President Obama’s State of the Union Address Garners 33.5 Million Viewers, Lowest Since 2000

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February 13th, 2013

Nielsen Wire is reporting that nearly 33.5 million people tuned in to President Obama's first State of the Union Address for his second term. That is the lowest viewership since 2000. See the chart below for more.

These numbers include  15 cable and broadcast networks: FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Azteca, Univision, MundoFox, CNBC, CNN, Fox Business, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, Current, Centric and Galavision.


via Nielsen Wire:

  • Doug Z

    UPDATE, 3:10 PM: The first State of the Union of President Barack Obama’s second term last night was watched by 33.5 million viewers. That’s down 11.3%

  • Shepherd

    So if 90% of Americans don’t care enough to watch, why does it need to air on 15 networks?

  • Dan

    So will the State of the Union Address be renewed for next season?

  • AppleStinx

    A historic speech. I will always remember what I was doing during the State of the Union Address of 2013. I was watching ‘Family Feud’.
    Steve Harvey: “Name how far a person can throw a football”
    Contestant: “100 yards”
    Contestant’s family: “Good answer! Good Answer!”


    Many people just don’t care about the SOTU…. Half of America (Republicans) don’t want to watch him anymore after the election results, so it doesn’t surprise me. And of course the majority of American find the SOTU meaningless. Especially when congress is in deadlock

  • Anon

    I am guessing it will still be picked up for next year anyways.

  • UpAndOver

    I would have watched, but I had to sort my sock drawer…

  • wade

    obama is a full blown presidential sabateur. who would want to see his retoric

  • Cody

    I was more fascinated by the Dorner story.

  • Bob

    From the LA Times:

    “More than 2 million Los Angeles-area viewers were watching 5 p.m. newscasts across the five major local outlets, hours after former LAPD cop Dorner allegedly traded gunfire with police at a cabin near Big Bear (the stations started their live coverage about 1 p.m.).

    KABC-TV led the way, with 708,000 viewers, followed by KCBS (680,000 with a KCAL simulcast), KTLA (259,000), KNBC (221,000) and KTTV (169,000). KCBS said it was the station’s highest-rated 5 p.m. newscast since at least 2004 and was nearly five times the previous average so far this month.

    When local outlets later cut away for live network coverage of President Obama’s State of the Union address, viewing fell considerably.”

    You know your life sucks when your less popular than a cop killer.

  • Sam

    Easy way to attract viewers for the SOTU? Cause a presidential scandal a week before the address. Be it true, a rumour taken out of proportion or a complete lie generated by those at the white house, either way, it will attract record breaking viewers as long as the scandal is big enough!

  • Stan T.

    what’s worse than Obama having the Dorner lead-in and losing viewers…15% of the population are liberals, which means like 46 million people….so at 33.5 million, Obama couldn’t even get the liberals to watch him…that’s REALLY bad…

  • Derrick

    15% of people are not liberal. the percentage is closer to 45%

    and its moronic to claim that they all should have watched it in the first place.

  • Angie

    @ Bob~

    I believe it was Rahm Emmanuel , former Whitehouse Chief of Staff, who is credited with saying “” Never let a good crisis go to waste” . While the whitehouse was able to capitalized on the unfortunate shooting of a fifteen year old Chicago student , they just could do the same for nortorious cop killer. I tried to watch the SOTU but it was all the same-o sameo.

  • The End

    A fully alert and ready Obama is a fantastic speaker. As evident in his presidential debates, except one where he looked like he had little sleep and was slow and cumbersome, which he fixed with the following one where he was alert, sharp and on the ball and firing on all cylinders.

  • RedBarSoup

    LOL at Stan T.!!! Yeah because it’s soooo bad that not EVERY liberal watched the speech. WOW are you NUTS!?

  • Tom Smith

    Webmaster: Past SOTU– shouldn’t it read Feb 12 2013 not 2012 ?

  • Mark2

    Compared to the 2012 Presidential State of the Union:

    CNN increased +36% in the key demo and +36% in total viewers.

    MSNBC increased +26% in the demo and +8% in total viewers

    FNC decreased -16% in the demo and -3% in total viewers.

    Ouch!!! That’s gonna leave a mark on Ratboy’s face!

  • Michael

    I’m pretty sure the 2003 SOTU was given on January 29th, not the 28th.

  • Bob

    The Obama Show was the biggest comedy of the year.

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