Floyd Mayweather Inks Record Breaking Deal With Showtime

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February 19th, 2013

via press release:


LAS VEGAS (Feb. 19, 2013) - Undefeated eight-time world champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather, boxing’s pound-for-pound king and the highest paid athlete in the world (Forbes, 2012), has entered into a groundbreaking pay-per-view deal with Showtime Networks Inc. and its parent company, CBS Corporation. Under the new deal, SHOWTIME PPV® will collaborate with CBS Corporation to comprehensively promote Mayweather’s events on the CBS Television Network and via the corporation’s expansive media platforms.


The deal—a unique revenue-sharing arrangement between SHOWTIME PPV and Mayweather—will enable him to fight up to six times over a period of 30 months, with the first mega-event taking place on May 4, 2013, when Mayweather will fight Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero. More details of this upcoming event will be announced shortly.


Mayweather’s new deal is by far the biggest in the sport of boxing (specific financial details are contractually confidential). Mayweather is the PPV king and averages over 1 million PPV buys per event, which is the highest PPV buy average of any boxer in history. At this record-setting PPV performance level, if all six fights contemplated by this deal occur, it will be the richest individual athlete deal in all of sports.


  • marcus

    Mayweather, this is a suicide deal. Get out of this Showtime CBS contract by any legal means available. Fire whoever agreed to this deal. Beating the Ghost is an easy job for you but the 30 month fighting contract needs to be scratched. Period!

  • chris

    Hahahaha off course this happens, good old golden boy and showtimes stephen espinoza want to keep all golden boy fighters on showtime am not shocked at all….Correct me of am wrong but isnt hbo a bigger network? Am sure hell make more money then he ever did but will the viewing audience be as big? Then again cbs will help promotions so am sure itll get it out there

  • Carl

    @Chris Showtime pays out more than hbo for boxing, always have

  • Hillbilly

    Unless he’s going to fight tomato cans i don’t see him fighting 6 fights in 30 months. He’s been on a one fight a year pace for the last 3-4(?) years.

  • Andrew

    This is terrible unexpected news

  • groove365

    *casino executives toast champagne!*

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