NBC's 'Hannibal' To Premiere At 10pm Thursday, April 4

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February 14th, 2013

NBC has announced that Hannibal will premiere on Thursday, April 4 at 10pm, taking the timeslot most recently occupied by Do No Harm, which lasted two weeks after premiering with the lowest adults 18-49 rating for an in season scripted show on the four big English broadcast networks.

  • Ram510

    Didn’t NBC take the title of lowest in season premiere last season as well? I forget which show it was Awake, The Firm, Prime Suspect? Wow they have out some terrible shows on Thursdays at 10

  • Fake Me Out

    Damn monkey!

  • Ultima

    Actually Revolution is the highest rated scripted show (at least as of the end of Fall 2012) at this current time.


    The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Two and a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls, NCIS, How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy.

    Revolution is tied with Mike & Molly and Once Upon a Time, so it barely squeaks in the top ten…

  • Nick

    NBC looked so good out of the gate this season. But stupid decision after stupid decision is putting them right back in the hole. When will they learn?

  • laura

    Thursday’s seriously? Against Elementary. I think NBC should have placed “Hannibal” on Tuesday’s at 8pm central or on Monday but Thursday seems like they don’t care how the show does.

  • eridapo

    ABC premiered Zero Hour tonight on its death slot, so I guess NBC had to the same for Hannibal. Are they trying to outdo each other on stupid programming decisions?

    I was so looking forward to this show, but with the schedule slot it wont make it to another season.

  • eridapo

    NBC looked so good out of the gate this season. But stupid decision after stupid decision is putting them right back in the hole. When will they learn?

    To anyone who didn’t look past the shadow The Voice and Football were casting. If you did, you knew this was the true state of the network…

    In the future you should keep mind Olympic Diving scoring to judge the net. One huge outlier can shift the mean dramatically (see Fox with Idol)

  • Oliver

    The key difference is that ABC’s schedule is strong enough that its understandable that they insert new shows around what works.

    NBC’s schedule is full of failure yet they’re seemingly unwilling to use their one hit on something new.

  • Justin121

    ABC: Sunday @ 10

    NBC: Thursday @ 10

    CBS: Tuesday @ 10

    They all came to be ‘death slots’ these past two years.


  • SJ


    Zero Hour has been critically panned, has a convoluted storyline and little star power (take a look at Anthony Edwards’ IMDB page. He’s hardly been in anything over the past decade since leaving ER.) Hannibal has been one of the most anticipated shows of the season and now it’s looking at a fate not much better than Do No Harm’s.


    You’re right. It was The Firm.

  • senor chang

    so stupid. it’s like they’re scared of success.

  • Cory

    Another stupid decision by NBC, no surprise, and of course they’ll keep Smash on Tuesday which will fall below 1.0 soon.

  • omabin


    I don’t think CBS Tuesday @10 is a death slot. They just haven’t launched good enough shows for the slot in there IMO. They have a good lead-in and probably the least competitive slot on primetime television right now excluding Saturdays (and perhaps Friday, not even sure about that). That is a show problem, not a slot.

    Thursday at 8 for ABC is the definition of death slot IMO. No lead-in whatsoever and the competition of the two highest rated shows on television not counting sports and the walking dead.

    Thursdays at 10 for NBC is trickier. I don’t think it is a death slot, but I would definitely work on the 9h30 lead-in before launching anything non established at 10 and I would prefer to move something established there. Honestly, I think SVU would do perfectly fine in there for a couple more seasons. It is not a death slot per se, just a combination of not positive factors, but which can all be worked around.


    I maintain that ABC has the worst scheduling department of all networks, although NBC is a second. The thing with ABC is that not only are they horrible with the way they schedule their shows’ airings(hello Revenge and OUAT against golden globes, the NFL and the grammy awards with weeks of repeats lying ahead), they are also terrible with the way they sechedule their shows to begin with. How could anyone in their right mind come up with an incompatible block as DWTS/Happy Endings/Apartment 23/Private Practice? Hello old skewing, young skewing, young skewing, old skewing again. I would have a hard time thinking of any worse combination. Last Resort paired with the female skewing grey’s anatomy? Not to mention the little issue of throwing it on the death slot? Nashville not paired with any of the female skewing shows available on the network? So many mistakes!!
    I don’t think NBC is perfect either… Their initial pairing of comedies this season was obtuse to say the least (pairing Animal Practice and Guys with Kids, pairing 30 Rock and Up All Night), but their schedule does have some cohesion IMO, and at least they made sure that all of their fall premieres (supposedly the shows they believed in the most), were somehow given a chance and protected (given their limitations of “protectors”, of course): Revolution got The Voice; Go On/The New Normal got Olympics Sampling + The Voice; Animal Practice got Olympics sampling and Guys with Kids got a The Voice sampling; Chicago Fire got SVU, and eve 1600 Penn got the office. I do think that what they are doing on tuesdays is laughable though, because if I am getting it right, Go On and The New Normal will be new only 5 times out of the spring edition of the voice, which means that lead-in will basically go to waste (repeats) in those weeks, unless they double up on smash on those weeks, but that will make for a very erratic and random schedule too…
    CBS and, yes, the cw have way better scheduling (I am not looking at the barbaric fact that is the cult scheduling after hart of dixie, that is incomprehensible for me). But for me ABC is the network with a high number of very good shows but with a lack of capacity to schedule them in any reasonable manner. Half of the fantasy schedules we see around here are better than ABC’s schedule (and they don’t even that many moves)

  • Petar Ivanov

    If Hanninal can’t survive at 10 on thursdays with mostly cbs and abc repeats can’t survive at all. End of story.

  • dantas

    It’ll do better than Do No Harm but not much better. I expect a 1.5 for the premiere and 1.1s & 1.0s for rest of the season…

  • toadytoady

    Why are they reviving Hannibal…like reviving The Munsters?

  • DonJ1973

    How huge of an investment does NBC actually have in Hannibal? Isn’t this arrangement similar to what AXN did with The Firm? Gaumont TV, which produces the show, sold it to NBC and has also sold it to many international territories in Asia and Europe.

  • DonJ1973

    I think with this type of arrangement and all 13 episodes still being filmed for the international markets, it will air all it’s episodes (whether Thursday, Friday or Saturday)

  • TVDude

    If 1600 Penn somehow manages to be the lead in (assuming it makes it to April), I think it’s in trouble right from the beginning. Or will they just make all Office episodes an hour from now on (haha).

  • Oliver


    It seems pretty clear to me that NBC is not planning to air Goon/TNN in the post-Voice slot, but it’s not clear what will go in that slot instead.

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