When Will You Know If Your Favorite Show Is Canceled or Renewed?

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February 15th, 2013

With questions from fans beginning, and the renewals last week of Supernatural, Arrow and The Vampire Diaries I figured it was time to get this calender out.

Although most  renewal and cancellation announcements for current broadcast TV primetime shows for the 2013-14 season will happen prior to these dates (usually by the Friday of the week before), the broadcast network upfront events are the final date on which each network's 2013 Fall schedules will be revealed.

So, you'll know no later than these dates* about the fate of your favorite broadcast primetime shows.

2013 Broadcast Network Upfront Meetings

May 13, 2013 NBC New York Morning
May 13, 2013 FOX New York Afternoon
May 14, 2013 Univision New York Morning
May 14, 2013 ABC New York Afternoon
May 15, 2013 CBS New York Afternoon
May 16, 2013 The CW New York Morning

Of course, if you follow our Renew/Cancel Index, and Bubble Watch, you'll be pretty sure of most show's fates well in advance of these dates.

Cable networks also have advertising upfront events spread throughout March, April and May, and while they often announce new shows at them they aren't typically "the day all renewals and cancellations are finally revealed" as are the broadcast events.

*in very rare instances, announcements do come after these dates. The Rules Of Engagement renewal wasn't announced until after the CBS upfront event last Spring, presumably because the deal wrangling took too long, and in a completely freakish move, CBS canceled Unforgettable at their upfront and then un-canceled it well after their upfront.

  • jimmers

    ABC better renew HAPPY ENDINGS & REVENGE! FOX, please renew MINDY PROJECT. Those are the only shows I really care for. K? Thanx!

  • ken cimon

    how can a show every be popular. They are off every other week, it seems. this rating crap, is just that crap.

  • Michael H

    Why hasn’t CBS renewed Person Of Interest yet? I think they did it sooner last season and gave us an extra episode. If anything, I think its doing better this year. I know it will be renewed; I sure would like an extra episode this too.

  • Sandy

    If NBC doesn’t announce renewal of any other shows: Revolution, Chicago Fire, and Grimm will be announced before May, everyone else will be during May (or canceled prior).

  • decrain15

    How about commercials like Cialis and Victoria’s Secret w/ their lingeries w/ wings really? There are kids watching you know?!!In the future I am assuming all you will see are naked bodies letting it all hang out.

  • Annette

    Scandal and Grey’s anatomy are the only TV shows I need to survive.

  • Billiam

    If NBC doesn’t do something quickly, CW will start beating them in the ratings! :)

  • Jones

    Unrelated but not sure where else to ask: several weeks ago Jimmy Fallon made a comment about commercials and volume levels (referring to the practice of commercials being louder than tv shows to draw viewers’ attention) and end to this practice. Since I have spent much of my viewing time this week with insomnia, and holding the remote so I can quickly lower the volume when a commercial starts before I wake the neighbors with a suddenly louder television, I am wondering about the accuracy of this statement. If anything I find commercials louder than they have been in previous months.

  • davie

    Guys Chuck wasn’t around at last year’s upfronts either. I know..it’s been gone for almost a year and a half.

    All I’m looking forward to at upfronts if they haven’t happened yet, is a Community renewal, Once Upon a Time renewal, & Nikita renewal. Everything else…. meh

  • Androme


    “NBC should understand that their new shows aren’t working. They are only hitting new lows.”

    Don’t you think THEY know that??

  • gail o´hara

    LAW AND ORDER SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT , FOR THE FIFTEEN YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • charlene

    where and when will the abc family upfronts be?

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