Think Prime-Time TV in the US is Boring? At Least You Don't Live in Norway!

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February 15th, 2013

Every single day I see comments about how dumb Revenge, Beauty and The Beast, Elementary or whatever people are into hating now is the most boring show on television and it seems commenters just can't agree on what constitutes an interesting program. However, Norwegian public television has unlocked the key to great programming: live-streamed fire! Reuters is reporting that the channel on which this special is to be broadcast (NRK) is expecting higher than usual ratings for the 12-hour prime-time fire special, which will also feature "firewood specialists" adding color commentary and cultural segments with music and poetry.

If you need a little context, in 2011 NRK broadcasted a 134 hour non-stop special featuring a cruise ship going up the Norwegian coast to the Arctic. This special garnered 3.2 million viewers (60% of Norway's population) at its most-watched point.

Perhaps we here in the US can learn something from this type of programming. What wold you like to see replace the current prime-time lineup? Snow falling? Cats sleeping? People doing the Harlem Shake? Let us know in the comments what prime-time show you think needs to be replaced...and what you would substitute it with!


  • Bri

    Idol replaced by wolves howling at the moon!

  • Baqinardo

    NBC Thursday line up with Baby laughing.

  • PJM

    Watching actual paint dry. It would probably get better ratings than half of NBC’s lineup.

  • Mr. me

    Monkeys riding unicycles could easily replace Do No Harm in the NBC 10p Thursday hour

  • DD

    Two And A Half Men with Charlie Sheen dancing around.

  • Observer

    I’d watch the cats.

  • DParham

    Replace Idol with Niki and Mariah btch slapping each other for 3 hours straight.

  • Ben

    First of all: on Christmas eve and day (Dec. 24 and 25) some USA basic cable TV channels do show a fireplace with Holiday/Christmas music.

    Secondly: Fireworks (Pryotechnics) in HD with stereo sound replacing most shows on Saturday night (with the execption of Turner Classics’ The Essentials and NBC’s Saturday Night Live). If almost every show that aired on Saturday night were replaced by a Fireworks show, would most people even notice the difference?

  • iggy

    kitties playing football instead of puppies playing football

  • Ben

    @Iggy; What if the Kitty Bowl also had catnip in the football? That could really make it funny, interesting and offbeat; in addition to getting top marks for the cuteness factor. I really think you have a really great idea there.

  • PurpleDrazi

    LOL!!! And this is why Drinking is so prevelant in Scandinavian countries. (well, that and the constant Winter darkness and bonechilling cold)

    Still, let’s not cast stones just yet. “Firewood specalist” = Ax men, Swamp Loggers, etc. Plus, I’d rather watch a video fire than Honey Boo Boo any day.

  • cra

    I watched Too,Cute! on Animal Planet last night – puppies and kittens playing. Enough said.

  • Silas

    Norway probably has the worlds most beautiful coast line. I can’t think of a reason I wouldn’t tune in to see some of that, especially closer to the arctic where the crisp blue of the North Sea meets the Arctic Sea and the stunning white of the snow.

    Perhaps it’s a European thing. Nature shows on the BBC get massive ratings.

  • Ellen

    Robert Greenblatt Eating Pudding

  • 728huey

    That idea of showing a fire isn’t so farfetched. After all, many TV stations on Christmas Eve night and through Christmas morning show a yule log with Christmas music playing alongside, and it draws bigger ratings than some other network and cable offerings (albeit miniscule). I could see some stations showing fireworks displays on the 4th of July, or waves gently crashing on the beach during summer days.

  • Shepherd

    “in 2011 NRK broadcasted a 134 hour non-stop special featuring a cruise ship going up the Norwegian coast to the Arctic. This special garnered 3.2 million viewers (60% of Norway’s population) at its most-watched point.”

    You should at least put this into context. I’m not sure about NOR, but in the DK, we only had two channels; three if you had ‘cable’.

  • Amanda Kondolojy

    @ Shepherd

    According to Wikipedia, Norwegians have options.

  • Fake Me Out

    All shows with nothing but hardcore porn 24/7/365 … highest ratings EVER in the USA especially in the bible belt zone … Don’t do as I do, do as I say


  • Kyle7

    For the last few years I’ve thought that NBC could fill a half hour with clips of baby panda antics and actually do better than some of the sitcoms they’ve put on.

  • AppleStinx

    The entire primetime lineup at MSNBC needs to be replaced with re-runs of shows about life in prisons.
    CNN needs to replace its primetime with 3-hour coverage of cruise liners set adrift without power and sanitation (say this week on Lake Tanganyika, then Amazon River, off the coast of Somalia running into pirates, etc).

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