Thursday Final Ratings: 'Zero Hour', 'Big Bang Theory', 'Community', 'Idol', 'Elementary' & 'Grey's Anatomy' Adjusted Up; 'Scandal' Adjusted Down

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February 15th, 2013

Community, Zero Hour, American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, Elementary and The Big Bang Theory were each adjusted up a tenth, while Scandal  was adjusted down a tenth  among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 5.5 18 17.89
FOX American Idol 3.7 12 12.59
ABC Zero Hour -P 1.4 4 6.38
NBC Community 1.2 4 2.76
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.0 3 2.31
8:30PM CBS Two and a Half Men 3.8 11 13.69
NBC Parks & Recreation 1.5 5 3.18
9:00PM CBS Person of Interest 3.0 8 14.87
ABC Grey's Anatomy 2.8 8 8.57
NBC The Office (9-10PM) 2.0 6 4.06
FOX Glee 1.7 5 5.13
CW Beauty and the Beast 0.5 1 1.40
10:00 PM ABC Scandal 2.7 8 8.02
CBS Elementary 2.3 7 10.98
NBC Law and Order: SVU -R 0.9 3 3.33

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  • networkman

    @Ultima, I don’t feel alot of advertising resources need to be use to inform viewers that an older show in its last season or so has moved to a different night. I feel audiences are smart enough to find a favorite program of theirs if they really want to watch. As you stated promote new shows and then while viewers are watching a new show they’ll notice an existing favorite either following it or airing before it.

    On the regular annual program that introduces new programs to the TV audiences, it can simply be stated that your old favorite has now moved to this night or airs at a later time, etc. And then their are ads placed in magazines anyway, that tells the time a certain program airs. Viewers will notice if an older, aging program now has a new night.

  • Paul

    I hate it when I’m this right! I said if they keep firing all the judges year after year the ratings for Idol would go down more every year. Now the ratings have hit NEW lows as they hit 12 million?? Are you kidding me? With this clown cast is anyone surprised? American idol needs to save it’s self respect and leave the air after this year. They would have been so much better off to keep Simon, Abdul, and the regular cast. And they would have been even better off keeping Lopez & Steven Tyler. What’s funny is X-Factor is doing EXACTLY the same thing, fire all the judges come back the next year with new record low ratings. X-Factor is coming back again next year to do the same trick. And now Idol if they continue would have no choice but to get rid of these judges. Problem is the people they are replacing them with are worse than the year before in every case! The Voice and America’s Got talent are the kings of talent shows now and I hear they are also might be replacing judges? FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • john

    I think the ratings for TVD will go up next week with people knowing Katherine is back on the show. I could be wrong though

  • The End


    They don’t need to go up though. The current numbers would get it another few seasons. Nothing at all to worry about.

  • Rokk


    Do you have any idea how expensive it would be for the marketing for your horrible schedule filled with moves and new series?

  • jake

    I wanted to throw up with the Glee episode…
    Like you guys say, it has jumped the shark..
    If I werer a dad and have kids or even teenagers I woudn’t let them watch this show…
    And not because the gay couples, I’m ok with that I respect them, but what I don’t support is promiscuity… is wrong and stupid.

  • networkman


    Do you really feel CBS should keep every show in their same timeslot next year? And we all have seen networks in the past premiere 6 or 7 new shows during the Fall. I don’t understand the need to get in such a frenzy over the schedule. Simply saying something is horrible without giving any examples, being vague is weak. You don’t feel some of the moves will benefit the network and help growth in several timeslots?

    Anyways, CBS will probably keep the same boring schedule and simply plug in new shows in the same timeslot as their failed new shows. I’m just saying that this will only lead to more decline across the board on every night and an over dependency on these aging shows. I just want the #1 network to continue to have high standards and not just settle for mediocre ratings because it beats other shows will poor ratings. That’s all.

  • Janice

    I am a big scandal fan but I doubt it’ll beat Grey’s anytime soon. Thing is Grey’s not serialized and pretty much half of America has watched it at least sporadically, so it can still pull high 3s or even low 4s for big episodes as some people tune in just for those. Scandal however is really steady as it’s very serialyzed so it doesn’t get casual viewing

  • Lukes

    The lead-in effect of Idol for glee lasted exactly one episode.
    Glee is also not helped by all the stop-and-go that Fox has programmed for it, having groups of 3-4 episodes with relatively long breaks in between is very frustrating. This, of course, added to the fact that it is not able to solve its problems.

    Regarding Vampire Diaries, if you look at the audience in millions since the beginning of the season, it really hasn’t changed much, it is decreased but not terribly so. It is even in line with the numbers of the last part of season 3 actually.

  • mohammad

    so what cult?????

  • Dani

    @Buffy –

    Someone posted it a few pages back. It’s series low was for season 3 ep 19, which got a 1.0 in the demo and 2.21 million viewers. So this ep tied the series low demo, but had more viewers. There has also been at least one other ep (I think the other poster said it was season 3 epsiode 20?) where the viewers have been lower then this weeks, but the demo was higher, a 1.1.

    @ Lynn –

    TVD is still number 1 for the CW. This week has, so far, been the first week ever that it’s been beaten. That still makes it number 1, as it’s beaten everything every other week to date, meaning it still has the highest season average, and therefore retains the number 1 spot. It would have to be beaten a lot more times before it loses that title. I still don’t really get the fasination over ‘which show is number 1?’ anyway. All three (TVD, Arrow, SPN) have already been renewed for next season, and all 3 are doing great for the CW. Which show is number 1 on the network is a meaningless title, there’s no prizes for it, and all 3 shows are 100% safely renewed, so I don’t really get why people fight over it, it doesn’t affect the show in any way, and the title itself is meaningless.

    And in regards to your comment ‘ratings haven’t been great since this season started’, go back to around page 5 (?) and look for a comment from a poster who has put the ratings breakdown for the first 14 eps of season 3 vs the first 14 eps of season 4. There has been a slight dip this season, but only very slight – the ratings are surprisingly even with last year. They’ve also included the season average from the first 14 eps of season 3 vs the first 14 eps of season 4, and I think, if I remember rightly, it’s a 1.34 demo for season 3 vs a 1.32 demo for season 4. So a tiny little drop. When compared to last year, TVD (at this point in the season, anyway) really isn’t doing that bad at all. It’s just, like the other poster said, the CW has other shows doing well this year, which means that when TVD drops, it looks worse in comparison to previous years, because every other year, even when TVD dropped, it was still head and shoulders higher than everything else on the network. This year there are other shows performing well, so it doesn’t have that.

  • John A

    So TVD is down a bit and people are saying its dying? LMAO it must be Nikita fanboys again.

  • Serial Rocker


    “If Grey’s Anatomy is on its last legs, what does that say about Person of Interest which is only in its 2nd season and barely beating it? :D”

    I’m not really up on the whole “smiley face” thing but if I actually knew how to make one that looked both disgusted and perplexed, I’d be doing that about now.

    Dude, could you make yourself sound anymore like a teenage girl? Man up!

  • Sean

    Man these NBC sitcoms are one big ball of who the hell knows…..

    My prediction (because that really matters)

    Renewed: Parks and Rec (slam dunk), Go On, Whitney, and Community
    Cancelled: New Normal, GWK, UAN, and 1600 Penn

  • João

    Where is Max? Scandal was adjusted down…Next Sunday OUaT beats Scrap…

  • LookInTheMirror

    All of you people who are screaming for Max to be banned from the site and yet you turn around and do the exact same thing to him when you get a chance. And no “he did it to us first” is not a valid excuse.

    Ahhh. I love the smell of Hypocrisy in the morning.

  • Mandy

    Elementary numbers are no good enough for cbs althoug it is the cbs show facing the toughest compettion at 10 pm.
    CBS has lost numbers this season. They need real hits soon, the new shows they got in the last years were not able to improve or even mantein the numbers of the shows they replaced. As H50 with CSI Miami and Elementary with The Mentalist. Only POI has been a real winner for them in the last 3 years.
    They are looking at a lot of pilots this season, more than ever, they really need real hits.

  • Kese

    It is interesting to me that this winter The New Normal has more milion viewers (3m something) than Smash, 1600 Penn, Community, Guys With Kids, Whitney and Up All Night (2m something), and yet TNN demos have been 1.low, just like the other shows I mentioned. Since the demos only count people aged 18-49, does it mean that the rest of TNN audience not counted in the demos are below 18? Just asking. If not, what’s the reason for them to have less demo but more viewers?

  • outlawz

    so now a.i is gettin beat by 2.5men to wich mean cbs tbbt n 2.5men are kicking ass lol

  • matt

    Are you high @Mandy? CBS is doing just fine

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