FOX: 'Touch' Is Certain To Be Canceled

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February 12th, 2013

Click this link for the latest FOX renewal / cancellation information:

Our Renew / Cancel Index predicts the network's decision on renewal or cancellation for scripted broadcast primetime shows by the end of the 2012-13 season in May, 2013. (includes results from December 31, 2012- February 10, 2013):

Program Status Renew/ Cancel Index
The Mob Doctor* canceled 0.31
Fringe* (F) final season complete 0.50
Touch :oops: 0.50
Ben And Kate* canceled 0.60
The Cleveland Show :cry: :cry: 0.65
The Mindy Project :| :| :| 0.81
Raising Hope :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 0.82
New Girl :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 1.13
Bones renewed 1.15
Glee :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 1.15
Bob's Burgers renewed 1.15
American Dad renewed 1.18
The Simpsons renewed 1.36
Family Guy renewed 1.53
The Following :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 1.57

An anecdote from last May's Fox upfront meeting was amusing, and is again topical. When asked what he would tell Kiefer Sutherland after his show (Touch) was being moved to Friday, Fox chief Kevin Reilly replied "Hey, you're still on the air". After last Friday's disastrous premiere ratings (1.1, 0.9 for the hours) for Touch, I wonder what he'll tell him now that the show is certain to be canceled?

Even though it's not in the calculations above, I did see the drop in The Following's ratings last night. It will have to drop a lot further before it's in any danger, but there must now be at least a little "Alcatraz Anxiety" at Fox.

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*shows no longer on the air have their Renew/Cancel Index "frozen" at the point they left the schedule.

From now through the end of the broadcast season in May, the Renew/Cancel Index values will only be calculated using new episodes airing during 2013. However, until new episodes of a show air in 2013, I will keep the "old"  Fall predictions in the table.

Want to know what the Fox Renew/Cancel Index table looked like at the end of the Fall season? Click here.


  • :oops: - certain to be cancelled by May, 2013
  • :cry: :cry:- more likely to be cancelled than renewed by May, 2013
  • :| :| :| - toss up between renewal or cancellation by May, 2013
  • :) :) :) :) - more likely to be renewed than cancelled by May, 2013
  • :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: - certain to be renewed by May, 2013

The Renew/Cancel Index is the ratio of a scripted show's new episode adults 18-49 ratings relative to the new episode ratings of the other scripted shows on its own network. It's calculated by dividing a show's new episode Live+Same Day adults 18-49 average rating by the Live+Same Day new episode average of all the new scripted show episodes on the show's own network. The network's average ratings in the calculation are not time weighted (ex. hour long shows are not weighted twice what 30 minute shows are).

(F) -Fridays: Shows airing on Fridays were renewed with significantly lower than average Indexes.

How would the Renew / Cancel Index Have Done Predicting Last Season's Scripted Show Fates? Check out how the Renew / Cancel Index predicted renewals and cancellations from past television seasons.

  • Dan

    As long as Following doesn’t dip below a 2.0 it has a shot and especially as long as it builds on Bones, it definitely has a shot. The only thing better then a series rating OK is if it builds on a network’s only other drama (Not counting Glee).

  • PurpleDrazi

    Fox better hope for some true hit shows next year (and I don’t mean ‘Hit’ just by Fox standards.) because they are pointed downhill and starting to pick up speed.

  • Ultima

    Touch canceled = 24 movie. YES PLEASE!


  • tscchope

    Terra Nova finshed 2.0, but that didn’t save it.

  • Bill Gorman

    “Terra Nova finshed 2.0, but that didn’t save it.”

    As the Cancellation Bear teaches, it’s all relative.

    Terra Nova averaged a 2.46 (and was trending down), when Fox’s scripted average for Fall 2011 was a ~2.7.

    Fox’s scripted average so far this Spring is ~2.0.

    A 2.0 this spring keeps a scripted show on Fox next season.

  • The End


    And it was also the most expensive show on network TV to boot. Personally I can’t hold it against Fox for canceling, if anything most networks would find it difficult to invest a show with the kind of budget Terra Nova had with the numbers it was pulling. There was no way to guarantee the show would even retain the audience it had already had it been renewed.

  • Melissa

    With Touch doing so poorly, I hope Bones does well enough the rest of season so it doesn’t take its place next season.

  • iggy

    It just might squeak through and land a half season on Mondays at 9pm this Fall, because it is a FOX production.

  • Dan

    I don’t even think scripted average was a major factor with Terra Nova. The fact is, with production costs, FOX expected better of the series and the show did drop week to week. The Following always builds on Bones and as long as it doesnt drop below a 2.0 its safe, although The Voice could end up crushing it.

    If FOX renews The Following its likely for Midseason as Kevin Bacon is only contracted for 15 episodes a season.


    Reruns of the Following would be smarter. They’ve done well and it’s heavily serialized so it benefits the first run episodes.

  • Chris

    Why isn’t Cleveland Show certain cancellation? Hell it managed to only get 2.76 million without even competing against the Grammies or Walking Dead. The other shows on FOX were low because of the Grammies, but Cleveland Show had no excuse.

  • John

    Touch was a moderate success because everyone wanted to see what “Jack Bauer” was up to. Now that we know, we’re turning it off because it’s the same plot week after week and terribly boring.

  • Shepherd

    Can we get a “How low can Touch Go?” poll one of these days? :) It seems to drab to simply predict a ratings fall week after week.

    I agree that The Following has a lot of room to fall before it loses its chance at the Touch treatment. I still love that its pulling an Alcatraz at the moment though.

  • Shepherd

    “As long as Following doesn’t dip below a 2.0 it has a shot…”

    I could easily see The Following falling below 2.0 more than once and still getting a renewal. Especially if it manages a 1.8-2.0 for the finale. It kind of depends on when it falls below 2.0 in my book.

  • Mark

    Touch was put in a position to fail. It was doing Average on Thursday night and Fox could have kept it there. I just hope Bones or the following don’t fall into that Friday night death trap.

  • Mary

    Kiefer Sutherland acts too much like Jack Bauer in this show. I stopped watching this show after the first three episodes it felt that I was watching the show 24 but re-written.

  • MichaelChickless

    I haven’t watched the premiere of Touch yet. I’m not sure at this point if I want it to survive or not.

  • UKTVFan

    Not that it makes the ratings any better, but shouldn’t Touch have an (F) after it, since it is a Friday show this season?

  • Sarah


    “I just hope Bones or the following don’t fall into that Friday night death trap.”

    I’m right there with you with Bones.

  • Dan

    I expect Touch to get between a 0.9-1.2 over this season. Unfortunately thats it for the series. FOX used it as a timeshare for Fringe’s final season similar to how Community was used as a timeshare for 30 Rock’s final season and how Body of Proof is used as a timeshare for Private Practice’s final season.

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