How Will 'Zero Hour' Premiere Tonight? (Poll)

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February 14th, 2013

We've asked about the fate of Zero Hour before, and commenters have pretty much labeled it as dead on arrival, thanks to the curse of the ABC death slot. However, since the show is actually premiering tonight, let's guess the ratings! Make your predictions below, and tell us how long you think the show will last in the comments!

  • Andopolis

    I think 5.4 ~ 6.0 million with an 1.4~1.6 demo

  • Ethan

    @american…of I remember correctly last resort premiered to a 2.0… That’s not terrible, it just didn’t hold an audience…sadly, I think people were turned off by the political tone of it…airing it in an election may have been a lousy move. Also, I think the sad fact is that racism may have played into it…I think most Nielsen families live in middle America, where racism is more overt than on the coasts…now that I think about I can’t remember the last successful broadcast show with an African American male lead. It’s sad, but its a fact of life.

    Zero hour I think also has a better chance being on abc since most of their new dramas have flopped, with Nashville being the only one to be moderately successful. Plus Anthony Edwards has a built on ER fanbase. I mean, I think if Zero Hour is even able to average a 1.5, it would have a decent shot on abc. As successful as last season was for them with new dramas, this season has been just as dismal(in terms of ratings, not quality.)

  • Ben

    1.0. TBBT is only getting bigger, plus Community will be a 1.7 and its valentines day so ratings will be lower

  • Jade

    Considering how bad midseason series have done so far I don’t expect this show to be the exception. My predication is 1.3 5million total viewers.

  • Holly


    People were too racist to watch Last Resort at 8:00, but lost that racism by 10:00 to watch Scandal?

    Maybe it just wasn’t that interesting of a show? Or, more likely, maybe the audience that would find it interesting weren’t inclined to tune into ABC.

  • joel

    It would get better ratings in they premiered it Zero Hour 9 a.m.

  • Roco

    Just like the title of the show, its going to be an Zero hour..

  • bsp

    I watched the premiere episode on ABC’s web site already. I really enjoyed it. It was cinematic in its production qualities (although I can’t imagine ABC sustaining that level of costs). I liked Anthony Edwards, too.

    That said, launching a midseason replacement series against a new ep of TBBT is suicidal.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I’ve seen the first episode already, as it was available on the Net for the last couple weeks.

    I won’t try to guess the ratings, as the premise is what I would call “confused” or what I think would be difficult for the general audience to follow. It’s not a premise you can sum up in a sentence, in other words.

    However, the pilot itself worked for me – probably because I have some knowledge of the concept of “Rosicrucians” (“real” ones, that is, not the group that advertises in the back of magazines), as well as German occult conspiracy theories (I say “German” because “the other word” gets me into the stupid spam filter!), and the like.

    The actors are not compelling. The lead actor is no “hero” type – he looks like an accountant. Addison Timlin is cute, but not a hottie per se. Carmen Ejogo is a bit better at that, but her character is annoying. The villain isn’t bad, but we don’t see much of him.

    The pace is OK. The reveals are interesting. By the way, I predict now that the object hauled up from under the water early on in the show is the crypt of either Jesus Christ or his son, based on those conspiracy theories. It’s almost certainly a coffin of some sort.

    So I can’t guess how it will do in the ratings – probably badly. But I found the show interesting and intend to follow it until it dies – unless it gets really stupid or incompetent like Ringer was.

  • Tony ^_^

    2.0 before it collapses and falls to low 1.0’s… :o

  • Matt

    2.3 and 7M

  • Joseph

    It won’t beat-out “American Idol” or “Big Bang Theory”, but could finish third in it’s time period in both overall viewers and key demos.

    Ironically, a 9 P.M. ET/PT timeslot for this show on Thursdays would be much better for “Zero Hour” because it would face much less competition!

  • Wright

    I’ll definitely be watching. I have high hopes.

  • MichaelChickless

    @Spartacus 666: “Another show to intelligent for the bimbos….”

    There you go!

  • Ram510

    I would love to check this show out since Cappie from Greek is in it. But I’ll already have my hands full with Community/P&R, Vampire Diaries and try to catch some of impact wrestling so I’m just not going to have time

  • Chris

    I’ll check it out (not that it matters, since I’m not a Nielsen viewer), but I’m pessimistic about the show’s chances. So, spinning the wheel of totally random pessimistic ratings guesses, I give it a…1.2.

    I wouldn’t bet money on that, though. What strikes a chord with the Nielsen families is and forever shall be a mystery to me; it’s entirely possible that they’ve been craving an opportunity to watch some kind of DaVinci Code-esque clock-based conspiracy thriller starring that guy from ER for a long, long time, and will jump all over this.

  • Anthony

    I don’t believe in the death slot theory, but I do feel that this show will bomb hard (maybe not quite as bad as Do No Harm but around a 1.2).

  • T

    ABC Slot of Death. I would love this show to be successful but it doesn’t stand a chance

  • sarah nz

    1.8 – lets be optimistic !

  • Jonny C…. formerly Jon

    1.5….if it’s lucky…especially with Community, TBBT, The Vampire Diaries ( there goes the teen vote) and A.I.

    Better luck next year ABC.

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