The CW's 'Cult' Spreads to Machinima with Live Recap Show Every Tuesday Night

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February 19th, 2013

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Machinima’s ETC After Party: The Cult of CULT to Debut Tonight,

Tuesday, February 19, on

BURBANK, Calif. (February 19, 2013) — There’s no stopping the power of this CULT! In the new Warner Bros. Television/The CW series (airing Tuesdays 9/8c), obsessed fans pore over every detail of a mysterious TV thriller online, following the exploits of cult leader Billy Grimm and his rabid followers. And now, in the real world, real-life CULT fans will also have the chance to examine the show’s many shadowy twists and turns with Machinima’s ETC After Party: The Cult of CULT, a live interactive recap show on Machinima’s ETC (Entertainment, Technology, Culture) channel directly following every Tuesday night telecast.


  • Each Machinima’s ETC After Party: The Cult of CULT recap episode will livestream on Machinima’s ETC channel at and on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT, directly following every episode of CULT, which airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


  • The first episode will follow the series premiere tonight — Tuesday, February 19 — and will feature series star Matt Davis. Follow Matt on Twitter at @ErnestoRiley.


  • “Fan Domain”: Machinima’s ETC After Party: The Cult of CULT will feature a live Twitter feed running throughout the show and real-time answers from the show’s hosts and guests to questions from the online audience. Prizes will be awarded for the best submission each week. Fans can submit questions via Twitter by tweeting to @Machinima_ETC and using the following hashtag: #CULT.


  • Subsequent episodes will feature cast members, show producers and other related CULT experts.


  • Livestreamed from Machinima’s studio, Machinima’s ETC After Party: The Cult of CULT will be hosted by Sara Fletcher (Secret Girlfriend) and Brendan Bradley (The Dark Knight Retires).



About CULT

In this visceral thriller created by Rockne S. O’Bannon, Jeff Sefton, a bright, driven and intuitive reporter, teams up with Skye Yarrow, an inquisitive television researcher, to investigate a series of disturbing disappearances all tied to a wildly popular new television show called Cult. With everyone a suspect and no one to trust but each other, Jeff and Skye follow an obscure trail of tantalizing clues deeper into the cult of Cult in an effort to find Jeff’s missing brother, a rabid fan of the show who unlocked the secret at the heart of the series … and seemingly paid the price. Moving from the real world into the world of the labyrinthine series and its two characters — LAPD detective Kelly Collins and charismatic cult leader Billy Grimm — events inside the show begin to bleed into the outside world and vice versa as the young couple’s certainty of what’s real and what’s illusion crumbles into dust. Hypnotic, shocking and disturbingly unpredictable, the multilayered worlds of CULT watches fans watching Cult … without realizing that Cult is watching them.


Starring Matt Davis (The Vampire Diaries), Jessica Lucas (Cloverfield, The Evil Dead), Alona Tal (Supernatural, The Killing) and Robert Knepper (Prison Break), CULT is from Fake Empire and Rockne S. O’Bannon Television in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios, with executive producers Rockne S. O’Bannon (Farscape, V), Josh Schwartz (Chuck, Gossip Girl), Stephanie Savage (Hart of Dixie, Gossip Girl) and Len Goldstein (Hart of Dixie). Premiering on February 19, 2013, the series airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.


Become a fan of CULT on Facebook at and follow The CW on Twitter @CW_network.


About Machinima’s ETC

ETC (which stands for Entertainment, Technology, Culture) is an owned and operated channel within the Machinima Network that covers entertainment buzz, tech feed and culture crash along with skits, parody and interviews. Hosted by Khail Anonymous, ETC delivers daily shows and videos covering the most up-to-date news and views in film, television, pop-culture, music, technology, media, and everything in-between. ETC is Machinima’s entertainment tentpole channel. Machinima is the dominant video entertainment network for young males around the world, serving over 2.5 billion video views per month, and reaching over 260 million viewers monthly.


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  • david

    Sounds like they are really wanting this show to do well.

  • Reven8ger

    Just watched the first episode, and i really hope that ratings are gonna be okay. Because The CW really try to change her image of a girly-teenage network, with more actions and dark shows, like Arrow, Cult, Nikita, and there is already Supernatural and TVD.

    Cult deserves to have great ratings, watch the pilot and you’ll understand. Too bad to put on risk the show on putting it on this deadly timeslot.

  • chris23

    I hope this show does well tonight. The premise sounds interesting if they can go in the right direction of storytelling. Also the fact that Matt Davis from Vampire Diaries is an added bonus as well.

    CW could use another stable show to make this season worth it for the Network. Last year the only new show renewed was Hart of Dixie and it wasn’t anything spectacular in terms of ratings, just plain. As for this season in 2012-13, it would be nice for not only Arrow a “hit” show in CW terms to be renewed but for CULT to atleast show a healthy premiere and stability throughout its 13 episode season 1 run.

    With Arrow doing great right out the gate, Vampire Diaries holding up well as usual, SuperNaturaL increasing not only in Viewers but in demo and performing up to par showing its not dependent on its leadin and has a very strong showing in dvr, CULT showing stability would be a welcomed and pleasant surprise for the CW. Having 2 new hit shows would be great. I’m hoping this show is not dead on arrival.. I for one will be checking this show out..

    God knows CW could use another win as the bubble is about to burst with its current list of bubble shows on the net. With 90210 hitting 500 k viewers and 0.2, Beauty and the Beast back to 0.5 with the biggest leadin, Carrie hitting 0.4/0.5s, Hart of Dixie stuck in the 0.5s lately and not building an audience over last season at all, and I will excuse Nikita from this discussion considering the Friday and Syndication Factor.

    I would love nothing more for all CW shows to succeed and rebuild this struggling network but changes are needed and I hope CULT is one of them.

  • chris23

    @reven8ger where did you watch the Pilot for CULT? Is it on the CW website? I’m glad your saying it is good gives me hope it might stick around.

  • ZmaX


    Yeah, it’s on the CW website as well as Hulu.

    It was a good, not spectacular and but bad either. I’m excited to see how far they’ll go with the story. Who doesn’t love crazy tv show fans?

  • davie

    I’m rooting for this show because the cast is a really interesting mix of actors, the premise sounds different all together (save, the following) and if the show does well, it could be a represent of what theCW should be worrying about, shows that have the potential to have a loyal (nielson present) ”cult” fan following that will watch every week. Give the network an edgier image than say, Gossip Girl, which is the one its had for the past 6 years.

    In other words..itll probably flop.

  • Sean


  • chris23

    @Zmax Thanks for the info regarding CULT :)

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