do, I think that would be a bad idea. Chances are, it might hurt H50’s ratings more than help. Be happy with the slot that it has now, I say.

    @Van: “It is possible that it’s rather large total viewers are just people that didn’t change the channel after PoI?” –> You’ll be surprised. There are a good chunk of fans like me who watch both POI and Elementary (which is basically why I consider Thursday night my favorite TV night of the week this season). I’ve seen many fans chat online about both shows after they air, and I have some friends who watch both.

    @The End: I still find it funny that Elementary is a show that skews ‘older’ in the demos. Most of the people I know who have been watching it – and the ones that I’ve constantly seen commenting about it online – are in their 20s and 30s, actually.

  • chris23

    CBS: Big Bang is the real beast not beauty!!! The NET must be superexcited to see BBT grow back up and MEN tie AI. Person Of Interest stable as always. Elementary, well thats just disappointing with it having the superbowl leadin and all this past weekend. With the blackout delaying the show until 11:11 was Elementary one of the lowest rated post superbowl shows outside of Alias (which was a GREAT show) and Glee(no compatbility whatsoever duh!)? With Blackout and all this show did horrible considering none of the extra viewers stuck around this week.

    NBC: Great for Community. Too bad it did not hit a 2.0 that way between 8,8:30, and 9 would have all 2.0 for the first time in a long time on Thursday Nights. Hope these three comedies (which I don’t watch) keep up decent ratings and hold their own. Penn and Do No Harm aren’t gone yet or shipped to Saturdays?

    FOX: I said this last night but American Idol way overpaid Mariah Carey and the 10 pounds of makeup who resembles a trainwrecked clown. A 4.1 (which is considered horrible by AI Standards) I mean $18 million for Mariah and $10 million for Nikki this is just horrible. If the show hits high 2’s soon Fox might have lost money on this deal big time. The revamp of this show did not pay off at all. Glee obviously is not dependent on AI audience only if AI hits 5’s it goes up but glee has been holding around 2s all season.

    ABC: Good to see Greys above 3 and Scandal tie its series high of 2.8. Shark Tank Repeat not looking so bad considering it beats originals of last resort.

    CW: For a week where Carrie Diaries improved .2, Hart of Dixie a .1, Arrow and Supernatural back up .1, and Emily Owens increasing and beating HOD in total viewers I thought it was possible Beauty and the Beast might’ve raised to a .8, I figured if Carrie Diaries could adjust .2 out of the blue for sure BATB could do it too, guess i was wrong there lol.. In a weird note Vampire Diaries and Beauty are the only two shows not to increase or match last weeks demo, they decreased. Wonder If Nikita can finish off the week increasing to a .5?

  • Skylar James

    Also now talking about CW, airing after TVD, by far the biggest hit on that channel, is actually a curse than a blessing. This is because no show will ever get a good retention out of it, and so its ratings are gonna look crap next to something that airs on Monday or Tuesday and also gets a 0.6/0.7. If BATB had aired on Mondays I believe it would get the same ratings and it would be renewed.

  • Kavyn

    The Shark Tank repeat will probably do a lot better than Zero Hour in that timeslot. They put another “Missing” in it’s place, except Zero Hour is pretty terrible (the pilot is already available online for anyone that’s curious).

    Would not be surprised if Zero Hour plummets in it’s second episode, which would be very unfortunate for Grey’s and possibly Scandal.

  • CookyMonzta


    I don’t know, but I have this feeling that Dr. TV may have a point–well, maybe HALF a point. Cable has taken a huge chunk out of what we used to know as VHF/UHF TV. Some people didn’t like what they were seeing on VHF/UHF (even when there were still excellent shows on); so they went to cable to find better stuff. Now cable is being overrun with reality show after reality show, and the people are either looking to the movie networks or the Web, and there are some sites putting shows only on the Web. Unless you have a big-enough hit out the box, the show that IS a hit will take the lion’s share of viewers who still tune in to VHF/UHF. Case in point: ‘Idol’ and a truckload of CBS shows.

    Does that mean that a network loses when it comes to syndication? Not likely. If I understand the concept correctly, I do believe that a few shows on VHF TV (where the big networks reside) that didn’t cut the mustard there became modest hits in syndication or cable. Didn’t ‘Baywatch’ flop (ratings-wise) on NBC? It went to syndication and cable, and it became a huge hit.

    I would wager that the old days of radio are dying. People have grown so tired of AM/FM programming that they have turned to Internet radio, where the variety is far more thorough than what today’s radio is willing to offer. I do not want to hear the same song played 10, 15 or 20 times a day; which should tell you that their playlist is very small. 3 decades ago, a playlist used to be well over 200 songs, maybe 300, that were not more than 6 months old; now, you’ll be lucky if you hear 40 different songs on one station in one day.

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