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February 19th, 2013

Tonight, the new drama Cult premieres on the CW.  The series should be of interest to many of our readers because its premise involves people who discuss TV shows on-line.  The question is how the very meta show will fare in the ratings. It has an incompatible lead-in, the dramedy Hart of Dixie. The entire premiere has been available on-line for about a week. There has not been a lot of marketing for the show. In its favor, it stars Vampire Diaries alumus Matt Davis.  This season, The CW has fared better with its supernatural/sci fi series than its teen series.  So how do you think it will fare tonight? Make your predictions.



  • Shepherd

    It has a good chance of beating Smash’s numbers tonight if it can pull .8-.9. That isn’t saying much, but it will be good for the CW. Vegas dipped in its last episode, but a 15% rebound isn’t unreasonable. BOP has been all over the map. The last couple of episodes of the season were up, but I think the spring average is a good place to start, and the best it can hope for.

    Cult – .9
    Smash – .8
    Vegas – 1.7
    Body of Proof – 1.4

  • TVDxItachi

    Pilot was insanely good and for the most part the reviews were mixed not negative. The negative side just keep saying the show was too confusing, which it wasn’t, but if meta reviews say its confusing, i fear for the average american audience. But premiering at 9 is scary, especially after HOD, ill be really happy if it scores a .9 or at least a .8. Watch this show people, hope TVD’s cult following tune’s in….

  • GXSky

    0.8 i guess

  • Oliver


    I’m unrealistically optimistic and think it will surprise. I think the key art and promos are great, and I like the premise.

  • SJ

    Why even bother with this? It has the exact same premise as The Following and who expects the crappy CW to do it better than a major network?

    It will bomb. 0.5, and it’s out by the end of the season.

  • Dan S

    I’ve been looking forward to this show. I’m guessing 0.9-1.0 in hopes people will check it out. I’m certain a lot of SPN fans will want to see it & while it has an incompatible lead in its not a deal breaker. I’d say its main 9pm competition is NCIS LA since shows like The Bachelor don’t share the same audience with Cult.

  • POI

    i hope it get 0.9 or higher this show is really good.

  • Jane


  • Gabe

    I hope it does. The CW needs to reinvent itself and drop teenage dramas (90210, Hart of Dixie, Carrie Diaries, America’s Next Top Model) and move to supernatural/super hero dramas.

    Arrow, Supernatural, and the TVD are the only shows doing well. Nikita is also doing relatively better than the rest of their shows.

    There’s simply no audience for teenage dramas any more.

    While they’re at it, they should make a spin off of Charmed. Originals is definitely a good idea, though we’ll see if it can succeed.

  • gerry


  • Dude

    I’m hopeful so I gave it a 0.7 but I see it plummeting after that. Matt Davis may draw some initial interest but I don’t see it getting a second season. The fact that they’re premiering it in February shows how little faith they have in it and it’s in a tough timeslot with an awful lead-in.

  • Reward

    It really hard because yje ep is on web for one week yet.
    I’m sorry because this show is really a m a z i n g.
    I presume or 0.7 or 0.8.

  • SS

    Hart of Dixie is not a teenage drama Gabe. The plot revolves around adult characters with real jobs etc. It is a romantic comedy though, which might sound like it is incompatible, but I think a lot of the audience is a) a little more mature than expected and b) likely to try out CW shows in general (how else would they have even found the show – lol), so while the lead-in concerns are valid, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of that audience stays to try out Cult. Also, I often hear fellow TVD and Nikita fans say how much they like HOD and I expect those audiences to at least check out Cult once. Should be interesting either way.

  • Oliver


    Dropping one burnt-out genre to burning out another genre is not the solution. The CW needs variety to succeed.

  • RJ

    0.6 – and that is being generous.

  • KS

    I am going with 0.5 to 0.6.

  • Sam

    This is actually one of the mid season shows I’m rooting for to succeed.

    It has been given EVERYTHING the CW has in order to make sure it flops, and I’m hoping it pulls in good numbers, and surprises people.

    Best case scenario: 0.8 – 0.9
    Worst case scenario: 0.4 – 0.6 (Purely based on it’s lead-in).

    It COULD be one of those shows that premieres low, and rises, it could be one that premieres high and keeps the numbers, or it could be the show that just flops right off the bat (Emily Owens).

    I’ll watch it, give it a chance for the first few eps, but regardless of how I feel about it, I genuinely want it to succeed because it’s against all odds at the minute.

  • Funeral Dinner

    The pilot has been on hulu and other websites for about a week now, so the premiere isn’t going to be great. I think the 2nd and 3rd weeks numbers will reveal more.

  • r0ckmypants

    It’s slightly more male-skewing than anything else in the timeslot, plus NBC is weaker in the hour than it was in the fall and ABC is airing a one-off special… so I’ll say it does a little better than Emily Owens with a 0.6 or 0.7.

  • Victor


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