CBS Yanks 'The Job'; 'Undercover Boss' to Return this Friday

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February 18th, 2013

After two low-rated episodes. CBS has pulled The Job from its schedule. Undercover Boss will return to the Friday at 8PM timeslot starting this Friday, February 22, The Futon Critic reports. The Job premiered to a 0.9adults `8-49 rating then fell to a 0.7 in week 2. CBS has not announced whether the remaining six episodes of The Job will air at some point in the future.

  • Ultima

    @Fake Me Out
    What other scripted shows in the 8+ seasons range have a shot at 15~20 season runs?

    Family Guy

  • Jeff R.

    Has NCIS yet achieved 100% cast turnover? If so, then they probably can give Law & Order a good run. If not, wait until it’s done that without it hurting their ratings…

  • Shepherd


    Lol I suppose not. :)


    “Why are there no predictions for unscripted shows? And if you’re not going to predict them, why report on them?”

    As Bill and Robert have said 3.2 zillion times before, there are simply too many factors regarding renewal to make accurate predictions. They have given other reasons as well, and you’re welcome to read them yourself, but this one seems to be the biggest.

    Why report on them?

    Maybe because their audience is interested in knowing whether the shows they watch have been renewed or canceled. Just a thought.

  • Ultima

    @Jeff R
    Has NCIS yet achieved 100% cast turnover?

    Not even close. Four of the main cast members from season one are still main cast.

  • Dan

    No there wont be anymore episodes beyond the 13 produced for this season. There will probably be another season next fall or spring but theres not point to order a few more new episodes when they take time to produce and CBS can just air repeats Fridays.

  • Jimbo

    Not much of a surprise. This show looked like a really bad version of Shark Tank, with a different focus of course (people seeking funding for and assistance with their businesses vs. people looking for jobs). Oh well, it’s not like it had any expectations, and Mark Burnett has a bazillion other shows.

  • Tim Doyle

    CRUSHED by Last Man Standing, The Job disappears father two airings!

  • Samunto

    Such unity among the networks – they all had shows with ratings of 0.7. It’s called sharing the spoils! Hihihihi

  • Anthony

    What other scripted shows in the 8+ seasons range have a shot at 15~20 season runs?

    Well it’s certainly easier to make it 15 than it is to 20 (and much easier to guess which shows will make it that far). If we are only talking about making it to 20 seasons, best bet would be Family Guy (like Ultima said). It’s ratings are still good for the network and even if Fox cancels it, Comedy Central has shown that animation shows from broadcast networks can be profitable with substantially lower ratings, so it could live on at a cable network. Just drama’s though I wouldn’t bet that any show currently airing makes it that far. SVU and CSI are both clearly on the decline and given their ratings relative to other shows on their respective networks, I could see them being renewed for a few more seasons but not enough to make it to 20 (SVU would need 6 more seasons, and CSI needs 7). NCIS is in it’s 10th season and thus still needs 10 more to make it 20, that’s a tall order especially given that both SVU and CSI began to see significantly lower ratings starting in their 10th seasons. The other 8+ season dramas are Bones and Grey’s Anatomy. Bones won’t make it to 20 (needs 12 more seasons, and given it’s ratings compared to the network, it just won’t happen). Grey’s is still strong but very serialized and I don’t know that the ratings will hold or that the actors will want to do it for that long (11 seasons more).

  • BxActor


  • Chris

    CBS could have improved The Job by just changing the prize: give the winner the job of the idiot at CBS who greenlit “The Job,” because hey, it’s not like they could do worse, right?

  • Jumbotron

    CBS should replace “The Job” with “The New Job”, a reality show where all the people who worked on “The Job” compete for a job working on “The New Job” itself…thus creating a paradox with the potential to destroy reality TV.


    As expected, CBS pulls The Job for not getting the job done

  • CBSviewer

    Just move Vegas to Friday at 8/7c.

  • Ccemerson

    Shuffle The Mentalist to Friday and Vegas to Sunday. CBS can already write off Sunday 9 to 11pm for this season ratings wise w/The Good Wife tanking and the final episodes of Vegas at ten. Focus on totally revamping Sundays and Fridays for the upfronts in May and Fall season. I hate to say this because this would be a quick fix. If CBS was bold and daring, there is a huge opportunity right now as no network has a firm grip on Sundays w/out football. ABC used to own this night w/The Desperate Housewives, now w/Revenge slipping badly in the ratings and worse ratings at 10pm and NBC with the return of The Apprentice. They could try pulling NCIS LA to Sunday @ 9 (see how it stands on its own) and try Elementry Tuesdays @ 9pm to see if it can grow out of the monster that is NCIS. If that succeeds they can launch the 3rd NCIS next fall Tuesdays @ 9pm. Plus give them a sampling if Elementry has a shelf life. If iit can’t grow out of POI or NCIS cancel it. Thoughts ???

  • Nick


    Such unity among the networks – they all had shows with ratings of 0.7. It’s called sharing the spoils! Hihihihi

    ABC has not had a show this whole season hit 0.7. The lowest were Apartment 23 and Revenge for Real at 0.8.

  • Darkridedan

    It wasn’t a bad show, during these times when many of us would love any job. It would probably be more at home on cable where lesser ratings would be expected, or NBC.

  • Ekras

    Maybe they will replace with a Drama?

  • NE1

    Yeah I didn’t think people would watch a show that reminds them how grueling going on job interviews is..

  • Hepha

    Good news for CSI New Yor which will have a decent lead-in to end its nineth season.
    As for a potential renewal/cancellation, it all comes down to the ratings of Golden Boy. Let’s cross finger till then ! :)

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