'The Walking Dead' Ratings Decline in Week 2, But Are Still Huge

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February 19th, 2013

The second episode of the winter run of the The Walking Dead earned a 5.6 adults 18-49 rating and was watched by 11 million total viewers, per EW. That's down 8 percent in adults 18-49 from a 6.1 for last week's season premiere, but still a giant number. For those who would like to play Fan Excuse Bingo, the ratings may have been impacted by President's Day weekend.

  • mdp

    dude this was the 2nd highest rated episode ever so rating drop wasnt that much. quit acting like it lost 10 million viewers.

  • Mic

    Downton Abbey skews very old
    Based on what?

  • CJ

    Lol at haters

  • Ultima

    Downton Abbey skews very old
    Based on what?

    If it was beating network programming in the demo, they would be pointing it out.

  • AriesMatt

    Here on the MS Coast, AMC did not air the show and instead showed Anaconda with Jennifer Lopez. Wondering why I haven’t seen any outrage online about this, but surely it could have affected the ratings if it happened in more than this market.

  • Chris

    I don’t know why people wanna make excuses (even if legit). I will woth when TWD falls down to season 1 ratings.

  • Chris


  • Brian Meloche

    Although we haven’t seen the Sunday cable ratings officially published yet (at least that I can find), it appears that TWD beat EVERYTHING on TV on Sunday, including broadcast, both in 18-49 and in total viewers. I’d say that’s pretty damn impressive, even if the number is slightly down from last week.

    Now, I figure ratings will go down at some point in the show’s run, but the fact is that every time it goes on break and comes back it blows away the previous record, and I don’t see that trend stopping any time soon. If we have a great season ender, and I expect that we will (show runner controversy notwithstanding), we may be looking at a season 4 premiere in the 14-15 million range if this keeps up. And I couldn’t be happier!

  • DW

    i would like to know that 8% that shows up for the premiere then doesn’t come back for several eps. then comes back for the final?. i get that people might get turned off by it but then to come back. maybe they just like premieres. :)

  • Will

    I think this show draws big numbers bec a lot of women watch. A lot of women watch because there are character stories. It’s like a regular good drama show that happens to also have the people killing Zombies. That’s what makes it click

  • Sam

    Still kicking everyone else in the nuts anyway.

    Watch and learn

  • r0ckmypants

    @EatMorePez – Really? Thanks for the explanation! It’s a wonder I made it through 26 years of life without you there to help me understand how words work!

    It’s called sarcasm. I assume you know enough about language to know what it means.

  • Hillbilly

    Don’t know if its the new showrunner or the writers, but the first two episodes have been UGH IMO. 10 minutes at the end doesn’t make the whole show good IMO. Less crazy Rick, the Gov trying to keep the blonde happy & the Asian dude dealing with his girl friend being felt up & more killing zombies is the way to go. :grin:

  • JD

    This show is solid. I will admit that it does drag in some points, but only to make up for it w/ some pretty decent twists. Especially for those who have read the comics and think they know what is going to happen next. It has to be hard to maintain long time comic book followers, while attracting mainstream viewers who would not normally even think of watching a zombie series. Personally I find the show much more enjoyable to watch via DVR due to the high number of commercials. Without the commercials the show would be another cheesy low budget zombie flick, so you got to take the bad w/ the good. This one is here to stay IMO, as long as they don’t start introducing vampires, werewolves, people who turn into dogs, birds, other people, ect. like True Blood. I personally look forward to watching every episode. Let the haters hate, w/o success they too would decline.

  • r0ckmypants

    @Hillbilly – The showrunner doesn’t change until next season, so that’s not the problem. But whatever it is needs to be fixed, because these past two episodes have been a snooze.

  • Mayans

    Mike correct me if I’m wrong, but arent TWD ratings already better than Jersey Shore?

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