ABC's 'Modern Family' Moves Ahead of Idol to Rank as the Week's #1 Show

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February 11th, 2013

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Based on Live + 7 Day ratings for the week, ABC’s Modern Family emerged as TV’s #1 program of the week in Adults 18-49 (6.7 rating), leapfrogging over Fox’s American Idol-Weds (6.6) and American Idol-Thurs (6.2). In addition, Modern Family grew in the L+7 numbers to become the most-watched scripted show of the week (15.9 million).


Based on Nielsen’s TV playback data, Modern Family picked up +2.5 Adult 18-49 rating points and +5.11 million viewers in the Live + 7 numbers, qualifying as this season’s largest gains via time-shifted viewing for a single telecast. In fact, Modern Family has delivered the three biggest time-shifted gains among young adults so far this season with its 1/23/13 (+2.5 rating points), 12/12/12 (+2.5 rating points) and 10/24/12 (+2.4 rating points) telecasts. The ABC sitcom has been the biggest gainer among young adults on all 12 weeks of original telecasts.


Jumping 68% over its initially reported Live + Same Day rating, ABC’s freshman Nashville stood as the biggest percentage gainer during the week, growing to a 3.2 rating in the final Live + 7 numbers. In fact, ABC claimed 4 of the 5 biggest percentage gainers in TV playback on broadcast among Adults 18-49: Nashville - #1 (+68%), series finale of Private Practice - #3 (+67%), Modern Family - #4 (+60%) and Grey’s Anatomy - #5 (+60%).


  • ABC delivered 4 of the Top 10 biggest overall gainers, with each show adding on at least 3 million viewers over their first-reported Live + Same Day numbers: Modern Family (+5.11 million), Castle (+3.68 million), Grey’s Anatomy (+3.65 million) and Nashville (+3.00 million).


·         Among Adults 18-49, 5 of ABC’s series registered substantial ratings increases of at least 1.0 rating point: Modern Family (+2.5 rating points), Grey’s Anatomy (+1.8 rating points), Nashville (+1.3 rating points), Castle (+1.0 rating points) and Private Practice (+1.0 rating points).

  • Ralph Hartman

    Where’s The Big Bang Theory on this list? It had a 6.1 18-49 rating with it’s live rating.

  • Michael

    @Ralph Hartman,

    I think this is for the week of January 21-27, when TBBT was airing a repeat.

    Still, everyone I know DVR’s TBBT repeats, so I wouldn’t have been surprised to see it in the top 20.

  • Ralph Hartman

    But the picture they use is from the latest episode of Modern Family.

  • Douglas in TN

    How long will Fox let Idol sink before they either remove or retool it some more? It’s more about the judges now, and nobody cares about the contestants.

  • Crysti

    You are an idiot, Douglas, idol has been beating it head to head without the DVR recordings.

  • Bob

    Really? American Idol beats all shows in the live showing which is what advertisers care about. American Idol also beat The Voice AND X-Factor big time. Also how many The Voice or X-Factor contestants won last night at the Grammy’s????? Oh do I hear you say, “no” embarrassingly? American Idol as usual has their contestants winning Grammy’s and it still manages to have higher ratings than most shows.

  • Douglas in TN

    Idol, singlehandedly, has done more to destroy any musicality in music. It’s all about these talentless judges.

    Crysti, are you as ugly and as nasty in real life as you are on here. Holy cow. There’s bitchy, and then there’s bitchy.

  • Joe Daniels

    Wow, Modern Family is still a monster show!! #1 show of the week. IMPRESSIVE.

  • CookyMonzta

    @Douglas in TN: When Idol’s total viewership sinks back to its 1st-season levels (12.7 million), only then will they consider retiring it. Given its current rate of descent (where combined Wed./Thurs. viewership could put them at #6 this year, down from #3 last year), they will hit 12.7 million in 2015, maybe 2016 at the latest. But until then, barring a comeback season, sit tight and enjoy its march to oblivion.

  • CookyMonzta

    @Douglas: But you are right about the show being more about the judges than it is about the contenders; which exemplifies their desperation more than anything else. That is why they paid BIG bucks to preserve a panel with A-list celebrities.

  • Carl


    The big names from Idol are all from the first four seasons. If you take away one hit wonders you are pretty much left with Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, and Chris Daughtry. That is hardly a compelling case that Idol has any relevance anymore.

  • Rob R

    Carl— To be fair, we all agree American Idol isnt the ratings powerhouse it was 7-9 years ago. But you just listed TWO WOMEN who won Grammy Awards LAST NIGHT. Less than 24 hours ago. And they were MAJOR Grammys. Last night! That is pretty damn relevant as far as entertainment goes. And American Idol is 100 percent responsible for finding them out of total oblivion.

  • chris23

    I have to agree and Disagree with Doug with some of what he mentioned.

    First off American Idol has produced wonderful musicians with the top being Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry. The other performers that have done good but not as great are Jordin Sparks, Adam Lambert (his first album had 3 hits), Jennifer Hudson really hit it big with her dreamgirls and winning awards for acting, and I’m sure there are others I can’t think of. A lot have not succeeded as well.

    In regards to RATINGS…. American Idol is winning Wednesday Nights. On Thursdays it is losing to BBT and most recently tied 2 Men with low 4 ratings. Is it doing horribly? No… Is it doing horribly for it being the hit show American Idol and its own standards regarding past ratings? Definitely yes…. Do I think AI and Fox overpaid for some of the judges ($28 million between Mariah and the ten pounds of makeup aka Ms.Minaj) yes.

    If AI starts hitting 3s which it will, This season is a bomb. I don’t think the money spent on Mariah and Nikki are worth it. I think the country singer gets somewhere around 4 mil so that is good. Not to mention what they must pay Randy and Ryan. Next year they should cut down on judges salaries as it is not longer going to get the money for commercials as it did in the past. Thank God this shows commercial slots are based on ratings for last season. Imagine what next years prices will be like based on this season..

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