'Elementary' Leads All Primetime Programs Among Live Plus 7-Day Lift For the Week Ending February 3

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February 19th, 2013

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"The Big Bang Theory" Tops Week 19 Among Adults 18-49 Lift—Adds 2.0 Full

Rating Points

ELEMENTARY's Jan. 31 broadcast was the week's #1 show in Live Plus 7-Day lift among viewers, while THE BIG BANG THEORY led all programs in Live Plus 7-Day lift among adults 18-49, according to Nielsen ratings for the week ending Feb. 3.


ELEMENTARY led the week with a gain of +4.27 million viewers to 15.17m, up from 10.90m live plus same day. The freshman drama added +1.4 rating points in adults 18-49 to 3.6 (from 2.2 live plus same day).


THE BIG BANG THEORY was the top gainer in adults 18-49, adding +2.0 rating points to 7.4 (from 5.4). It also ranked second to ELEMENTARY in viewer lift, adding +4.11m to 21.87m (from 17.76m live plus same day).


  • linda

    This is awesome news

  • Michael

    Did “Elementary” surpass “Scandal” in the demo?

  • Michael

    Wow, so more people DVR’d “The Big Bang Theory” than watched “Community.” Maybe they shouldn’t have aired their Halloween episode on Valentine’s Day.

  • Melissa


    Did “Elementary” surpass “Scandal” in the demo?

    No, Elementary had a 2.2 L+SD adults 18–49 rating on 01/31/13, and Scandal had a 2.7 L+SD adults 18–49 rating on that same night. With the L+7 adults 18–49 lifts, Elementary added 1.4 points, and Scandal added 1.1 points.


    Scandal, 01/31/13, L+7 adults 18–49 Total: 3.8
    Elementary, 01/31/13, L+7 adults 18–49 Total: 3.6

  • DeanW

    Elementary had a 2.3 last Thursday not a 2.2.

  • Dan S

    And in other news Elementary will lose its cushy Thur slot & move to Sundays next season. This show has to be a ratings disappointment for CBS.

  • cal

    Michael, Community had yet to premiere when this week’s L7 ratings were tallied. Its Live plus 7 results for the week of the premiere will be available in a week, and the results from the last episode with DVR use factored in will be available in two weeks. Your comparison is not valid for the week listed here.

  • debsafan

    I guess if you’re the only thing on TV that day and that time then you’re bound to have great ratings. The other networks could put a good show up against it and the ratings for Elementary would go down. This show is so boring, The actors have no bang between them. Just a dull show.

  • Samantha

    Are you kidding me about the actors having no “bang” between them?? They have so much chemistry! It’s what makes the show. I watch only three network shows and Elementary is my favorite.

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