Have We Already Seen the Last of 'Up All Night?' (Poll)

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February 16th, 2013

First the sitcom Up All Night was getting a makeover as a multi-camera comedy rather than a single camera comedy. Then last week, star Christina Applegate left the show. Then, after that, NBC trimmed what was originally planned as 5 multi-camera episodes of Up All Night for this season down to a single episode.

Now, in a development that likely won't surprise anyone, Deadline's Nellie Andreeva reports that she hears even that one episode has been scrapped.

So, what say you: over/under .5 new episodes of Up All Night that hit the airwaves?

Call me a cynic, I'm taking the under.

  • ragincajun

    The real question is does anyone care???! ;-)

  • networkman

    I hear that Maya Rudolph is pregnant again. And with Christina already gone, I really say they should end the show now. Let everyone go on to something bigger and better. Not that Maya couldn’t work while pregnant but it really would not be worth it for this show. So Maya shoud just be focusing on Family right now.

  • Jumbotron

    Five words: Up All Night…IN SPACE!

  • catocony

    What does NBC need to do to get a scripted show into the 3.0 and above arena? “Up All Night” was a hit on paper. A good cast in the first season, a Mr. Mom premise, a good creative team. I thought it was ok last year, but it was definitely missing a spark. Too much Maya Rudolph scenery chewing? The annoying assistant at the TV studio?

    I guess so, since they tried to change all that this season – and introduced the goofy brother, and the main character quitting his job as a lawyer to do something stupid with the new character. Wow, what a mess. Wholesale changes in the span of one half-hour episode, and they wonder why no one took the time to watch it?

    I still say it’s time for NBC to swallow it’s pride, and pick up another network’s castoff this summer. Cougar Town has decent ratings on basic cable, it certainly would do better on NBC than Up All Night or Whitney.

  • Tom

    Someone still cares about this mess?

  • rob60990

    Finally NBC comes to their senses. At least Lisa Kudrow has her standards, can’t say the same for Courteney Cox.

  • Samunto

    I’d have honestly wanted to see the multi-cam episode and abit disappointed that it’s probably not going to happen if the ‘who’ Nelly ‘Horton’ Andreeva is anything to go by.

  • Samunto

    I watched probably like 6episodes of season 1 and what always put me off was that i hardly laughed and there were just too many sad/mean moments. I love both leads but it just didn’t click with me the way i wanted to – which is i guess what most of Americans experienced.

  • Oliver


    Create better shows and make better promos.

  • SJ

    It’s dead. Been for a while. Just waiting for NBC to make it official and release Arnett and Rudolph from their contracts.

  • Dan S

    UAN started out similar to Raising Hope which audiences embraced. Not the same for UAN which never found its footing like P&R did in later episodes. It makes little sense to make a single multi-cam episode which sounds awful to start with. NBC can can ill afford to make another strategic blunder trying to keep this ratings starved show alive.

  • JR35

    Why bother with one episode?

  • Neil

    Up All Night will be put to Sleep.

  • Joseph

    Our own Cancellation Bear will chew up and devour “Up All Night” by this coming Wednesday (February 20th).


    Call me a cynic but I must say UNDER

  • Michael

    In February 2011, Charlie Sheen left “Two and a Half Men.” CBS spent the spring with rumors about who would replace him, and they spent the summer with rumors about how the story line would be affected. Then, the fall premiere had such huge ratings that the show debuting after it, “Two Broke Girls,” became a ratings smash hit.

    NBC can do the same thing. Chevy Chase and Christina Applegate have already left their respective shows. NBC just needs to fire one integral cast member from each of their remaining shows, and make sure to pair new pilots with each returning show. Of course, that would mean that NBC needs to renew half of the shows on their current schedule. Dang, I knew their was a catch.

  • Doug

    It really is a case of a show that NBC destroyed piece by piece. IIRC, it got off to a fantastic start last season despite airing 8pm on Wednesday, then just constantly slid. The retooling this season didn’t help.

  • thereasonsy

    Let’s face facts. NBC is struggling to get a new breakthrough comedy and even Seinfeld needed time to heat up. They just can’t believe that with the stars attached to this show that it is a ratings bomb. Yes, they player schedule roulette with it but they tried to find it an audience and sadly like ABC’s Happy Endings they panicked and yanked it around too much so now it even looks worse than it really is. I don’t blame Applegate from leaving, the show was barely recognizable from Season 1 to Season 2 much less who knows what Version 2.5 was going to look like with a different creative team and format. It simply wasn’t the show she signed up for. Recasting her is simply not an option because Lisa Kudrow is 49 and Applegate is 41 and the visual age difference is very visible especially when you put her next to Will Arnett, the baby & Maya. Sadly, NBC needs to call TOD and move on. They would have had a better shot at revamping Chelsea. This all but assures Whitney a season 3.

  • Fake Me Out


    If Whitney gets a 3rd season does the syndication rule mean a 4th season is automatic and if yes what do you believe will be the furthest distance the splatter flies when the Whitney Haters Club members heads begin to explode?

    Funny how things work out. Last year when UAN got off to a better start so many were proclaiming it is the hit NBC was looking for and how Whitney was an abomination that needed to be canceled asap … and here we are with Whitney still with a pulse and the stench of decomp attracting the bear to UAN.

  • Jade

    If Up All Night was already a hit show I wouldn’t see a problem with recasting,I mean it didn’t seem to hurt 2.5 Men but clearly nobody watches Up All Night.

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