TBS's 'Cougar Town' Scores Season's Best Deliveries

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February 13th, 2013

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TBS's original comedy series Cougar Town, which scored its best deliveries of the season last week, has done it again this week. Last night's episode drew more than 2.4 million viewers in Live + Same Day, a +16% boost over last week and +11% over the series' Jan. 8 season premiere. In the demos, Cougar Town scored a season-best delivery of more than 1.4 million adults 18-49 (+7% over last week's episode and the season premiere). It also scored a season-best delivery of 648,000 adults 18-34 (+4% vs. last week and and +6% over the season premiere).



  • ed

    Zoe DeschanHellYeah.

    TBS must be happy with these results.

  • TV Freeeeek

    @ Ed- HAHAHA.

  • juan

    Yay cougar Town, my fav. comedy right now followed by Happy Endings, which I really hope goes to TBS as well. Pretty please.

  • PurpleDrasi


    Go CT go!!!

  • Jeff R

    Next week’s looks like a classic!

  • Josh

    Congratulations to the cast and crew! This must be exciting news with many of them probably weary of the transition from ABC to TBS. The show still has some life in it!

  • CrimTV

    The total viewers for this episode are only down 990,000 from ABC’s season 3 finale, that’s great considering ABC is a major broadcasting network :)

  • DenverDean

    Certainly helped by no competition from no programming on networks. This is great news, even I decided to watch the show for the first time after Conan. I wish TBS would show the older episodes, but it was pretty good. My only gripe was that the budget my be low because the sets looked a bit cheap and the green screens were really obvious. Other than that, I’ll tune in again.

  • Jeff R

    They repeat older seasons at 5:00 every weekday

  • The 47th

    It’s nice to see the show being finally the hit it deserves to be.

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage


  • rob60990

    It’ll drop next week, don’t worry. :D

  • ed

    you are making me laugh. You are such a hater. You don’t do any constructive comment.


  • Dan

    The series will get a fifth season of 15 episodes. The show is a great fit at TBS and 91 episodes is prime for syndication. Now if only TBS could pick up Happy Endings.

  • Jamey

    poor rob60990 lmao i bet you gritted your teeth when you saw this headline. U mad bro?

  • Jeff R

    I’m calling a 1.2 next week.

  • SJ

    Great! I’m loving this season and I hope its strong ratings incentivize TBS to pick up Happy Endings as well.

    Just goes to show you what certain shows can do when they’re actually promoted and given a fair chance instead of being preempted and yanked from the schedule every other week, AB-f***in-C!

  • Alan

    I bet ABC is regretting by cancelling it. They thought they could replace it with Don’t Trust The B and Happy Endings, but they were wrong…

  • Jim

    I bet you won’t see a 2.4 rating next week. I think it will drop a bit. Grayson’s rape scene was not received well by a lot of fans and critics.

  • Bee

    awesome! i can’t wait till TBS starts repeating seasons 2 and 3. and this season has been awesome so far.


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