Will 'The Walking Dead' Premiere Kill It in the Ratings? - Poll

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February 10th, 2013

The Walking Dead returns tonight. In its  fall season it became television's highest rated drama, the first time a cable series has outperformed all broadcast dramas. It does face some unusual competition tonight from The Grammys, which might impact its ratings. The season 3 fall premiere scored a huge 5.8 adults 18-49 rating. The  fall season finale earned a 5.4 adults 18-49 rating. How do you think the premiere will fare tonight? Make your predictions.

  • JulieDawn

    I’m gonna go with 5.8 like the fall premiere. Hope I’m wrong and it’s even higher!
    Mind you with the Grammys and Downton Abbey there’s a lot of competition tonight.

  • Nigel

    I say 5.7 slightly off the season premiere since its up against the Grammys. The is a ceiling for a regular scripted cable show and its probably 6.0.

  • CBSviewer

    6.2 or higher :)

  • Mark


  • Ben

    we saying around 11 million ???

  • John A

    Ill go with 5.0 easily beat crap Revenge.

  • Chris

    The real question is: Can it actually top The Big Bang Theory? TWD needs to pull AT LEAST a 6.3 18-49 number (though likely higher if the Grammys draw big, and I think it will) and it will be the week’s number one show, broadcast or cable.


    I’ll say 5.7 because of Grammys. I do think this show is too big for AMC. I don’t why they want to cut the budget of the #1/#2 show on TV when there only on there 3rd season. It’s a mistake to have a 22 ep season. It’ll drag on for too long…

  • walkingdeadgurl

    I’m hoping its off the scale! This is the only show I actually follow I was never really a tv fan until this hit.

  • Dan S

    I’m going for 6.0 simply because it has little crossover appeal with shows like Downton Abbey & The Grammys. This proves you can give an extended hiatus to a show & the fans will always return.

  • CJ

    Well despite such a cliffhanger to the midseason finale last year, there wasn’t much of an increase when it returned so I’m going for a 5.6 / 5.7. But wait for the season finale, I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if it was 6.2+

  • Californiadgd

    5.4 couse of the Grammy’s

  • Nick

    The Walking Dead: 5.6

    Once Upon a Time: 2.9
    Revenge: 2.0
    Revenge For Real: 1.1

    The Simpsons: 2.2
    Bob’s Burgers: 1.7
    Family Guy: 1.9
    American Dad: 1.5

    Eh. I think TWD has pretty much hit the ceiling. There hasn’t been as much buzz for this half season, so it will start out at the same numbers as the fall. It’ll probably go up a little towards the season finale, though. It might even hit that 6.0.

  • steve

    I’m saying 5.1 because of the grammys but wouldn’t shock me it it does higher

  • EatMorePez

    I’ll go with 5.4. There doesn’t seem to be as much hype surrounding this mid-season premiere as there was surrounding the fall premiere.

  • Shepherd

    I think it can do another 5.8 or maybe better. I chose 5.7-5.8, but wish there were a 5.8-5.9 option.

    I don’t think that The Grannys [sic] will have much of an effect.

  • Shepherd

    Does anyone remember whether the premier or fall finale went up against football?
    I thought one did, but honestly can’t remember.

  • Austin

    5.3 people are being WAY too optimistic

  • DougF

    Just no way it hits 6.0 tonight (and btw i’m a fan) but close to 40 million people watched the grammys last year. It’s gonna hurt the W18-34 & W18-49 demos which will have an effect in A18-49.

    Grammys did a 14.1 in A18-49 last year. Walking Dead did 4.2. And that was the winter premier. Now granted Walking Dead hadn’t seen the heights it has this season and the Grammys might have got a bump because of the Whitney Houston death. As it was the most watched since 1984 and the second most watched ever. Have to think it will be down a bit this year.

  • Joseph

    I think the Grammys will fall a lot! I’m going to guess for it being around a 10 in 18-49. There really isn’t that much buzz for the Grammys this year in comparison to previous years with whitneys death and lady gaga etc

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