CBS Yanks 'The Job'; 'Undercover Boss' to Return this Friday

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February 18th, 2013

After two low-rated episodes. CBS has pulled The Job from its schedule. Undercover Boss will return to the Friday at 8PM timeslot starting this Friday, February 22, The Futon Critic reports. The Job premiered to a 0.9adults `8-49 rating then fell to a 0.7 in week 2. CBS has not announced whether the remaining six episodes of The Job will air at some point in the future.

  • matt

    The Flop

  • Oliver

    No surprise. Since it’s CBS, it’ll probably air on Saturday (that said, they ended up putting 3 online instead).

  • Nick

    And grass is green, and the sky is blue, and NCIS will go on forever.

  • Shepherd

    I predict they do at some point. This also confirms my prediction that Touch will beat The Job in the ratings race towards the bottom. A de facto win to be sure (ratings wise only), but I guess Touch does win in the race against The Bear.

  • Mon

    Safe choice. It’s interesting how CBS will stretch 4 UB episodes til May. Looks like Golden Boy will have a repeat lead-in on some weeks which is not good if CBS wants GB to succeed. I don’t think CBS will air TBBT repeats on this night because they are saving them for rainy Mondays next season.

  • Cass rowlwland

    Does this mean it’s cancelled

  • DenverDean

    UB will air two new episodes – one for last Friday of sweeps (this week) and second for GB premier. (Although I wouldn’t be surprised if GB stays at 10/9 on Tuesday and Vegas gets shipped to Friday 9/8.) CBS made a big mistake in trimming CSI:NY order first to 18 and then to 17 during season. I’m sure after TJ premiered, CBS contacted UB to start filming new episodes. They do luck out in March because two Fridays are filled with March Madness.

  • Shepherd

    @Cass rowlwland

    “Does this mean it’s cancelled”?

    Yes, this does mean that the show has been canceled, but it doesn’t preclude CBS finding a place and/or time to ‘burn off’ the remaining episodes.

    Does nobody read the articles anymore?

  • Holly


    Does nobody read the articles anymore?

    Have they ever? (I’ve been guilty of this as well on occassion).

  • Holly


  • Robsten_Fan

    Oops.. :D

  • rob60990

    Is it too late for CBS to order more new episodes of UB to fill the rest of the season?

  • The Cool Max

    Not a surprise at all.

  • Mon

    Maybe not but in one of the UB episodes I watched, an employee said something that suggests that episode was shot last summer.

  • Tom

    That sort of move isn’t shocking, the real question is how quickly (if at all) UB can produce more episodes for this Spring still.

    Personally, if I were running CBS, I would just sit tight with repeats for this season, as it looks like I will need UB to air 22 episodes next season.
    (If any of Vegas/NY/TGW/TM and we can already assume Golden Boy get renewals, it’s only out of need for filler, not ratings.)

  • DenverDean

    CBS has 10 Fridays to fill until May sweeps (12 – 2 from March Madness). So either six repeats of UB or spot filling with procedurals. Comedies are a definite no. I was wrong about GB debuting on March 1 on Friday, it’s March 8. CBS will definitely have a new UB that night. They will probably run a repeat on 3/1 since CBS is running two BB repeats. Quite the mess starting with move of CSI:NY to 8/7, MIJ, reducing NY’s order, TJ and soon to be bomb GB.

  • Michael

    Why are there no predictions for unscripted shows? And if you’re not going to predict them, why report on them? It’s not like scripted shows live in a vacuum. “CSI” benefited greatly from airing after “Survivor,” and NBC’s top scripted shows are whatever follows “The Voice.”

  • SJ

    There are only four more UB episodes left. If they burn through them by mid-March, what will they do in April and May after March Madness is over (provided they can’t order more UB episodes at this point in the season)? NCIS repeats? I wouldn’t wanna be in Golden Boy’s shoes right about now…

    …although shipping Vegas off to Fridays seems like the most obvious choice. But I still expect both Vegas and GB to be cancelled.

  • Fake Me Out

    Nick, while joking above, said “…and NCIS will go on forever” which got me thinking … how long will NCIS last? Will it eventually hit 20 seasons or will the cast & crew get tired of printing money before then and call it a day? What other scripted shows in the 8+ seasons range have a shot at 15~20 season runs? CSI has to be the front runner for making it to 20, no? Just, to me anyways, an interesting counter thought to shows that are getting yanked after only a couple of episodes. And, after 20+ years, does the bear find the meat to be a little too tough for his tastes?

  • Ultima

    If Golden Boy does significantly better than Vegas, CBS can leave it on Tuesdays and move Vegas to Friday; then they can run the new Undercover Boss episodes during sweeps only (1 in February, 3 in April/May), filling with repeats or drama repeats the rest of the time.

    If not, they’ll probably burn through the Undercover Boss episodes to support Golden Boy and then repeats in April and maybe 48 Hours during May sweeps or just double up on Golden Boy episodes.

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