'The Walking Dead' Ratings Decline in Week 2, But Are Still Huge

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February 19th, 2013

The second episode of the winter run of the The Walking Dead earned a 5.6 adults 18-49 rating and was watched by 11 million total viewers, per EW. That's down 8 percent in adults 18-49 from a 6.1 for last week's season premiere, but still a giant number. For those who would like to play Fan Excuse Bingo, the ratings may have been impacted by President's Day weekend.

  • danny94

    Still Great Numbers. Overated show in my opinion but there must be something about it that people like so much.

  • r0ckmypants

    They may also have been affected by the fact that the winter premiere episode was mind-numbingly boring.

  • TV-aholic

    Love the FAN EXCUSE BINGO !! :D

  • The End

    I was very impressed with the way the latest episode ended, the shootout I mean, the zombies, the action and the return of the two brothers, Merle and Daryl, if anything some shows are pretty predictable and you could imagine the episode winding down with a few talking scenes, and they throw that at you. Kudos.

  • Dillan

    Still amazing numbers. Sunday’s episode was probably one of the best of the season, IMO, so I’m hoping for a rise next week!

  • CP

    If this episode had been the premiere episode, ratings may have gone up for the second episode. That’s how good this episode was and how bad the premiere episode was IMO.

  • EatMorePez


    That’s actually an opinion, not a fact. (But many internet commenters don’t seem to understand the difference.)

  • The End


    I agree, hopefully the shootout snapped crazy Rick back into reality. I don’t think we need more episodes of Rick going crazy and lashing out at people now.

    That said, Michonne is woefully underused in the show. Her only highlight thus far in the second half of the show has been the slicing and dicing of a few zombies when Woodbury came a knocking.

  • omabin

    The ending of this episode was incredible, it should gain a few tents back next week. Not that it matters anyway. I am so in love with this show, it is by far my favorite thing on tv right now, and my favorite overall since Lost ended.

  • DW

    yeah this was one of the shows i deleted from the DVR. first episode back , ten minutes in. oh look another scene where some group is debating about something. enough.

  • PurpleDrazi

    The ending definately had me on the edge of my seat. It should win some viewers back next week but if not…no big woop. 5.6 demo is still awesome.

  • Bill

    The first episode was pretty boring. 2nd was much better, next week looks even bettet

  • Mike9

    This show deserves good ratings almost as much as Jersey Shore.

  • Jenna

    It had a similar drop after the last midseason premiere so this was to be expected. I think it will remain between a 5.4 – 5.8 until the season finale which could break another record.

  • Joseph

    Two words: “Downton Abbey” (it was the season finale).

    Four more words: NBA All-Star Game.

    Nevertheless, I suspect that both of the above-named programs likely joined “Walking Dead” as drawing more viewers in their time periods than any broadcast networks in the 18-49 demo, and maybe overall viewers as well.

  • Jonathan B.

    It’ll still stand as the largest program of the week among 18-49ers, cable and broadcast. And it might even still make the Top 10 for the week in total viewers, cable and broadcast. Dunno why anyone would ever want to make an excuse for those kind of numbers.

    But I can’t wait to see Downton Abbey’s numbers. What a beast it’s been this season!

  • Jonathan B.

    Actually, skimming through this week’s ratings, it’ll be sixth for the week in total viewers. A cable series, beating all but six other programs for the week in total viewers! Insane.

  • PurpleDrazi

    With the exception of TBBT(and that’s the only exception) every other scripted show on television wishes it could “decline” to a 5.6!

  • Z

    Smaller drop than last year, I think it had an eleven percent drop?

  • richard

    I actually liked last weeks, better. np im not trying to be “hip” or whatever by disagreeing, for some reason I just genuinely liked it better. This weeks was really good too though!

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