'Love You, Mean It' Canceled After Four Months

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February 14th, 2013

Whitney Cummings' talk show, Love You, Mean It , has been cancelled by E!, and has been taken out of production. The last episode of the series aired February 6. Love You, Mean It premiered just four months ago this past November.

  • Oliver

    The last episode got 0.2 in 18-49. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of NBC trying to push WhitneyCummings on an unwilling public.

  • buttondiet

    I knew something wasn’t right when the last episode didn’t air last night. Shame because the show had some funny segments.

  • buttondiet

    Oh and I’m pretty sure “Kathy” is next to be axed.

  • Justin

    I Love You Whitney, and I Mean It.

  • Woman

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  • Hihi1212

    It never went below 400k. I’m not sure what the issue is. And Kathy will be fine!

  • sam

    Damn. She was just starting to find her footing in the show. I hooe her sidekick jullian gets more work he was hilarious

  • I like this show

    Had no idea this show even existed

  • Funeral Dinner

    The show was averaging 400k viewers and Chelsea Lately rarely pulls in double that amount…so it wasn’t exactly a flop, I don’t really understand why it was cancelled.

  • PixieLavender


    How is that possible? How will she make that much?

  • Rebecca

    I was hoping this show would pull her away from the sitcom permanently, so she wouldn’t be on my TV (since I don’t have E channel). Oh well. I still watch the sitcom but everything else I watch is better.

  • Loathe You Seen It

    Maybe it was the use of too many “f***hole” jokes. Which, by the way, was MY word first.

  • O-Neg

    To be honest with you…I kinda loved her show. I mean I hated the sitcom Whitney, and 2 Broke Girls is kinda fun for what it is, but this show was really good. Better than Chelsea Lately’s been. Shame.

  • Rose

    I actually enjoyed Love You, Mean It, especially after Whitney stopped yelling at the audience in the first show. She definitely improved as the show progressed. For someone who started in stand up though, she does appear gawky in front of a live audience, but I think that’s one of her endearing qualities. It did shadow Chelsea lately but Whitney is a whole lot less cynical and sarcastic (though I love that about Chelsea).

  • Delcomoose

    Bad move show was by far better than Chelsea Lately, Chelsea isn’t funny she’s old news big back Whit please! Have you ever watched Chelsea’s stand up she is a horrible comedian/actor! Show her the door.

  • Malery

    Bummer. I enjoyed Love You, Mean It. For me it was on par with Chelsea Lately, which I have always liked. Luckily 2 Broke Girls is still doing well.

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