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February 18th, 2013

Last week, The Following tumbled to a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating, down from a 2.9 on February 4. Will it come back tonight? It's President's Day. The show had its monster premiere on Martin Luther King Day. Maybe holidays are good omens for The Following. On the other hand, half a ratings point is a big fall for a drama with serialized elements.  It could be tough for it to mount a come back. What do you think? Make your predictions below.




  • matt

    Should stabilize in the 2.3-2.5 range

  • Fake Me Out

    My bookie is giving good odds so I’ll take 1.8 … mainly to hear the howls of protest from the fans Tuesday noon as the FEB cards are pulled out and the squares begin to be filled … under the B, But it was a holiday!


  • Richard Steven Hack

    I didn’t bother with the poll, but my guess is the show will remain north of 2.0, and perhaps stabilize between 2.0 and 2.4. If it continues to drop by significant amounts, i.e., ten percent or more, then it’s in trouble.

  • cimmer

    2.3-2.4, it’s not the type of show or the type of format, that bounces back very easily, too serialized and too hard to ‘jump’ into if you haven’t been watching it. I know the PR’s are saying it’s a DVR darling but advertisers still need those ratings translating into dollars. It’s an interesting show but I think it might be settling into its niche, hopefully it won’t bleed more viewers . Still, it’s on Fox and these ratings might be okay for a at least a half season renewal?

  • BJH

    “Bones” has increased thanks to “The Following”, so I think both will be over a 2.0 this week (holiday should help). I try to be optimistic, but ratings trend lower.

    Bones 2.1 / The Following 2.0

  • CrimTV

    Why does everyone claim the hype is gone? Do you have some sort of hype meter that represents the United States 300+ million population? ….

  • Jake B


  • CrimTV

    For Fox’s and my sake I hope it’s stable or up to 2.5-2.6

  • DeanW


  • Jaime04

    I think 2.1 or 2.2
    I like it, but at times can turn me off – just pushing the violence, etc just
    A bit too much. That may be making people tune out.

  • Rob Pollard

    Not a chance. It is on a slow but sure descent to bubble-ville and 2.4 or higher is much better than that.


  • iggy

    If it’s anything like Alcatraz, it will keep going down.

  • omabin


  • Nick

    The Bachelor: 2.4
    Castle: 2.1

    How I Met Your Mother: 3.1
    Rules of Engagement: 2.5
    2 Broke Girls: 3.8
    Mike & Molly: 3.3
    Hawaii Five-0: 2.3

    The Carrie Diaries: 0.4
    90210: 0.3

    Bones: 2.0
    The Following: 2.2

    The Biggest Loser: 2.0
    Deception: 1.1

  • cadburyeasteregg

    Aw, someone mentioned Alcatraz. I loved Alcatraz. I don’t wish it back, though.

  • SJ

    Hoping for a 2.7-2.8. I’m loving the show, but the buzz does seem to have subsided. I don’t know why though…

  • Mark

    Until the show starts offering some “payoffs” for the viewers, the numbers are going to keep dropping. Can’t keep relying on the “death of the week” and the bumbling cops to keep people’s interest.

  • Dan S

    IF TF were to fail we’ll continue to be fed generic procedurals & comedies on the broadcast networks. Shows like this would be a major hit on cable & FX would be a perfect fit for TF. Can you imagine Sons of Anarchy or Walking Dead on broadcast ? Seems to get edgy daring shows cable is the destination to go.

  • cas

    I hope it rebounds. It is one of the better new shows of the season, which is just my opinion. I wish the neilsen box people and I liked the same shows, because then I would never have to worry. But unless I watch mostly CBS shows, I am screwed. Of course these are the same people that watch 2BG, which I don’t mind the show, I just think it’s ratings are not justified.

  • cas

    And as far as everyone mentioning the violence and maybe that is why people aren’t watching, well they haven’t seen criminal minds, AHS, or the various other violent programs that are on the air.

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