When Will You Know If Your Favorite Show Is Canceled or Renewed?

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February 15th, 2013

With questions from fans beginning, and the renewals last week of Supernatural, Arrow and The Vampire Diaries I figured it was time to get this calender out.

Although most  renewal and cancellation announcements for current broadcast TV primetime shows for the 2013-14 season will happen prior to these dates (usually by the Friday of the week before), the broadcast network upfront events are the final date on which each network's 2013 Fall schedules will be revealed.

So, you'll know no later than these dates* about the fate of your favorite broadcast primetime shows.

2013 Broadcast Network Upfront Meetings

May 13, 2013 NBC New York Morning
May 13, 2013 FOX New York Afternoon
May 14, 2013 Univision New York Morning
May 14, 2013 ABC New York Afternoon
May 15, 2013 CBS New York Afternoon
May 16, 2013 The CW New York Morning

Of course, if you follow our Renew/Cancel Index, and Bubble Watch, you'll be pretty sure of most show's fates well in advance of these dates.

Cable networks also have advertising upfront events spread throughout March, April and May, and while they often announce new shows at them they aren't typically "the day all renewals and cancellations are finally revealed" as are the broadcast events.

*in very rare instances, announcements do come after these dates. The Rules Of Engagement renewal wasn't announced until after the CBS upfront event last Spring, presumably because the deal wrangling took too long, and in a completely freakish move, CBS canceled Unforgettable at their upfront and then un-canceled it well after their upfront.

  • Leondre

    Why is NBC’s upfront meeting first?

  • Rebecca

    Maybe the networks take turns. I think back when we were waiting to see if Chuck would get what would be its final season NBC went last that year.

  • Alan

    Can’t wait for CW’s upfronts. The other network’s decisions are very predictable, but with The CW you never know.

  • the steve sanders

    Alot of networks wont say anthing about canceling low rated shows,just to keep people watching the garbage(whitney,guys with kids,malibu country)they already filmed full seasons of,to keep the few watching as long as possible,usally if you know a show is cancelled,you don’t bother watching anymore…..atleast thats what I do.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Maybe the networks take turns. I think back when we were waiting to see if Chuck would get what would be its final season NBC went last that year.”

    These sit down meetings/presentations have been on exactly the same schedule for the 6 seasons we’ve been running the site (and probably far longer than that). However, there have been seasons when NBC had a conference call on Sunday prior to the week and gave out all their schedule info to the press in *addition* to their sit down presentation.

  • Steve

    Hopefully “Chuck” will make the cut, oh wait :(

  • Joseph

    The networks’ decisions on their Fall schedules, and the upfronts, should be a month earlier (mid-April instead of Mid-May) than they are now for three reasons:

    (1) Producers of new and returning shows will get more time to assign writers, directors, and guest stars to episodes.

    (2) The networks can promote their Fall shows on-air throughout the entire May sweeps instead of just ten to fourteen days at the end of the sweeps.

    (3) The entertainment magazine shows like “Entertainment Tonight” and “Access Hollywood” would love an earlier upfront for they could then move their entire shows (with only a “skeleton” team back in the ‘States) to Cannes, France for two weeks in mid-May to cover the star-studded Cannes Film Festival, and not have to worry about covering news of the networks announcing their Fall lineups back home.

  • Joseph

    TV By The Numbers.com should produce it’s own reality show on which we follow our own Cancellation Bear as he makes the rounds of Hollywood (and perhaps occasionally New York), devouring shows that get cancelled.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    How about an ANIMATED Cancellation Bear show?

    Hey, Fringe got away with it! :-)

  • Tony JJ

    are the networks pretty much done with pilot orders??

  • alvar

    NBC can announce 10 cycles of The Voice to fill their schedule next fall

  • Ben

    NBC should understand that their new shows aren’t working. They are only hitting new lows.

  • DW

    well i know that ive been reading on here that the good wife will be cancelled for the last 2 years and that the walking dead should be renewed for 20 seasons so this may thing seems so outdated. :)

  • TV Addict

    Answer: when it gets a 1.2 :'(

  • Steve Sanders

    I really wish there was a way to rate commercials,that way we would’nt have to suffer through the REALLY annoying ones.(Progressive’s Flo,All states voice overs,the Twix ones where they crunch to the beat)

  • Jim

    Who watches commercials?

  • Douglas from Brazil

    The future of broadcast tv perhaps will be in hand of cable or netflix.

  • Rishi

    Just curious, since this site has started to include a cable renew/cancel table, are there set Cable upfronts as well? tia

  • Chibgchong

    Somehow chuck not being around this year makes following tv series cancellations uneventful coz I don’t care for any tiers that much :(

  • MJ

    Bill Gorman, do you know at what time the meetings are going to happen, both morning and afternoon?

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