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February 19th, 2013

Tonight, the new drama Cult premieres on the CW.  The series should be of interest to many of our readers because its premise involves people who discuss TV shows on-line.  The question is how the very meta show will fare in the ratings. It has an incompatible lead-in, the dramedy Hart of Dixie. The entire premiere has been available on-line for about a week. There has not been a lot of marketing for the show. In its favor, it stars Vampire Diaries alumus Matt Davis.  This season, The CW has fared better with its supernatural/sci fi series than its teen series.  So how do you think it will fare tonight? Make your predictions.



  • CBSviewer


  • DeanW

    4.2 The CW is back ! Lol

  • neJANIS

    To be honest until yesterday i hadn’t heard almost anything about show, but trailer looks good, critical reception is good so I will definitely check it out, it looks promising.
    However I don’t think that it has any chance becoming hit (even for CW standarts). Best case scenario – fate of Life Unexpected – mediocre ratings in season 1, gets renewed for 13 episode season 2, ratings suck and it gets canceled. I home I am wrong!

  • The End


    CBS or Warner Bros would need to buy AMC, take Walking Dead off them and air it on CW for that to occur.

  • Anon

    It will fare no better nor no worse than EOMD.


  • Jason50

    I think it will get a 0.7 for the premire. IMO it was not nearly as good as the Following pilot but as someone else said it has the potential to develop to something interesting. The usual CW fan that checks out all the shows should get this at least a 0.5 and maybe add a 0.2 for people who have been anticipating its release, not a high number but it has not gotten much promotion.

  • Melanie

    0.7 – 0.8
    I don’t know why, I think it will do OK (for the CW) — its intended to be a 12-13 episode/season show. If it can do as well as HOD (which, really? As a lead-in?) I think it has a chance.

  • john

    I voted .9-1.0 just to be opimistic but I think .7-.8 is what will happen. If it can build on those ratingsor at least not sink like a stone, I can see it getting renewed

  • JulieDawn

    I’ll say .7 for the premiere but a drop down to .5 next week and going forward. However I am torn, I like the premise and the ads look promising so I will be watching and part of me wants to like it and for it to do well.

    But I’m also one of ‘those’ BATB people so if Cult does do well it’s not going to help BATB’s chances.

    I guess we’ll see!

  • matt

    If it’s not Ringer then I’m not watching! Funny how Ringer had one of the biggest premieres for a Tuesday night 9pm slot.

  • Bizarro

    .5 or more likely .6. It’s in the death time slot and the previews are really weird. It may attract some people but it may not attract some people. Also with Hart being the lead in which I love I might check it out but these shows don’t really fit well together. One’s so light and the others so dark.

  • donna

    this show will crash and burn! stop trying to copy whats already been and being done – The Following is great and its enough brutality! Bring Back RINGER! This is RINGERS timeslot and nothing will compare to the suspense and intrigue! Sarah Michelle Gellar and cast are the best! The Cult will flop right up there with Emily Owens MD, The Carrie Diaries which is horrid, unless you are 12, LA Complex….! CW and CBS need to stop looking for the next best thing, you already have it! #RingerTuesdays

  • Kim

    The CW… On a Tuesday night? Well, if it’s not RINGER, I have no interest in tuning in. The CW knows, if they want my Tuesday night viewership, then they need to Bring Back RINGER!!!

  • Richard Steven Hack

    In a word: No.

    The premise is too confused, on a par with Zero Hour and The Following. The cast is better than Zero Hour, not as good as The Following.

    I expect it to debut at maybe 1.0, maybe lower, but will decline relatively rapidly down to the usual CW .5-.6, if not lower.

    The reason I think it will debut fairly high (for the CW) is Matt Davis and the Vampire Diaries crowd tuning in for him. But that’s going to hold the show up forever.

    I will probably be watching until either the show ends its run or it is so bad I can’t watch anymore.

    Tom: “The writers are evidently interested in slowly developing the plot which might be commendable any place other than on the CW.”

    It’s not commendable anywhere these days. A show has six episodes to develop a following. Delaying the premise development is the number one thing that kills shows these days (other than a bad premise to begin with.) And yet I don’t know ANY producers (other than the guys over at Cinemax’s Banshee) who seem to get that.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Ringer fans: Please! Go away! The show is dead, it will never return, and it sucked when it was on. :-)

  • robin

    I’m predicting an la complex type disaster 0.4 and 1 million viewers

  • Richard Steven Hack

    “But that’s going to hold the show up forever.” s/b “But that’s NOT going to hold the show up forever.”


  • Richard Steven Hack

    I’m actually more interested in seeing how Body of Proof debuts. Will it hit 2.0 – or slide back into the mid-1.0’s? I say the latter.

  • Matt

    Hey Richard when your favorite TV show gets cancelled with no ending or resolution, I would love to rub it in your face and say the same thing you said about our show! We’re not going anywhere and we’re not going to stop fighting because the show was a hit for us. There’s more of us out there who want answers. And putting a show like CULT isn’t going to help! So excuse us for putting our opinions on a web site that should report on numbers and only numbers!

  • Jade

    I’ll be watching HoD but not Cult. I’ll be generous and say 0.6. I’ll wait to see the ratings before I catch it on demand.

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