How Will 'Zero Hour' Premiere Tonight? (Poll)

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February 14th, 2013

We've asked about the fate of Zero Hour before, and commenters have pretty much labeled it as dead on arrival, thanks to the curse of the ABC death slot. However, since the show is actually premiering tonight, let's guess the ratings! Make your predictions below, and tell us how long you think the show will last in the comments!

  • Bryanb

    Bad time slot. Being on at 8 means it can’t do things that the 10 o’clock shows get away with. That sucks it looked cool!

  • senor chang

    Do No Harm may not have to wait long for some company in the midseason graveyard.


  • BG


  • Ben

    Going up against The Big Bang Theory, American Idol, and yes even Community; Zero Hour will wind up being a Japanese Zero Kamikaze and crash & burn in the ratings.
    It has probably already caught the attention of the Cancellation Bear.

  • The Guy

    Going with a 1.7.

    I believe that ABC will air all the episodes though even though by the end it may likely be pulling in ~1.0s.

  • Spartacus 666

    Another show to intelligent for the bimbos and beer guzzling religious moronic freaks that inhabit most of the USA . This show has no chance because people are to busy watching moronic sitcoms, super boring sports or reality (swamp, pig, long beard no teeth beer bellied cretins, take your pick.) oh well, I’ll be watching increasing my knowledge(even if it is fiction) que sera sera. Till its cancelled shortly of course.

  • Samunto

    A 1.1-1.3 is more like it. The question is whether shark Tank will be summoned to the slot in 2wks!

  • American

    “I doubt it’s the kind of show that would really share an audience with Ai or the CBS commidies…”
    Neither did Last Resort, and we all know how that went…

  • David Howell

    0.9, and the headlines will write themselves.

    Primetime Nightline will replace it in early March.

  • Anon

    Let’s see… this is up against original programming on every other broadcast network, and those other programs all have pretty solid core audiences.

    I just don’t see how this can even do as well as Last Resort.


  • ron

    well i saw the trailer long tiem ago and looks interesting lets give it a try!

  • Ted Craig


    Maybe you should increase your knowledge of proper capitalization.

  • jen

    It’s beyond me why any network would choose to permiere a highly serialized show on Valentines Day. Does everyone have plans? No. But clearly you will lose a substantial chunk of your potential audience.

  • Kavyn

    The pilot has been available online for about 2 weeks now, and it’s horrible. If the 5 minute fake-history documentary at the beginning doesn’t make you tune out, it’ll be the horrible acting from the lead’s two interns and the detective, or the writing.

    The pilot has it’s moments, but nothing that’ll save this show. Regardless of what it gets this week, I’m expecting low 1’s or high 0’s the following week. It’s really bad, and I say that as a fan of the DaVinci Code (which many will tune in for that reason).

  • Shepherd

    I’m not sure that it can do that great going up against AI and TBBT, not to mention that the ER guy is really a one note actor. Not necessarily bad as long as he’s playing a part that fits his style, but not particularly good either. Last week the ST repeat got a 1.3 in that spot, so I can’t imagine it going lower than that. Everybody seems to have condemned the show already though, and I’m not sure why. The idea seems decent enough as long as you look past ABC’s fascination with kidnapped children. Going with the 1.8-2.2 option, but wont get any more specific.

  • KarenM

    1.3-1.7 – It’ll fall after that…

    It’s on ABC.
    No one remembers Anthony Edwards. I don’t think he can carry a show.
    Who’re the other two?

  • PurpleDrazi

    Big. Bang. Theory.

    (enough said)

  • Bear

    I’ll probably check it out since it does sound like an interesting storyline. Sadly, though, many of you are probably right; the odds are not in its favor.

  • TerryJacksonNYC

    I’m wondering how well The Walking Dead in B&W is going to do tonight. I may watch it, though I’ve already seen it; I guess I’m just interested in whether or not the style change is going to have any impact on interpretation. My guess is it’ll do well, but it’s up against a lot of big shows. I thought they were going to air it at 10PM, but the 8PM slot is problematic if they want it to be anything more than a novelty.

    All that aside, I’m hoping Community does within .2 of last week’s ratings. I don’t think it matters, since this is probably going to be the last year unless the running gag – that some of their credits won’t count – is going to pan out as true, which could be fun for about four or six episodes. Or maybe even just a TV movie. (Four seasons and a TV movie is CLOSE to five seasons and a movie, right?)

  • Still good shows

    It looks good and had a lot of promotion so I think it will start in the low 2s.

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