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February 8th, 2013

Long-delayed season premiere week continues as Touch debuts tonight on FOX. Last season it started big with a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating for its official premiere on March 22. But its ratings declined throughout the season. Its finale earned a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating on May 31. So how do you think its two hour premiere will fare tonight? Its facing the series premiere of new reality series The Job and, at 9PM, Friday night powerhouse Shark Tank. Make your predictions below.

  • rob60990

    It will bomb, .9.

  • Tommy

    I watch the news on my local FOX affiliate every single day and honestly I had no idea it was coming back tonight. I would be shocked if it’s above 1.1…

  • matt

    The Job will flop

  • matt

    Trust me, for people who actually watch shows on FOX, they have been airing plenty of promos to Touch. Nonsense that there isn’t any real buzz

  • matt

    @psychic Grimm certainly doesn’t think Friday is a death spot. nonsense

  • SJ

    0.7, it baffles me to this day as to why Fox even renewed this.

  • Brian

    Touch gets a 1.7, but falls quickly.

  • Nick

    Last Man Standing: 1.4
    Malibu Country: 1.2
    Shark Tank: 1.9
    20/20: 1.6

    The Job: 0.9
    CSI: NY: 1.6
    Blue Bloods: 1.5

    Nikita: 0.4
    The Carrie Diaries (R): 0.3

    Touch: 1.3

    Dateline NBC: 1.2
    Rock Center with Brian Williams: 0.8

    Touch has a surprisingly steady audience. Even that unpromoted bonus episode got a 0.7. The season premiere should get well above that.


    My guess is 1,4, FOX has been promoting it a lot, they showed lots of promos for it on IDOL. I thought TOUCHs pilot was the best last season. Problem is the other eps in season 1 were terrible. Giving it one more change, if its like last season, I’m deleting it from my DVR list. FOX renewed it because 1. They put a lot of effort into the show in promotion n such, and was the 2nd biggest premier last year. 2. Keither Sutherland. For me, I’m ready for the 24 movie….

  • Jason50

    How dare Touch premires the same time as Nikita! IT WILL BE DESTROYED!! It has no business competing with NIKITA!!!

    Sorry, I’m having nightmares of watching Do No Harm. That was my alter ego talking. Actually I think Touch will get double of what ever rating Nikita gets. Triple if its lucky. As for me I’m watching my favorite line up of Nikita, Banshee, and Spartacus.

  • matt

    It got renewed because last yr it was one of the only decent hr long shows for FOX

  • Shepherd


    “Touch has a surprisingly steady audience. Even that unpromoted bonus episode got a 0.7. The season premiere should get well above that.”

    You’re usually really good when it comes to things like this, but I have to disagree totally. Touch never really stabilized in s.1. It had one uptick going from 1.9, 2.0, 1.9, 1.7, 1.3(x2), .7(Special). If I recall, during the ‘two hour’ finale, the numbers fell for each 1/2 hour as well, getting a 1.0 or 1.1 for the last 1/2 hour.

  • TerryJacksonNYC

    I don’t understand why people keep talking about Terra Nova as if it were possible to produce with the same level of quality in the little amount of time they had to put together anything resembling a season. It was doomed from the moment the spring ’11 premier (of the pilot episode) was scrapped. The question of the ratings does not matter. The question of whether or not it was any good does not matter. There was simply not enough time to produce more than 12 or 13 episodes a year and that wasn’t going to be profitable for broadcast television. It sucks for fans, but that’s the reality.

  • Chris

    It’s not even a bomb, it’s a damp squib. Its ratings were terrible at the end of last season, and absence has not made anyone’s hearts fonder for it.

    Honestly, renewing Touch was the most inexplicable decision any of the networks made last season; god only knows what Fox got out of agreeing to pony up more money on a show that will never succeed, but I hope they think it was worth it, because they aren’t going to make a dime off actually airing these episodes.

  • charmedcraft

    This show was already struggling; it now airing on Fridays is going to be worse.

  • Nick


    I wouldn’t consider that 1.3 in any comparisons, becuase it aired in the summer, two weeks after the previous episode, and without the mega American Idol lead-in.
    As for the rest of the season, wasn’t it consistently between 1.9 and 2.2 after the jumbo-sized post-premiere drops? With the exception of that 1.7, it was steady-ish.

    However, that’s really a moot point. Considering there are so many factors involved in the new season, season 1 isn’t a good indication. What’s a better indicator are the season 1 finale(s?) and the bonus episode.
    You can tell that it’s going to be under 1.7, obviously, and probably not over 1.3. Since 0.7 ratings points worth of demo viewers were observant enough or loyal enough to know about the bonus episode, it will definitely be way over 0.7. So that gives you a range of 0.9–1.3. Since both the finale and the bonus episode did way better than they could’ve had done, I would give Touch the benefit of the doubt. It’s got nothing to do with last spring’s ratings.

  • Mirelle

    I have loved Touch from the beginning, and continue to love it. I was so happy to have a season 2, even with it moving to Fridays; I’ll follow this show anywhere (as long as I don’t have to choose against TBBT). I am still going to hope for a season 3, regardless of how inevitable it might be. But, if we don’t have hope, what the hell do we have? Touch is an incredible, intelligent, superbly acted and written television series that deserves more than a two season, one and a half year(will be just shy of) run.
    I feel this is like Joan of Arcadia all over again. This series should have had more as well.

  • Hannahmarie mitchell


  • Janie

    I didn’t vote..I liked the show and think it had potential..it was a “thinking” persons show. They take it off for how long? then expect high ratings when it suddenly re-appears..i didn’t even know they were putting it back on..so much for promoting..they promote what they want..why bother..why don’t they just put on what they want..if everyone stops watching tv because the shows are mindless, fluff, junk then what will they do?

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