How Will 'Zero Hour' Premiere Tonight? (Poll)

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February 14th, 2013

We've asked about the fate of Zero Hour before, and commenters have pretty much labeled it as dead on arrival, thanks to the curse of the ABC death slot. However, since the show is actually premiering tonight, let's guess the ratings! Make your predictions below, and tell us how long you think the show will last in the comments!

  • matt

    going up against big bang theory/idol, going to flop big time. 1.3-1.4

  • Jeff (Canada)

    I’ll say 1.8, and then drop in future weeks. Won’t be enough for renewal.

  • Nathan


    Hope Scandal does good tonight!!

  • Brian

    1.9 and 7.4 million

  • cimmer

    It looks interesting but throwing it up against the BBT? That seems like such a waste. Although it might make it up with the DVR crowd. I’m going to be recording it for sure. Unfortunately it definitely does not look like the kind of show I can hop into right after the BBT so it’ll have to be watched later but maybe just an hour later. lol

  • RandyL

    I doubt it will even get a 2. Likely around 1.5. Total bomb that might not even get to air all it’s episodes.

  • Ted Craig

    No matter how low it scores, the boards will feature at least one or two fans saying “Why is nobody watching this show? It’s excellent. ABC blew it!” a la Do No Harm.

  • Jeff R.

    I’m going for the low-ball here. This has not been a good midseason for anyone, really. I don’t think that this is going to capture literally any Idol or BBT watchers, so we’re really talking about the Last Resort die-hard views as the best case baseline for this show, and I suspect that a whole lot of us Last Resort die-hards are also Community fans.

  • hammard

    Around a 1.3. It has the 3rd worst reviews of any drama this season (outside of Do No Harm and Beauty and the Beast), is in a terrible time slot and if My Generation could hit a 1.6 a couple of years ago this can definately fall that far.

  • matt

    I gave Last Resort about 3-4 episodes, I’m not giving this show 1. Looks way too far-fetched

  • BigBrotherFan



  • CBSviewer


  • danny94

    I think it will get a 1.7 and then fall week on week

  • Californiadgd

    I will watch it but it’s DOA in the beginning

  • 1313 SVU Lane

    Zero Hour will get a Zero Rating. :D

  • Dan

    1.9 is wishful thinking, even 1.5 is unlikely.

    Lets see its up against Idol, Big Bang, Community & Parks (which did great last week) and Vampire Diaries. It probably wont do great.

    1.3 is my guess.

  • MichaelChickless

    Lucky if it gets a 1.2.

  • Mark

    It’s a cool looking idea but given that it will probably require the viewers to actually pay attention coupled with the time they are showing it is guaranteeing a flop. 1.2.

  • Raykov

    It’s DOA… 1.1 and 5 milion viewers… New show can’t survive against TBBT and American Idol. I’m more conserned how will Community rate – I hope it’s above 1.5

  • MichaelChickless

    I’ll probably sample it, but I’m not in a Nielsen family.

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