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February 18th, 2013

Last week, The Following tumbled to a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating, down from a 2.9 on February 4. Will it come back tonight? It's President's Day. The show had its monster premiere on Martin Luther King Day. Maybe holidays are good omens for The Following. On the other hand, half a ratings point is a big fall for a drama with serialized elements.  It could be tough for it to mount a come back. What do you think? Make your predictions below.




  • Rob Pollard

    If TF fails, it will be of its own making. Never has a show (through 4 episodes) relied more on idiotic, bumbling police work along with uncharismatic, unlikeable villains (particularly a cult leader who supposedly was the greatest professor since Socrates). I have no idea, and not in a good way, where this show is going beyond the cult leader’s decision to write a new “story” involving Bacon’s character as a hero. That’s not enough – there’s been zero payoff; just doofus police/FBI and criminals getting bumped off each week.

    It has a good premise with the cult leader/followers and Poe, but it’s not as foolproof as the even more violent Walking Dead (which has gotten by with L-O-N-G periods of slowness and underdeveloped characters b/c a) zombies, b) some high-energy, tense action sequences, and c) figuring out how to survive & keep your humanity (if that’s even a good idea) in a post-apocalyptic nightmare is such a boffo premise in the current zeitgeist), so TF is not going to make it on darkness/premise/Kevin Bacon’s acting alone.

    Unless it makes radical improvement, which is always possible, it’s going to slowly slip away.

  • Dillan

    The Following: 2.5

    The Carrie Diaries: 0.6
    90210: 0.4

  • Chris

    I’d guess that it’ll bounce back a little — 2.5 or 2.6, perhaps — because of the people who didn’t watch it last week, at least a few will realize that they didn’t really miss it and will never come back. The rest will come back because it’s a very consistent show (each new episode has the same tone and general structure as the previous one), and I think Nielsen viewers like that.

  • Jt

    Its not a flop in fact its doing not bad at all.

  • Nicole

    Ive been a Nielsen house and its bull.. they should really think anout changing the system. but anyways im hoping it doesnt dip so im saying a 2.7 2.8

  • v

    2.2, episodes are getting alittle weaker and mystery is fading.
    Just waiting to see how the show stabilizes around 2.0 like most of FOX shows.

  • orber

    The show is decently produced and acted but it’s playing out like a procedural disguised as a serial with all the weaknesses of both formats. Storyline isn’t going anywhere and offers no payoff or sustained suspense. Characters are disposable and every episode opens with a new red shirt we’ll never come to care about. Iceman/computer guy and Bacon’s characters are the only ones I can root for week to week and they are always too late to save anyone. The other investigators are idiots and the plot twist in each episode is that someone that no one but the audience suspects is part of the following. It’s predictable and tedious. I fully expect the big season twist to be that the Iceman/computer tech guy is really part of the following and Bacon is going to figured it out but too late to save anyone or himself.

  • chris

    Hoping for a small increase. Last week’s episode was good, this week’s was even better, people better watch it. :)

  • sarah nz


  • rick

    Many people are losing interest in mass murderers as entertainment.

  • Me Too

    Wanted to like this show but it is just too violent. Glorified violent porn. It’s the same every week. More killing and less story line. Really like Kevin Bacon and had hope for this but don’t see how it will work as if you miss one show you’re sunk. Tonight is my last show. Tired of it.

  • Kenn

    It’s getting worse. Move this to Saturday. Next.

  • davor

    WOW the last episode was great… especially after two not so great ones. I hope it at least stays at the same level cause next week’s episode looks fantastic!!

  • DKD

    “On the other hand, half a ratings point is a big fall for a drama with serialized elements.”

    Viewers could have shifted from “same day” to “Plus 7″. They can catch up on VOD or online venues.

    Losing viewers in “Live + SD” is no evidence people can’t stay abreast of the storyline.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Last weeks epiosde (where it fell to a 2.4) was REALLY BAD! Complete 180.

    Last night was good.

    I’d say


  • MichaelChickless

    2.5 to 2.6

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