'Yukon Men' Returns to Discovery on Friday, February 22nd

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February 8th, 2013

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(New York, NY) Tanana, Alaska – just 60 miles from the Arctic Circle. For the 200 people who live there, life is always lived on the edge. They face frigid temperatures, a shortage of animals they depend on for food and a harsh existence that pushes villagers to the limit of human strength and will.


Last season, people faced an epically brutal winter. Now they are racing against falling temperatures and dwindling daylight. Will the villagers of Tanana be ready when fall suddenly turns into a winter of darkness and ice? Find out when Discovery’s hit YUKON MEN returns with all-new episodes on Friday, February 22at 10pm ET/PT, and don’t miss the special YUKON MEN PRE-SHOW on Tuesday, February 19 at 10pm ET/PT.


Joining the Yukon Men (and women) this season are newcomers Dustin and Sam. Dustin comes to Tanana from North Carolina, after answering a newspaper ad for a dog handler. Dustin may be able to handle the dogs, but can he handle a brutal winter in Alaska? Sam, an Alaskan native, hopes his family will be accepted in the town of only 200. Newcomers are always a bit suspect. Sam is forced to prove to the Tanana community that he is there to contribute – and not take precious resources.


Living off the land in a remote Alaskan village with no roads in or out is a constant struggle. Last winter was one of the coldest winter’s to-date with temperatures dropping to a record 60 degrees below freezing. Now almost a year later, it’s fall in Tanana and the villagers are on a race against time to hunt and gather all the necessities needed to survive another extreme Alaskan winter. It hits with a punch, like a snowball to the face. Autumn here is a critical time. There is so much for the villagers to do before winter, but barely enough time to get it done. Winter arrives without warning. And making it even worse, the upcoming winter is predicted to be even colder than the last.


It’s important for the residents of this tiny village stock up with essentials before it’s too late. A freezer full of meat is imperative for survival, but can they protect themselves from the hungry predators across rough terrain?


Last winter was incredibly tough for this town. The battles against Mother Nature…and sometimes each other…are just beginning.

YUKON MEN is produced for Discovery Channel by Paper Route Productions, Inc. Alan LaGarde is executive producer for Paper Route Productions, Inc and French Horwitz is executive producer for Discovery Channel.


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  • Shepherd

    Wish I could remember what day/time this show aired last season. Friday at ten seems like a bit of a death slot, especially considering how flexible Disc can be with their programming. Maybe it hasn’t changed times at all. I hope the show continues to do well.

  • baja7475

    It was Friday’s at 7pm. Depending on what feed you have. The ratings pretty much rose throughout the year as well.


    Looks like a good fit w/ Gold Rush. This show got better as the weeks went by & looking forward to S02.

  • jessica

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the show were actually about men in Yukon or if the show were titled Alaska Men? It is like calling someone from Manhattan a Jersey Girl.

  • baja7475

    It’s set on the banks of the yukon river

  • jessica

    Yukon River Men would be a lot more not-misleading. Perhaps a better comparison would be saying the San Diego affiliate of The CW broadcasts from a tower in California. It sounds quite simple and obvious. If one were to clarify that it would be a tower in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

    I saw one of these Alaskan shows and was laughing so much at hearing someone say it was a ‘bone-chilling 28 degrees’. In Celsius that is quite hot and the snow would have melted. In Fahrenheit that is just below the freezing point of water and is equal to about -2 Celsius. If anyone thinks that is ‘bone-chilling cold’ what are they doing living in Alaska? I think that was in a show about Alaska police.

    If it was made by or for Discovery in the last 5 years or so it probably lacks a lot of actual educational value programming on the channel once offered.

  • baja7475

    The area that they are located is called “Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area in the U.S. state of Alaska”. They are not always on the river in the show.. I think the Discovery channel still offers educational shows like; Life, Africa and Frozen planet. Some of the occupational reality shows like “Yukon Men” i find entertaining and educational at the same time.. The problem with the purely educational shows, they don’t draw the ratings. If you don’t draw the ratings you can’t pay the bills and you go the way of the “Fox reality channel”..

  • jessica

    I haven’t lived quite that far north but i do live where there is snow for maybe 5 months of the year. Even now for knowing it is a show about Alaskan men i see the title and i think its Canadian.

    Life and Frozen Planet are BBC series and so is Africa. I quite enjoyed Madagascar. Most of those have Discovery as a co-producer or US distributor. When i see them at Costco or Walmart or HMV they have a nice BBC logo on the front.

    FOX had a reality channel? :)

  • Amy Reisland speer

    I was raised in Tanana from 3 months to 15 years old. My folks were teachers there. I learned respect there. Respect if elders, land, food,weather and differences in people. It was a perfect place to be raised and I am proud to say I am from Tanana!

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