How Will 'Zero Hour' Premiere Tonight? (Poll)

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February 14th, 2013

We've asked about the fate of Zero Hour before, and commenters have pretty much labeled it as dead on arrival, thanks to the curse of the ABC death slot. However, since the show is actually premiering tonight, let's guess the ratings! Make your predictions below, and tell us how long you think the show will last in the comments!

  • omabin

    It’s DOA. A 1.5

  • ethan

    @ holly, once again I will pose the question…when was the last time broadcast show has been sucessful that had an african american MALE lead? Last i checked kerry washing was female.

  • Holly


    So people are racist and sexist… gotcha

    LL Cool J is the co-lead of NCIS, which is quite successful. Laurence Fishburne was the lead on CSI.

  • Spartacus 666

    Of course cretins will ignore it and keep on watching boring sports or hill billy reality tv and us intellectuals will keep on suffering

  • Red Jane

    A new sci-fi show nobody’s heard about, without vampires or other sexy creatures, premiering in the mid of Feb, against shows with devoted audiences… Seriously? It looks dead to me

  • TerryJacksonNYC

    Cable news is pretty popular these days and the star of that is an African American named Barack Obama. (Well, he’s really halfrican American, but he is black.)

  • TerryJacksonNYC

    @Spartacus 555

    I don’t know if “us intellectuals” is supposed to mean “USA intellectuals” or a group of intellectuals that includes you. I don’t think it matters, though, so I’ll just respond in kind.

    There are PLENTY of shows that are doing well that aren’t necessarily for the small-minded. Very few of these shows, though, have EVER aired at 8PM EST. They don’t do well at that time. They do better at 9PM and much better at 10PM. That said, I do believe the final season of Downton Abbey starts tonight and, though I don’t watch it, it has been considered quite an experience. (I’ll be able to judge it soon; I plan on watching it all at once, as I find the BBC scheduling to be quite tedious with too few episodes to keep me interested.)

    There are plenty of comedies, though, for people who aren’t stupid. Three of them will be airing against Zero Hour; there names are Community, Parks & Recreation and The Big Bang Theory. (And if you want to go further into it, there are some shows on basic cable that aren’t for stupid people at all,

  • TerryJacksonNYC

    Also (and this is why I still miss the edit function)… I haven’t seen a single review refer to Zero Hour as anything for an “intellectual.”

  • Scifibookguy

    Zero Hour has been put in a death slot… TBBT, American Idol, Vampire Diaries, and Community already have their followers. I’m guessing the Zero Hour premiere will come in at 1.3 – 1.7, since even last week’s repeat of Shark Tank got a 1.3.

  • T-Dog

    1.7.. I don’t think this one dies. I think it holds onto its 1.7 and gets a short 2nd season.

  • mzstitch

    I was interested in this show when I saw the previews, but now that I know it is up against Big Bang Theory I won’t be watching.

  • Brian

    I would watch, but BBT and Community get the DVR space. Any other day and I would be watching it.

  • matt

    Nothing intellectual about this far fetched piece of garbage

  • Keyser

    I saw the preview of it two weeks ago and thought it was quite good if you like National Treasure and the Dan Brown novels in tone. They even have Trevor Rabin doing the music and he did the soundtracks to both National Treasure movies. It looked good while acting in spots was average. Being a show that is an adventure instead of yet another lousy Doctor, Lawyer, Cop, Fireman drama I’d be watching it for giving us something different. Plus it’s only 13 shows. In and out. If renewed it will be a new story with the characters the 2nd season.

  • Keyser

    Zero Hour = Last Resort. And we saw what happened to that show…

    Why people watch Big Bang Theory is beyond me. The show sucks and hasn’t been funny since season 2. It must be because the characters are likeable to the viewers because the stories flat out suck. Two and a Half Men has been a chore to sit through as well this year.

  • Zach

    I’ll say 1.8. Whenever a big person comes back to network TV they fail — almost always

  • SJ

    I actually think this turkey can beat Do No Harm as the lowest-rated premiere ever. Honestly, I’m half-expecting a 0.8. I’ll be “optimistic” and go with a 1.1, but it’ll drop in week two and likely not even air a third episode.

    Hopefully then Happy Endings can swoop in and save the day. I know it’s unlikely to return on ABC, but it might go out on a higher note on Thursdays rather than Fridays.

  • 1313 SVU Lane

    And BOOM

    Hannibal to premiere April 4, according to Brian Fuller’s twitter.

  • brian I

    They should have kept Ugly Betty there. At least it got consistent ratings!

  • Brian

    1.4 for opener. I think by the end of March, it scores under a 1 and is cancelled or moved to Fridays to finish up.

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