CNN Was #1 Last Night in Cable News Among Key Demos

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February 13th, 2013

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AC 360 Was Top-Rated at Midnight in Total Viewers and Demos


CNN Grew the Most vs. Last Year; FNC Lost Viewers



According to Nielsen Fast National data, CNN’s live coverage was number one last night (Tuesday, February 12) during breaking news, State of the Union address and throughout primetime in the key demo adults 25-54 and among younger viewers 18-34.  CNN topped MSNBC in total viewers and among the key demos across the night.  In addition, CNN topped broadcast networks ABC and CBS among 18-34.


When CNN went to live coverage of the State of the Union, Dorner coverage shifted to sister network HLN. The two hour coverage block (9:00-11:00p) averaged 311k in the key demo (up +97%) and 870k among total viewers (+57%) vs. the prior hour (8:00 pm).


Breaking News Coverage (6:00-9:15 pm)


CNN:              1.013m adults 25-54  403k adults 18-34      2.798m total viewers

FNC:               669k adults 25-54       130k adults 18-34       3.183m total viewers

MSNBC:         401k adults 25-54       99k adults 18-34         1.271m total viewers


State of the Union Address (9:15-10:15 pm)          


CNN:              1.436m adults 25-54  771k adults 18-34      3.635m total viewers 

FNC:               957k adults 25-54       257k adults 18-34       3.683m total viewers

MSNBC:         1.028m adults 25-54   351k adults 18-34       3.034m total viewers


Primetime (8:00-11:00 pm)


CNN:              1.284m adults 25-54  617k adults 18-34      3.361m total viewers

FNC:               868k adults 25-54       210k adults 18-34       3.822m total viewers

MSNBC:         790k adults 25-54       256k adults 18-34       2.393m total viewers  


AC 360 (Midnight-1:00 am)

CNN:              429k adults 25-54      194k adults 18-34      1.056m total viewers

FNC:               343k adults 25-54       23k adults 18-34         911k total viewers

MSNBC:         190k adults 25-54       100k adults 18-34       764k total viewers      


Vs. 2012 State of the Union

Compared to the 2012 Presidential State of the Union, CNN grew the most – increasing +36% in both the key demo and total viewers.  MSNBC was up less, increasing +26% in the demo and +8% in total viewers and FNC decreased -16% in the demo and was down -3% in total viewers. 

  • Andies

    No surprise.. I turned to CNN when I heard that Dorner had barricade himseflf in the cabin… MSNBC did quite well against CNN during the SOTU address.. FOX FAILED!

  • b

    FNC TOPPED IN TOTAL VIEWERS ACROSS THE BOARD. Nice try CNN in noting only your beating MSNBC…..FOOLS ! LOL

  • b

    CNN picked-up Jeff Zucker from MSNBC and last night was his first night. What propaganda here where CNN boasts winning-out amongst the MSNBC. Zucker us under a llllllllot of pressure here to at LEAST beat-out his old pals at MSNBC. Hilarious idea with putting Donny Deutch in for Piers Morgan- HILARIOUS !!! LOLOLOLOL

  • Androme

    b, thanks for the addition. But the title says Key Demos. No one gives a crap yet about Total Viewers. And the All Caps was a nice touch. (not)

  • Michael

    Fox finished last on both network and cable. They seem to have trouble when they’re not manufacturing the story.

  • usa8888

    Fox loses to MSNBC in both prime demos for the State for the Union..

  • AppleStinx

    Fox News was the most-watched cable news channel during the State of the Union Address and through Primetime.

  • b

    Despite CNN leaning on Dorner shooting coverage, FNC is tops in SOTU ratings contest. LOL

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    GO CNN! I’ve noticed that at the bus transfer centers in El Paso, they now have CNN all the time instead of Faux News, I was always amazed and why would they have Faux News in a Democratic/Majority Hispanic city, a few people complained and it’s now CNN all the time. :mrgreen:

  • NJCaliboi

    I’m not used to seeing Fox come in dead last in the key demo- oh well Fox enthusiast can at least spin it and try to take attention away by focusing on the less important total viewers category. They might not get paid advertising dollars from that stat but its still something that helps to save face.

    Whenever a major event happens CNN reigns supreme.

    Poor MSNBC is always the runner up, never tasting the yummy taste of victory…guess MSNBC enthusiast can play up beating Fox.

    So everyone now has a talking point…have at it!

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