2012-2013 Season: CBS Leads Among Adults 18-49 & With Total Viewers Through Week 20 Ending February 10, 2013

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February 12th, 2013

For the week's top 25 broadcast TV show ratings click here.


After twenty weeks of the 2012-2013 broadcast television season (through Sunday, February 10, 2013), CBS is in first place among adults 18-49, with a 3.2 rating average,even with last season.  NBC was second, with a 2.7 rating average, down 8% from last season. FOX was third with a 2.5, down 24% from last season. ABC was fourth with a 2.3, down 8% from last season. The CW finished last with a 0.7 adults 18-49 rating average, down 13% from the previous season.

Among  total viewers, CBS is ahead for the season  averaging 12.694 million viewers. NBC is second with 7.897m, followed by ABC with 7.7346m, FOX with 6.923m, and CW with 1.843 million.

Each adults 18-49 rating point is a percentage of the adults 18-49 US TV population and equals 1.265 million adults 18-49. The season-to-date numbers are "Most Current" ratings, which are Live+7 Day for all but the two most recent weeks and Live+ Same Day for the two most recent weeks.

You can see last week's broadcast network primetime weekly TV ratings results here.

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  • American

    Whoa…now NBC’s dropped from last season…oh well, Voice returns next month :)

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Whoa…now NBC’s dropped from last season”

    That’s what having the Super Bowl last season, but not this season will do for you.

    CBS is going suffer worse next season. They had both the Super Bowl & the AFC Championship in primetime this season, and neither next season. The reverse is true for Fox.

  • aron


    So Fox is going to be the top rated network next year? is it certain like for CBS before this season began?

  • Ultima

    So Fox is going to be the top rated network next year? is it certain like for CBS before this season began?

    Doubtful. FOX is pretty far behind CBS this season and very dependant of the performing of its singing competitions. The Super Bowl, NFC Championship and likely better World Series ratings will close most of that gap, so it should be interesting.

    NBC and ABC will probably be well behind CBS and FOX though.

  • Ultima

    I mean that it’s doubtful that FOX will be a lock to win next season, not doubtful that FOX can actually win.

  • POI

    i hope FOX falls more the only shows i watch on the network are the Following, Raising Hope and New Girl the rest are crap, CBS is the best network, NBC has good comedies, ABC was good but now most of their shows suck and from what i read about their new pilots is that there is only 1 good show which is Shield, CW have good shows such as Nikita, Arrow, TVD and Supernatural other than that there is nothing unless Cult is a very good show which from the promos look like it cant wait to watch it next week.


    My prediction for the season

    2.9 CBS
    2.5 FOX
    2.3 NBC
    2.2 ABC


    Okay, I’m changing it…sorry but the ratings are pathetic for 3 of the nets….and since FOX has rolled everything out already it’s fortunes will change….ABC is in the same boat with NBC being all new from late March on….

    2.9 CBS
    2.4 FOX
    2.2 NBC
    2.1 ABC

    I also see NBC’s margin over ABC as less than “very close”

  • Nick

    Next year should be an interesting one in this “competition”. While it’s pretty obvious that CBS & Fox will be fighting for first and NBC & ABC will be fighting for third, the interesting thing will be those fights.

    CBS v. Fox : as you all expained above, Fox has all the cards (AFC Championship, Super Bowl). Both networks’ entertainment shows have dropped drastically from last year (with the exception of CBS Thursday & Idol). CBS has a bunch of buzzy pilots (NCIS: Red, Intelligence, Mom, Crazy Ones) that, scheduled correctly, could stop that slide. Fox, on the other hand, has no buzzy pilots except a JJ Abrams fantasy one (yes another one), and I’d bet they don’t want to be too dependent on that.

    I’ll go out on a limb and say CBS will win this one. The comedies (provided they don’t do the dumb thing and expand their comedy hours) should get back on their feet. Their dramas, too. Fox, on the other hand, should expect more drops from considerably less buzzy Idol & X Factor, more comedy (including Glee) floppage, and lots of struggling to find something to replace Bones. Even the triple crown of sports won’t be able to help that.

    NBC v. ABC : This should be interesting. Unlike the other pair, neither network will have events that they usually don’t have. Each network has 1 buzzy pilot (S.H.E.I.L.D for ABC and the MJF sitcom for NBC). For these two networks, the win will depend a lot more on scheduling and how their veteran shows fare.

    It’s really hard to predict this one. NBC seems set on the path it has now, premiering new shows out of The Voice and then moving them to other nights. However, this will probably give them the same problem ABC had for years: the time between cycles. It’s already killed Go On & The New Normal, what next? Speaking of them, NBC’s comedy sector (except the MJF comedy & whatever’s after it) will probably reach new levels of floppage. As for ABC, it all depends on whether they give their schedule a makeover. If they manage to rejuvinate DWTS and somehow get Tuesdays going again, they shouldn’t need to. But if they don’t, expect one. Nevertheless, expect both networks to be in the same ballpark next year. The winner will depend on whoever has the most creative scheduling.

  • Cory

    Doesn’t NBC have Olympics next year, games will air in primetime.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Doesn’t NBC have Olympics next year, games will air in primetime.”

    Yes they do.

    Not wanting to spend the time to look, but I seem to remember that in 2010 they were worth 0.3 points to the NBC season average, which is comparable to the gain from the Super Bowl.

  • Cory

    So with Olymics, SNF and if The Voice numbers remain in 4+ demo next season and if NBC actually produces hit show, could they end number 1 next year?

  • BrianM2

    @Cory: Those three events/shows will bring in lots of revenue to NBC — and may make it No. 2 in 18-49 — but it won’t help bring advertising revenues to regularly scheduled shows that aren’t doing well. Just as the CBS ratings this year don’t help Blue Bloods or CSI:NY or The Good wife on the revenue side.

  • Leondre


    What are the demos for the networks when NOT rounded?

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “What are the demos for the networks when NOT rounded?”

    Before I saw that, I had only copied down NBC & Fox, because they’re the only two likely to change positions.

    FOX 2.511064951
    NBC 2.71078727

    Fox needs to beat NBC by 0.27 points per week to pass them by the end of the season, and by 0.62 points/week to pass them by the time The Voice returns.

    Fox beat NBC by 1.0 points last week.

  • Aron

    I think next year would be the year fox axes most of its underperforming shows like xfactor, glee, Tuesday comedies, not stop them all at once but phase them out, but the real question is can FOX game back it’s 18-49 throne?

  • CookyMonzta

    @Aron: Not if Idol keeps falling. The sooner Idol hits the 2s, FOX will need another X-Files to salvage their standing in the 18-49.

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