Will 'Once Upon a Time' Rebound This Week? (Poll)

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February 17th, 2013

Once Upon a Time had a rough day last Sunday. With competition from The Grammy Awards and the return of The Walking Dead, it plummeted to a series low 2.2 adults 18-49 rating. Can Once recover this week? Make a prediction below for tonight's episode, and tell us your thoughts in the comments!

  • Joseph

    Revenge wasn’t affected by TWD before- it will definitely get above a 2.0

  • Shepherd

    Just for reference. Last year The Grammys (2-12) got a 14.1; OUAT got a 3.0. The following week OUAT rebounded ~3.5% to 3.1.

    This year The Grammys (2-10) got a 10.2; OUAT got a 2.2… I don’t know why people are expecting huge post Grammy gains.

  • Nerdbot


    I think they do, because the 2.2 of OUAT was in a period where it faced strong competition week after week. Maybe it would have got easily 2.7-2.8 against the Grammys but if it hadn’t had to compete against other big events the previous weeks.

  • brian I

    I stopped watching Once Upon A time, it got really boring. But hopefully Revenge bounces back!!!

  • Shepherd


    Lol, did you just invent a new square for Fan Excuse Bingo??

    My show would have done great this week “if it hadn’t had to compete against other big events the previous weeks.”

  • Sean

    Revenge should hopefully rebound since tonight is a big episode. 2.8 for Once and a 2.1 for Revenge

  • JR35

    Hope it gets back to a 2.8, at least.

  • Sam

    Once Upon A Time: 2.8
    Revenge: 2.3 – 2.4

    I think it’s next to impossible for both shows to reach their series lows again. I expect the ratings for the second half of both seasons to not quite match their respective first halves, but when the return in the fall Season 3, I believe they’ll be back in the Top 4 shows on ABC.

    Scandal runs the risk of becoming too boring and because of that I now expect somewhat of a decline, but I believe it will even out at a 2.3 – 2.4 this season. Which is still very good. I enjoy the show. The storyline’s are basically the same each week though, and I feel they bumped the presidents attempted assassination up too early.

    But all 3 shows have proven to be a hit for ABC. I expect all 3 will return in the fall.

  • Christian


    OUAT faced the same big events last year. The show held up well. I guess instead of retentionistas, we now have revisionistas.

  • John A

    I do hope Revenge gets a 2.3 or higher but my gut tells me 1.8. I dont watch OUAT so dont care but hope its strong to help out Revenge.

  • John A

    Yeah TWD didnt effect Revenge in the fall well unless TWD keeps that 6.0 otherwise its just fan excuse bingo.

  • Fred

    Being a big fan of OUAT & REVENGE, I’m hoping for a nice rebound.
    Not just in the ratings but also in the storylines.
    Revenge and OUAT have been showing some positve signs plot wise recently. But the ratings have been hitting lows. The showrunners are most likely scrambling to set things right.

  • OodlesofNoodles

    I’m thinking OUAT will stay in the middle 2s from here on out. Correct me if I’m wrong, but its S2 ratings have overall been lower than its S1 ones, and that’s not a trend I see changing in the future.

    Personally, I’m dropping the show because the quality has deteriorated dramatically from S1.

  • Alec K

    OUAT – 2.6-2.8
    Revenge – 1.9-2.2

    Don’t watch OUAT, but I do watch Revenge. Hope it rises up back to the mid-2’s soon.

  • enes

    i hope Revenge will be up

  • The End

    @John A

    I would say something like

    Revenge 1.4-1.7 18-49
    Once Upon a Time between a 2.2-2.4 18-49

    Given some of the expectations, I expect a meltdown on Sundays network ratings post on Monday, could be interesting. This is what I’m going with anyway.

  • frodo

    Revenge is up against The Walking Dead which does not effect it too much but its also up against the finale of Downton Abby and that does effect it.

    I think Once will go up to a 2.9 or 3.0, Revenge will go to 2.2 or 2.3.

  • frodo

    Revenge was effected for three straight episodes, first Golden Globes, than NFC and than Grammys and Walking Dead premiere so today with all that out of the way and a big chapter coming up, it should definitely rise up. No way it will get anything lower than a 2.0, if that happens than the show is dead.

    Before the bad scheduling Revenge was in between a 2.8 – 2.4 and it started season 2 with a 3.2.

  • The End


    Todays Downton Abbey episode is the Christmas Special, not the ‘finale’. Personally I don’t count specials as finales, more extras. Thus the name ‘Special’.

  • iggy

    Revenge 1.7, Once 2.6

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