'Arrow', 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'Supernatural' Renewed for Next Season

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February 11th, 2013

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“Arrow,” “The Vampire Diaries” and “Supernatural” to Return Next Season


February 11, 2013 (Burbank, California) ? The CW Network has given early pickups to three of its hit series for next season, including freshman hit ARROW, its top-rated drama THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and fan favorite SUPERNATURAL, it was announced today by Mark Pedowitz, President, The CW.  All three shows will return in Fall 2013.


“We said last year that one of our goals was to establish building blocks to grow on, and now with our new hit ARROW and fan favorite SUPERNATURAL on Wednesday night, and the continued success of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES on Thursday, we’ve been able to do that,” said Pedowitz. “Not only do ARROW, SUPERNATURAL, and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES perform well on-air, they’re also extremely successful for us both digitally and socially. I’m thrilled to have all three shows returning to our schedule next season.”


One of the true breakout hits of the season, ARROW posted The CW’s best series premiere since 2009 and currently stands as the network’s most watched show (4.3mil).  Heading into its fifth season next fall, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES remains The CW’s highest rated series in target demographics, including adults 18-34 and women 18-34.  THE VAMPIRE DIARIES also continues to be one of the network’s top performing shows digitally and socially; in fact, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES recently topped Trendrr’s list as network TV’s #1 social program for the week of January 21–27


The Winchester brothers of SUPERNATURAL will continue to fight the forces of evil for a ninth season.  Since being paired with ARROW on Wednesday this year, SUPERNATURAL has seen a dramatic uptick in its ratings from last season, rising 15% among total viewers, 10% in adults 18-34 and 18% in adults 18-49.


  • Laina

    Yes!! I’m so happy to hear this news!! I didn’t think they’d announce any renewals for at least a month!

  • Tessa

    I’m 90% sure they’ll put the spin-off after TVD. Nothing else has worked in that slot after all, a sure sign the viewers are only interested in watching TVD. Unless the show coming after it is another TVD, which this spin-off will be in a way, that slot is a waste.

  • were123

    YES! Love Arrow! Don’t mind abour TVD and SPN, but hell yes Arrow! It’s a good show aiming to become a great one :D

  • Carl

    If I were CW (which I’m not, clearly) I might put Originals after TVD for the first season, then move it. I think CBS made a mistake in always keeping NCIS LA after NCIS.

  • Vcoolwater

    Not surprising at all. Basically CW got easy decision out of the way. Now they have to make a hard ones. It is sad that CW only has three shows that are doing well.

    I hope the pilot season is good one for CW this year. How long can CW depend on these three shows to keep it afloat.

  • Jason50

    Ha! It would’ve been funny if CW announced the renewal of Nikita before anything else. Being a fan even I would have stopped and been puzzled at that(No, nobody get ideas about playing an April fools prank).

  • Dan W

    @Freyja-I didn’t realize it was selfish to want a show to go out while it’s still decent rather than when it isn’t good anymore. But by all means, root for a show to continue until it becomes a repetitive mess and is canceled from lack of viewership. Can’t think of a better way for a great show to go out!!!

  • JulieDawn

    Obviously expected, but definitely surprising it was so early. Huge congrats to cast & crew of SPN, and Arrow and TVD too, although Arrow is starting to bore me and I don’t watch TVD.

    Now it’s time for the bubble battling to start in earnest! Go BATB!

  • Dave


    You’re more annoying than Rob06990 and Max. And that says a lot on this site.

  • Freyja

    @Dan W- It is selfish because other people are still enjoying the show, but yet you want to take it away from them.. Just because your not enjoying it anymore doesn’t mean it should be canceled..

    The show is doing better in ratings this year than the past few years, so why would the CW cancel it? I’ll be here till the very last episode!

  • CBSviewer

    Episode order ?

  • David

    Now please cancel revenge already wahahahahhHahahah PUT IT OUT OF IT’S MISERY !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beauty and flop

    Cool! Next: cancel the awful batb lmao

  • Fred

    No suprise. All 3 shows are doing well for CW.

    CW has some fine programs that deserve a larger sampling.

  • Tom

    Predictably, it didn’t take the B&B trolls long to chime in. I guess there weren’t too many coffee orders today. BTW. I take mine black with two sugars.

  • Van

    Splendid! Now gives us more shirtless Diggle on Arrow, CW!!

  • JustMe

    I tried with arrow twice. just can’t. i find myself forwarding thru the show. none of the characters besides arrow are interesting. his old girlfriend is terrible. love vampire diaries though.

  • Jade

    Considering how well all 3 of these series have done for the CW its not surprising that they decided to renew them early. Now all I need is for HoD and BATB to get there renewals and ill be good!

  • Richard Steven Hack

    thesnowleopard: “There is no way you can slice, dice, or bring the Friday Factor into it enough to justify Nikita’s renewal at this point except for reaching that syndication number. Its ratings are dire by any stretch.”

    How many FRICKIN’ TIMES do we have to point out that EVERYONE – literally EVERYONE – on this site KNOWS that Nikita’s ratings suck?

    Serious, give it a FRICKIN’ REST already!

    “Is there any particular reason you’d want to waste your time acting like NuBondoel on the site?

    Is there any particular reason you have to babble ON AND ON about how Nikita’s ratings are “ooooh, SO BAD!”?

    You’re becoming a troll like Max. The SOLE PURPOSE of your Nikita posting is to piss and moan about the show’s ratings even when it’s obvious you just don’t like the show and frankly have little business posting about it.

    Yes, some of the fans like to see Nikita’s ratings stabilize – which they are – and it’s good when the show doesn’t dip or get adjusted down – like TODAY after some of you hater clowns insisted it would. So what? They’re entitled to be happy the show isn’t dead.

    Is that some kind of personal insult to your worldview? If so – eat it!

    I always point out that the ratings are IRRELEVANT at this point even when I applaud them not going down or not being adjusted down.

    Regardless of your pissing and moaning, Nikita will get a fourth season. And when it does, you can bet I’ll be back here to ram it down your throat DAILY just as you are ramming it down our throats that the ratings are bad. I had to go through that crap with Fringe – now you get to play!

    So again – eat it!

  • Beauty and flop

    I hope HOD, TCD and Nikita get renewed and I think they will be if their ratings stay where they are. Batb is crappy tv and it should make room for better shows.

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