'Arrow' Rises, Second Most-Watched 'Supernatural' of the season

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February 14th, 2013

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On the heels of both series' early renewals for next season, ARROW and SUPERNATURAL both rose versus last week, and SPN had its second most watched episode of the season (2.5M). It was SPN's most watched episode since 10/10/12.


ARROW had its most watched episode (3.3M) since 12/5/12, and rose a tenth week to week in A18-34 and A18-49. ARROW matched a series high in M18-34 (1.2/5, best since 10/17/12).


SUPERNATURAL hit a season high among M18-34 (1.1/4). It rose 8% versus last week's episode in total viewers, and was steady versus last week in A18-34 and A18-49.


For the night, The CW averaged 2.9 million viewers, the best since 11/28/12. The 18-34 demos were the best since 11/14/12.

  • Jude

    I think ” YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ” about covers it ! So thankful we will get to continue these great shows for another season as well. ARROW just gets better by the episode. SUPERNATURAL has never let me down in nearly 8 FULL YEARS !! Such awesome young actors….with great writing and directing!

  • Kristin

    Yay! Congrats to Arrow and Supernatural! Love both shows and can’t wait to see them on my DVR tonight!

  • Carolyn

    I believe that Supernatural’s powers…excuse the pun…lie in the brotherly bond. It was the best episode of the season as far as the brothers go. Their speeches to each other were tender and perfect, and once again reinforced the basis of the entire show. This episode was well done and I belive the ratings increases are a reflection of the new direction and of re-establising the brothers loving relationship. It felt like watching SPN-the early years! Hurray for brotherly love!

  • Ateofi

    Glad to see both shows doing so well. Congratulations.

  • Ricky

    thats great good job

  • david

    Great job for the CW on last night. Great to see both shows up in viewers and Arrow up in the demo and Super Natural staying steady.

  • Jenny

    I hope that the CW realizes SPN ratings have been increasing on the last couple of episodes, the ones focused on the brotherly bond that defines the show for the majority of the viewers, and hopefully this will make them drop the ridiculous Dean/Castiel fanservice storyline that hasn’t done nothing good for the show and worse, makes us viwers cringe in embarrassment everytime this so-called Misha Collins starts appears on screen.

  • RG-X

    Yea ARROW – hopefully it will help people commit to the series once they know the rug will not be pulled out from under them…well for the neilson viewers…whoever you really are…?

  • moshane58

    Love both shows.Even we Baby Boomers like the CW.

  • Helen P

    So glad Arrow is doing well. It deserves it. It’s a great show with solid episodes. News that its been renewed and that the actress playing Felicity has been bumped to a regular cast member definitely increased my interest and excitement. Love Oliver as the Arrow and the complexities of the mystery surrounding his dad’s death, his years on the island, his plan for revenge, etc., are all reasons to tune in… but I’ll admit… that chemistry with Felicity is filling in the “romantic interest” slot very nicely. They’re awesome together.

  • Maya


    Speak for yourself okay? not for the rest of the viewers, I love the brotherly bond, and that’s the reason that I keep watching the show since day one,, but I also love Castiel, I’m not a Destiel shippers but I think the character (that BTW is the only supporting character that remains alive since Kripke days)brought a lot of good things for the show, and please let’s keep things classy, if you don’t like Castiel for your own reasons, don’t take it with the actor, he was nothing to do with your dislike, Misha is a very good actor.

  • Wright

    Great news!!! Especially for SPN.

  • rehabber


    I am very glad to see the old Winchesters back and get the Sam that I have loved all these years…now if they just fix the not looking for Dean, this season will be perfect.

    I am a huge fan of the Angel/Demon storyline and LOVE Castiel, Misha Collins has been perfect in that role and I would like to see more of him. He just has good chemistry with both Js and makes the series better for it. So use the term I instead of US viewers, because you sure don’t speak for me. If you don’t like it fine, but don’t put all viewers in with you.

  • Alcippe

    I’m glad the viewership is increasing and relieved that both of my favorite shows have been renewed. I’m enjoying season gr8 of SUPERNATURAL, and I’m a fan of Arrow as well.

  • Restless

    Echoing Rehabber and Maya. Don’t have to drag the joy down with your pointless hate. Castiel’s my favorite character, and the angels/demons story line is the most interesting part for me. So speak for yourself.

    Besides, there haven’t been any over done soap opera brother bits (ie no fighting) for some time now and last night’s episode was advertised as and went back to the tablet story line and closing the gates of hell, the main story of the season. I think that’s a more likely reason for the steady viewership and demo than people somehow heard there would be any focus on the so called brother bond with a big sappy speech.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if especially Jenny were just a KS sock.

  • San

    Maya, We are speaking for a huge number of SPN fans,, on line and off, who have been forced to put up with a second rate actor and a 3rd rate character and his fans try and take over the show. Sam and Dean and the Impala ARE the show and always will be. Castiel is only one of a series of guest stars who are on the show. Note that the viewing audience has given their vote and supports what SPN is really about and that is the brothers Winchester and their destiny. For Castiel’s reappearance, ratings dropped so catch a clue. You may like Castiel, but he is not a necessary part of SPN and the show was great before him and will be just fine when he leaves. He is only on there to further Sam and Dean’s story.

  • rehabber

    San, maybe the rating dropped because the writers had Sam not being in character. Sam would ALWAYS have looked for Dean and as die hard fan as I am, heck I was ready to quit. If Castiel was such a disliked character, why did he win a character of the year poll?

  • Jenny

    First of all I ain’t no sock, but it’s probably very hard for some people on fandom to believe anyone would profess their opinion freely – well I do. I don’t think anyone should apologise for having different beliefs and opinions.

    That made clear, I will restate my profound dislike of Castiel, who benefited from the SWG strike – his character shouldn’t by all means be so important . He has no reason to still be on the show, yet he continues to be included on scripts and forced down our throats. @rehabber said he/she is a great fan of the angel/demon storyline – so was I, when such storyline made sense on the plot. It has stopped making sense a long time ago.

  • Jenny

    @Maya said I should keep things classy. I didn’t offend anyone. I don’t think Misha Collins is a good actor, period. Actually I think his lack of acting skills make me dislike Castiel even more, specially when he’s kept on the show only to amuse fangirls who whine to the producers on twitter.

    Both Js have stated they want to go back to the show roots, where it was only Sam and Dean against the world. The last two episodes are refreshing, yet classic when it comes to SPN. So, and I’m so sorry to disappoint you @Restless, the reason people turned on their TVS wasn’t because they want the Close of Hells to close forever, because really who gives a f?, but because the complaints of the old fans (and mains actors) have been taken into consideration.

  • tj

    Love the show, the brothers, the car and Castiel. He’s a supporting character like Bobby was and Garth is, don’t hate because he developed a fanbase. Stop spinning numbers no episodes have went down in ratings from his appearance. True fans don’t skip an episode because of their dislike of a character.

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