How Will the Premiere of 'Survivor: Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites' Fare Tonight? (Poll)

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February 13th, 2013

Tonight is the premiere of Survivor: Caramoan:Fans vs. Favorites.  Last year's fall edition (Philippines) premiered to a 3.2 adults 18-49 rating, and the season finale also earned a 3.2. Previously, the 2012 spring edition (One World) premiered to a 3.1 adults 18-49 rating and the finale earned a 2.9. Will we see the same type of steadiness with this year's spring iteration? Cast your vote below and let us know why in the comments!

  • Crysti

    I will say a 3.2.

  • Survivor Fan

    3.2 (up 3% on last year due to FvF

  • lukas

    Survivor – 2,7
    Idol – 5,5
    Nashville – 1,9
    Chicagi fire – 1,7

  • MichaelChickless

    Hopefully really low?

  • Fed

    Hopefully realy high!!!! Eat durt haters.

  • zth

    @lukas: A 5.5 for Idol is just wishful thinking. Last Wednesday it did a 4.6 and it did 4.1 on Thursday. Last Wednesday CBS was also on repeats from 8 to 9. Increased competition will bring AI ratings tonight to 4.2 and tomorrow it will probably fall further into the 3’s.

  • erwan from france

    I hope NBC’s line up will go up ! Whitney : 1.4% Guys With Kids 1.4% Svu : 1.8% Chicago Fire : 2.1%

  • Spencer

    I’m thinking it will be lower. Last season was great because they had a lot of likable players. They brought back really awful people (Brandon, Phillip, Cochran) and people are really getting sick of bringing back old players. At least bring back players that the fans like instead of these people! Because i’m sure they aren’t ‘favorites’.


    4.3 Idol

    2.2 Middle
    1.7 Neighbors
    3.6 Modern Family
    2.0 Suburgatory
    1.6 Nashville

    3.2 Survivor
    3.1 BBT (repeat)
    2.5 CSI

    1.3 Whitney
    1.3 Guys With Kids
    1.6 SVU

    1.1 Arrow
    0.9 Supernatural
    1.8 Chicago Fire

  • Joshua

    26 seasons… and survivor is still one of the best tv shows

  • Ben

    I think survivor has a great chance of tying of beating the fall premiere considering the excitement of 10 returning castaways returning. The seasons with lots of returning castaways always do better ratings wise.

  • TomJH

    I think it does 3.1 or higher. It’s coming off from its best season in years, Idol is loosing steam fast, returning players always gives an extra amount of interest and it look good from the promos.

    The big question is what CBS considers the floor is for Survivor? Remember that it gets 0 ancillary revenue (reruns, DVDs), and the ad rates are cheaper for it than scripted shows with the same ratings. I think low 2s will put it in danger and below 2.0 is almost certain cancellation. Another question is if another network will pick it up in case CBS drops it?

  • Owen

    U also have to consider that Survivor is a lot cheaper to produce then any scripted show CBS will air instead of Survivor.

    CBS promoted it a lot i feel, lets see what it can do.
    I guess 3.0-3.3

  • Ben

    At this point, there is no obvious guaranteed replacement shows that will match Survivor’s success if it gets cancelled, so I say it survives at least until season 29

  • Josh

    Hopefully it fails miserably. It is time for the networks to air some good quality tv not people being petty and fighting for money. To think my tax paying dollars go to these people acting like fools on national television and it is all probably rigged just like American Idol.

  • MichaelChickless

    @Fed: “Eat durt haters”

    Not a hater of Survivor itself per se, but more a hater of reality shows in general.

  • fringegot5seasons

    3.0, CSI will win 10pm, TBBT repeat will shame Suburgatory’s numbers.

  • AJ

    As a huge Survivor fan, I am hoping it does just as well as last season and I hope it stays consistant. Something tells me it might be consistent or better. If it were a regular season with all new people, I’d be worried about the ratings dropping, however, coming off it’s best critically acclaimed season in recent years and with the return of 10 favorites (with characters like Brandon Hantz, Phillip and Corinne) who are VERY controversial people, I think that the ratings may rise with the hype. Plus, the fact that the last Fans Vs. Favorites season was considered one of, if not THE, best season ever helps its chances too. So, doing that twist again may bring up interest. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the ratings go up and be better than the last 2 seasons, maybe even getting a 3.4 or 3.5, but I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the ratings remain the same at around a 3.2 or 3.1. It could go either way but I don’t see it going down to in the 2’s, at least not for the premeire.

  • rob60990


    I don’t see TBBT rerun doing that well after it considering most of the show’s fans will be watching the marathon on TBS.

  • Carl

    I think the premiere will be above 3.0 but I wonder how many will want to see Russell Hantz’s nephew again. I don’t.

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